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Greetings tiny brained individual.

The good news for you is that you have managed to find my extraordinarily secret base of information. Here I document everything that I have ever known about the Marvel Universe. You can now spends hours and hours here reading about your favorite characters whether they be heroes or, for the more discerning fan, villains.

The bad news is that I never let people leave here alive...after all it wouldn't be very secret if everybody got to come and go as they please. So I hope you enjoy yourself and spend a lot of time here... for your own sake.

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Location Last updated
Avengers Files May 24, 2005
Captain America: When Captain America Throws His Mighty Shield November 6, 2005
Captain Marvel: Legacy of Captain Marvel November 6, 2005
Defenders: Dr. Strange's Defenders June 11, 2004
Fantastic Four: First Family November 6, 2005
Gamma People February 12, 2008
Hulk: No Excuses August 25, 2007
Ionic People February 11, 2004
Iron Man: Iron Resolve October 1, 2005
Marvel Knights August 25, 2007
Marvel Universe July 8, 2006
Marvel Villains Footnotes October 1, 2005
Namor: Prince of the Realm March 26, 2007
Power Cosmic November 6, 2005
Sentry: Forgotten but not Gone November 6, 2004
She-Hulk: Site for Sore Eyes June 12, 2005
Spider-Man: What a Tangled Web We Weave August 28, 2006
Thor: Lightning Crashes August 25, 2007
Thunderbolts: Traitors to Super-Villains Everywhere May 20, 2006
X-Men: Mutant Scum July 27, 2004

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