Roderick who? While the final revelation that the identity of the one true Hobgoblin is Roderick Kingsley is a bit odd, from Amazing Spider-Man 238 to 289 the identity of the Hobgoblin was the greatest mystery in comics. Hobgoblin always managed to escape from Spider-Man, and occasionally he even managed to throw the authorities off his trail with the use of stand-ins. In an attempt to streamline the information this narrative will be written with the knowledge that Roderick Kingsley was always the true Hobgoblin. When someone is being used by Roderick the action will still be described, but keeping in mind that Roderick is manipulating things from “behind the scenes”.

Spectacular Spider-Man #43- Spider-Man follows a tracer he put on one of the crooks that stole some chemicals from his college’s lab. Spider-Man feels something outside Roderick Kingsley’s skylight. Suddenly the three goons from before break in with Madam Belladonna. Belladonna tells Kingsley that she will cause his downfall exposing him for stealing fashion ideas. Spider-Man leaps in to help Roderick. The gas that flows around makes Spider-Man dizzy, and actually dissolves his webbing. They conk Spidey on the head and leave. Spider-Man gets up, grabs Roderick, and leaps out through the skylight. Outside Roderick yells at Spider-Man for butting in. He says that the only thing she was going to do was steal some traceable designs, but when he butted in his studio is a shambles and he was nearly killed. Spider-Man webs Kingsley to a chimney and leaves. Peter Parker later finds out that Roderick has enemies all over the fashion world, and that he has a reputation of driving other people’s companies out of business. Later still Roderick is about to reveal his new fashion, but Belladonna replaces the designs with burlap bags. Belladonna enters and starts robbing everyone. Roderick says the insurance claims will ruin him. Spider-Man defeats the goons, but Belladonna gets away.

Spectacular Spider-Man #48

Spectacular Spider-Man #57- Kingsley is at a society bash thrown by JJ Jameson. Kingsley’s date was a recent centerfold. Marjorie DuPrey welcomes her to the club of Kingsley’s Kozy Kompanions. Marjorie tells Roderick’s date to watch Kingsley dump her as soon as the next pretty girl catches his eye. Kingsley tells his date to ignore her because she is drunk. A little later “Roddy’s” date tells him to get lost.

Spectacular Spider-Man #260- flashback-

Amazing Spider-Man #238-Spider-Man is chasing a criminal through a maze of factories and industrial warehouses. The criminal throws a smoke bomb. Spider-Man is surprised to see the criminal fled down a manhole. Spider-Man tries to find the guy, but cannot. Afraid to go up he wanders through the sewers. He stumbles across a secret lair of the Green Goblin.

Spectacular Spider-Man #260- flashback- Georgie Hill leads Roderick into the hidden lair of the Green Goblin.

Amazing Spider-Man #238- Later Georgie brings Roderick Kingsley back to the warehouse. Roderick tells Georgie to load as much of the stuff as he can into the van while he makes sure there is no evidence of their pilfering. Later after getting all the stuff out Roderick sets fire to the Osborn Industries factory. Later still Roderick gets out of the emptied van. Roderick tells Georgie to get rid of the van. Georgie tells Roderick not to worry that he will fix it so that there won’t be a clue left. Roderick says that he is sure. Georgie starts to drive away. Roderick pushes a detonator and the van explodes killing Georgie. The next morning Roderick walks to where he stashed the equipment. He thinks how he got no sleep because he was up reading Norman Osborn’s journals. He says that it is clear Norman was mad, but that it is astounding what he accomplished. Roderick tests out a pumpkin bomb. He tries a glove on, and tries out the finger blaster. Roderick checks out the Goblin Glider. Roderick flies around the room. He goes and takes out the new mask from his mold. Roderick puts the mask on, he puts the rest of the equipment on. Roderick thinks that it’s easy to see how Norman went mad from it, but that he will have the necessary control to remain sane. He says that the Green Goblin is now gone, but that in his place stands the Hobgoblin.

Spectacular Spider-Man #259- flashback- Roderick sits reading of Norman’s journals.

