Biographical data:

Real name: Dr. Robert Bruce Banner

Other current aliases: None

Former aliases: The Hulk, Mr. Fixit

Dual identity: Unknown, the modern world's population doesn't know that the Maestro walks the Earth.

Current occupation: Unknown

Former occupation: Scientist, Ruler of Dystopia

Citizenship: United States citizen

Legal status: Throughout history Banner and the Hulk are wanted by the military for being a public menace whether warranted or not.

Place of birth: Dayton, Ohio

Marital status: Widower

Known realtives:

Known confidants: Minister (right up to the point where he snapped his neck)

Known allies: Maestro formerly ruled the world in the future and as the ruler he commanded the Gravity Police and the Dogs of War. Everyone worked for the Maestro. In the present Maestro has been aided by a group of trolls.

Major enemies: The Hulk, The rebels (especially Janis), Emil, Shulk

Usual base of operations: Unknown

Former base of operations: Maestro inhabited the same real estate in the New Mexico desert where the Gamma Bomb exploded back in 1962., before that Dystopia

Current group membership: None

Former group membership: Avengers (founding member), Defenders (founding member)

Extent of education: Bruce Banner graduated from Desert State University

Physical description:

Height: 7' 6"

Weight: 1,150 lbs.

Eyes: Green, the whites are yellowed from age

Hair: Gray

Other distinguishing features: Maestro possesses dark olive green skin

Powers and abilities:

Intelligence: Genius, though perhaps his reasoning is slightly affected by his madness

Strength: Superhuman Class 200

Speed: Enhanced human

Stamina: Metahuman

Durability: Demi-godlike

Agility: Normal

Reflexes: Athlete

Fighting skills: Extensive experience at hand to hand combat

Special skills: extensive knowledge of physics

Superhuman physical powers: Superhuman strength, stamina, and durability. Maestro also posesses an incredibly fast healing factor. In addition Maestro possesses the ability to leap over 3 miles in a single jump.

Superhuman mental powers: Hulk has an ability to see ghosts and astral forms

Special limitations: None

Source of superhuman powers: Gamma radiation


The final version of the Hulk. His mind splintered from an excess of radiation. The same radiation that dramitcally increased his strength.

Maestro seems to be an extension from the Professor Hulk. He seems to have Banner's intelligence yet maintains the gray Hulk's nasty disposition (nastier even). The Maestro differs from the Merged Hulk in powers only in that his strength is supposedly twice that of the Merged Hulk. Putting him somewhere in the yet to be created Class 200 strength category.

Appearances: Incredible Hulk #460, 461

Abominations #2

Future Imperfect #1, 2