Incarnations of the Incredible Hulk

"Just a short time ago, I dragged Igor out here to make him confront carefully assembled personal demons. Ironic, that I don't need any such artficial aids. Then again, I don't carry all my demons on the inside" - Dr Robert Bruce Banner

"...think about this....if your own inner demons were given true form...would you fare any better?" -Dr. Leonard Samson

"What did you expect, Banner? Maybe you're not physically the Hulk now…but that monstrous side of your nature is always with you." -Bruce Banner talking to himself in Incredible Hulk #151

"There...I reacted...a nuclear reaction. Happy now?"- Young Bruce Banner to his older self within his mind

"Wait a minute...Banner's a multiple personality. Why can't they co-exist?"- Doc Samson making a little realization in Incredible Hulk #373

"Now gimme some inner peace, or I'll mop the floor with you!"- Homer Simpson talking to his spirit guide

You can't tell the Hulks without a program! Here's the program! What follows is a listing of the certain characteristics that each Hulk posesses, what each Hulk represents. What makes them different and what unites them. They are presented to you in the order in which they appear (when they first appeared, not when they necessarily came to prominence). You'll notice the "core" sign next to some of the names. These personalities are central to Bruce Banner in that most of the other incarnations are combinations of these forms. For example "Gravage Hulk" is a combination of the Savage and Gray Hulks for that time when the Hulk was green but acted much like the gray.

Following is the full list of the many incarnations that Bruce Banner has turned into. Though I would like to I can't justify or come up with all the names of the various incarnations that exist within the cave inside Bruce Banner's mind. Therefore all Hulks that have not yet distinguished themselves get lumped into heading "The Cave".

And while they are not technically an incarnation of the Hulk, I've included Glow, Goblin, and Guardian as representatives of beings that are produced by the warped mind of Bruce Banner.


Dr Robert Bruce Banner CORE Gray Hulk CORE Gravage Hulk
Banner Hulk Savage Hulk CORE Savage Banner
Mindless Nutrient Bath Hulk The Professor CORE
Shrapnel Young Maestro Bannerless Hulk
Heroes Reborn Hulk Future Hulk Heroes Return Hulk
The Beast The Cave The Devil
Zen Banner The Maestro  


Goblin, Guardian, and Glow