Amazing Spider-Man #239- The Hobgoblin drives a van right through the wall of one of Osborn’s factories. Mr. Menken explains to the police that there have been a half dozen break ins where nothing appears to be stolen, but then they find a storeroom that they didn’t know they had completely emptied. The next morning Roderick buys a Daily Bugle that chronicles his break in. The newspaperman recognizes Roderick. Roderick thinks to himself how he will be making lots of headlines as soon as he makes a few more raids and consolidates his spoils. Roderick ironically muses that he should buy some more Osborn stock as thanks for the equipment. Roderick says that once he finishes raiding the final warehouse he will do things Norman only dreamed of…perhaps even settle things with his old foe Spider-Man. Later Spider-Man is checking all the Osborn hideouts that he knows of. He manages to find Hobgoblin with his last known hideout. Hobgoblin tries a finger blast, but Spider-Man dodges. Hobby thinks that he isn’t ready for Spider-Man and takes off. Spider-Man swings behind him. Hobgoblin throws a pumpkin bomb, but Spider-Man dodges. Spidey catches the glider with a rock attached to his webbing. Hobgoblin throws a bunch of razor bats. Spider-Man leaps at Hobgoblin, but misses. Goblin tosses a gas bomb on Spider-Man, but Spidey’s spider-sense warns him to take a breath. Spider-Man uses the cover to focus his web onto the glider. Spidey pulls Hobby down. Hobby shoots a gas line with a finger blast. Hobby escapes while Spidey deals with it. Goblin figures that Green Goblin must have had some secret to be able to stand up to Spider-Man as many times as he did.

Web Of Spider-Man #86- flashback-

Amazing Spider-Man #244- Harry Osborn discovers yet another break in. While Spider-Man sneaks into a closed police office he discovers that it is chemicals that were stolen. While there he overhears about another break in at Pier 3. Spider-Man starts dealing with the thugs. The driver of the truck inside the dockside warehouse reaches into the glove compartment. He throws a bunch of razor bats at Spider-Man. Spider-Man runs to the truck’s cab. The driver throws a pumpkin bomb. Spider-Man dodges, but the warehouse catches fire. The truck takes off as Spider-Man saves the goons. Spider-Man does hit the truck with a tracer, but after the truck pulls away Lefty Donovan pulls out of the back of the truck in a van. Donovan goes to the secret hideout. He says that everything went down exactly as Hobgoblin planned. Hobgoblin’s ribs are taped up. He says that the chemicals Lefty stole for him will give him the physical strength of the original Green Goblin.

Amazing Spider-Man #245-The goons that were captured last issue turn out Lefty as the person in charge of the break ins. Spider-Man figures Lefty is probably the Hobgoblin. In Long Island, Roderick excuses himself as he asks Lefty to mix the two compounds that gave Norman superhuman strength. Sure enough the compound explodes, and Lefty collapses. Roderick runs in and drags Lefty out. Roderick runs into the house to get rid of the evidence before the paramedics arrive. He runs in and the house explodes. Lefty is taken to the hospital as an unknown because his face and hands are burned. Three weeks later Lefty wakes up from his coma. He feels something in his mind pulling him towards the house where the explosion happened. He pulls up a door to a secret hideout. Lefty gets dressed and flies out on the glider. After Lefty leaves the computers come to life monitoring his vitals. Spider-Man discovers that Lefty was being questioned at the same time Spider-Man first encountered Hobgoblin. “Hobgoblin” is rampaging in Times Square calling out Spider-Man. Lefty throws a pumpkin bomb at some police shooting at him. A sniper tries to pick off Hobgoblin, but he misses. Lefty grabs the guy and throws him towards the ground below. Spider-Man catches the guy. Hobgoblin charges him, but Spider-Man dodges and hits the back of the glider with a web line. Lefty smashes him into a water tower. Lefty picks up a huge dumpster and throws it. Spider-Man catches it, but is shaken by it. Lefty throws a pumpkin bomb at Spider-Man, but Spidey redirects it back at him. Spider-Man unmasks Lefty. Lefty says that it is the Osborn formula that made him strong. Roderick takes control of the glider and smashes it into a building to keep Lefty from talking. He thinks how well Lefty performs, and once the computers finish analyzing the data he will recreate it for him without the explosion.

