Angkor was a Buddhist priest that witnessed some horrible things when the United States bombed his homeland of Cambodia. Angkor could not let go of the anger and horrible visions like his fellow priests advised him to. Father Thommanom even renounced his Buddhist affliation and turned to the Hindu gods that he interpretted to be warrior kings...gods of blood, fire, and power. One day Father Thommanom was exposed to the unstable powers of Wonder Man. Father Thom gained ionic powers that increased with his rage and through the punishment he endured at the hands of Wonder Man. Angkor's quest is to avenge Cambodia by balancing the kill scales

Wonder Man vol. 2 #10- Wonder Man and Alex while seeking information about gangs talk to Father Phimeanakas at the Buddhist church hear Father Thommanom scream. Father Thommanom was in Cambodia when the United States dropped bombs on them. He saw the madness of Pol Pot that the bombing unleashed: the starvation and the war. Thommanom rants incoherently. Phimeanakas says that the only thing that calms Thommanom is the picture of Angkor, the ancient temple of Cambodian kings. Thommanom says, "…to rise from the blood-soaked earth of Angkor…to bring Cambodia's rage to the world…to spin fortune's wheel…to butcher the butchers!" Suddenly a strange apparition of American soldiers persecuting Cambodians and the Supreme Intelligence and the Kree (which Wonder Man saw die from Intelligence unleashing a Nega-Bomb). Thommanom collapses and Phimeanakas tells Wonder Man and Alex to go. Later, Lotus sends her goons to the Buddhist church to see what Wonder Man might know about her nearby operation, but the men burn up. Angkor grabs their guns crushing them. He says, "…by the blood. The old powers nourished…to spin the wheel."

Wonder Man vol. 2 #11- Angkor crashes through the wall of a mall saying that the old passive Cambodia is gone, and now "Shiva, Lord of Destruction, has risen again…now Angkor smashes the world!" Angkor says they soaked his soil with blood, and now he will cause a river of blood. Angkor rips out pillars collapsing the second floor. He smashes through a donut shop. By the time Wonder Man arrives the mall is in ruins. Wonder Man plows into Angkor, but Angkor just hits him back. Wonder Man drives Angkor through some more pillars, and then hits him with one. Wonder Man says that his power is surging hot, and that Angkor will feel it. Angkor rips through the pillar saying he feels nothing but his rage. Wonder Man says he has to stay mad to keep his power up. Angkor grabs Wonder Man's face and says he will show Wonder Man madness. Wonder Man sees images in his head of Cambodia being bombed. Wonder Man realizes Angkor is Father Thommanom. Guilt enters Wonder Man and his powers start to fall. Angkor says he feels Wonder Man weakening while his power is rising. Angkor asks if they are one- like life and death. Angkor knocks out Wonder Man. He thanks Shiva for his power, and says that the test is over and the killing fields will now spread through the west.

Wonder Man vol. 2 #12- As Wonder Man takes off after Angkor again he expresses that even though he knows he has to stop Angkor he still feels guilty because he was formerly a munitions maker. Father Phim says that Thommanom turned his back on the Buddhist faith and turned to the Hindu gods. They gave him power that is fueled by his rage. Angkor walks down the street with a dressed skeleton in his hand. Angkor walks to the National Ballistics building that produced the bombs and napalm that terrorized his people. Angkor says he will cause the he will explode those chemicals and balance the scales. Angkor rips through the fence. As Angkor plows through the wall of the building Wonder Man flies up behind him. Angkor says he feels the power coming to him. Wonder Man knocks Angkor over. Angkor goes to grab Wonder Mans face again to show him the horrors of Cambodia, but Wonder Man just gets angrier and angrier beating on Angkor. Angkor says he feels his power grow as Wonder Man hits him. He wonders if Shiva's power flows through Wonder Man. Wonder Man tells him to shut up and hits him down. Angkor realizes that it was Wonder Man responsible for his powers. Angkor says that for years his prayers only brought him mental power…until Wonder Man brought him the red fire of anger. Wonder Man realizes that his unstable powers flowed into Father Thommanom. Angkor kicks Wonder Man away, and then jumps on him. Angkor is now on fire with power. Wonder Man says he must kill Angkor and he leaps at Angkor, but finds himself surrounded by fire. A gigantic Angkor face shouts, "Yes! Kill! Surrender to the hate! Let it remake you! Let it swallow you!" Wonder Man sees all the killed Kree again. Angkor is manipulating Wonder Man's fear, but it only makes him angry. Wonder Man pounds and pounds on Angkor making him more and more powerful. Angkor finally explodes. His energy rages up into the sky and explodes.

Avengers vol. 3 #14- flashback- behind the scenes- Wonder Man is talking with his fellow Avengers about his past misdeeds when his powers were fluctuating. He recalls killing Angkor.