She-Hulk vol. 2 #29- behind the scenes-

She-Hulk vol. 2 #30

Amazing Spider-Man #245

Spectacular Spider-Man #85- Roderick Kingsley takes his suit off as the giant container mixes up the formula that will grant him super strength. Roderick pushes the final button and the final compound pours into the vat. The chemicals turn green. Roderick passes through the membrane and bathes in the formula. After a few minutes the vat shatters. Roderick says that he is now as powerful as the original Green Goblin, perhaps more so. He gets into his Hobgoblin clothes and takes off to defeat Spider-Man and prove his superiority. Later Hobgoblin comes across Spider-Man and Black Cat. Black Cat wants to prove herself worthy of fighting alongside Spider-Man. He leaps at Hobby. He throws razor bats at her. They cut her costume up, but she gets through. Before she can reach him however, Hobgoblin fingerblasts her. Spider-Man catches her. He leaps at Goblin and catches the gas bomb in a webbing mitt. He hurls it at Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin rips off a corner of a building and hurls it at Spider-Man and Black Cat. Spider-Man pushes Cat out of the way and takes the hit. As Hobgoblin laughs Cat throws her line onto his glider. She pulls him down and hits him. Hobgoblin is unfazed and grabs Cat. Spider-Man freaks and hits Hobgoblin. He keeps punching until Hobby blasts him with a finger blast. Hobgoblin closes in on Spider-Man. Spidey pretends he doesn’t know, but prepares to leap on him. Cat gets in Spider-Man’s way and Hobgoblin gets away.

Amazing Spider-Man #249- Hobgoblin is trying to blackmail Harry Osborn and JJ Jameson, among other rich men, for their roles in the lives of the Green Goblin and the Scorpion respectively. All the millionaires meet at the Century Club. Peter goes with Harry to the club, but can’t enter the meeting room. A robotic Hobgoblin tells them all that he wants a “modest” regular payment to keep their secrets. Spider-Man watches from the vent. Harry Osborn punches the robotic head off Hobgoblin when Hobby says that Harry is crazy like his father. Daniel Kingsley poses as Roderick and says that one of them could be the Hobgoblin. The real Hobgoblin crashes through the window. He knocks Harry over with his glider. Spider-Man leaps onto Hobgoblin'’ back. Hobgoblin knocks Spider-Man off, and throws pumpkin bombs at him. Spider-Man makes a web bat and knocks them down. One of the bombs contains the gas that negates his Spider-Man’s spider sense. Goblin plows into Spider-Man and says that the gas is now also a sedative. Hobgoblin blasts Spider-Man, but his blast is deflected by a serving tray. Hobgoblin looks to see who interfered. The Kingpin threw the tray. He says there has been too much noise and confusion here today. Hobgoblin says that he will respect Kingpin’s wishes, but as he turns to go Kingpin throws Spider-Man’s tracer on Hobby’s glider.

Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #2- flashback- behind the scenes- JJ Jameson puts Ned Leeds on the Hobgoblin case.

Amazing Spider-Man #250- Later Hobgoblin finds the spider tracer, but says that it will be useless to him since he needs his spider-sense to work them. Hobgoblin says if only Norman was alive to see how he has improved on his inventions. He wonders if Norman ever learned Spider-Man’s secret identity. Daniel Kingsley, posing as Roderick, paces the floor thinking about how much he needs his brother to be there now. He calls his date the wrong name and she leaves. Spider-Man wants to know what Hobgoblin has on him. Daniel is too scared to respond. Spider-Man finds his old spider-tracking receiver to track the tracer. Later Hobgoblin is inspecting the circuitry of the spider tracer when Spider-Man finds him. Hobgoblin blasts the source of the spider lamp, but it is detached from his belt. Spider-Man punches Hobgoblin twice. Hobgoblin is knocked into a table. Hobgoblin gets up with a blaster, but Spider-Man causes it to explode as he webs it closed. Spider-Man tries to grab Hobgoblin’s mask, but Hobby hits him off. Hobgoblin activates an automatic ray cannon. The cannon shoots Osborn’s journals. Hobgoblin freaks. He throws a pumpkin bomb at the ray cannon. The hideout explodes.

Amazing Spider-Man #251- Hobgoblin struggles to get up. He looks and sees that the journals were destroyed. Hobgoblin says that he never made any copies and now they are lost to him. Hobgoblin hits Spider-Man with a large stick. He sees that the ceiling is about to collapse. Hobby gets into his armored battle van. He tries to run down Spider-Man on his way through the wall, but Spider-Man sticks onto the bottom of the van. Hobgoblin crashes through the wall and the fire trucks. He starts to drive away from the police. Spider-Man climbs onto the windshield. Spider-Man starts pounding on the windshield. Hobby says to himself that the glass is reinforced jet age plastic and that Spider-Man couldn’t scratch it, but when Spidey stops punching the windshield is shattered. Hobgoblin drives through a bar and thinks he kills Spider-Man, but Spidey stands on top of the van. Spider-Man pulls off the turret on top and goes in. Hobgoblin activates the van’s guidance system. He fingerblasts Spider-Man. Hobgoblin starts pummeling Spider-Man. Before he can land his final blow however Spider-Man’s spider-sense returns. Spidey appears upside down behind Hobgoblin and hits him. Goblin throws some gas goblins at Spider-Man. Through the smoke Spider-Man punches Hobgoblin. They’re fighting as the van drives off a pier and into the water. Spider-Man says that they have to stop, but Hobgoblin says he doesn’t care. Spider-Man punches him off. Hobgoblin is dazed. Spider-Man tries to help Hobby out, but notices that the ship is now set to self-destruct. Hobgoblin blasts Spider-Man off and the truck explodes. Spider-Man goes back to find Goblin, but only finds his mask floating.

Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #3- flashback- Hobgoblin climbs out of the Hudson and acquires a disguise from a homeless man. Ned Leeds follows Hobgoblin back to his lair. Hobgoblin captures Ned, and after a little truth serum Ned tells Hobgoblin about his assignment. In the weeks that followed Hobgoblin used the brain washing Winkler Process to get Ned to work for him. At first Goblin had Leeds perform simple tasks, but eventually he had Ned pretend to be Hobgoblin.

Amazing Spider-Man #257- behind the scenes- Hobgoblin is Ned Leeds in this issue- Roderick has Ned go to the Rose and introduce himself as the Hobgoblin. He wants to help Rose topple Kingpin.

Amazing Spider-Man #258- behind the scenes- Hobgoblin is Ned Leeds in this issue- Rose’s men stand staring at Hobgoblin. Rose says that supposedly the Hobgoblin was killed in the battle van. Rose puts Hobgoblin to a little test to make sure the Hobgoblin is not an imposter wearing a Hobgoblin suit. Hobgoblin takes Rose’s men out in five seconds. Hobgoblin says he wants to raise Rose’s power and help him get rid of Spider-Man.

Web of Spider-Man #30- flashback-

Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #3- flashback- Rose accepted Hobgoblin’s partnership thinking he was his friend Ned.

Amazing Spider-Man #259- Hobgoblin crashes into a deserted train yard that has been converted into an illegal casino. Hobgoblin tells them that they are going to kick 10% of their profits to the Rose in addition to the money they are already paying the Kingpin. Hobgoblin says that if they don’t he will bomb their casino while they customers are there. He flies away. Later Hobgoblin crashes a betting location and again demands money for the Rose. Later Rose tells Hobgoblin that his plan goes well, but that Kingpin won’t be pleased to hear that they have teamed up. Hobgoblin says that they will deal with Kingpin in due time. Hobgoblin says that he wants to borrow some of Rose’s men to visit Harry and Liz Osborn.

Amazing Spider-Man #260- Spider-Man learns that Hobgoblin is in league with the Rose. He asks if Hobgoblin picks up pay off money himself, but he does not. Hobgoblin flies in front of Rose as Rose prunes his rose bushes. Rose says that he knows how important Hobgoblin’s mission is to him, and he wishes him luck. Hobgoblin says that only fools and children believe in luck. He says that he relies on his skill. As Hobgoblin flies away Rose tells his henchman that Hobgoblin will help him claim Kingpin’s empire, and that he will then die. Rose’s men watch Mary Jane and a pregnant Liz Osborn. As Harry Osborn sits worrying about who is buying up large chunks of Osborn Industries, the Hobgoblin comes crashing through his office window. Hobgoblin demands Norman Osborn’s journals, looking to replace the ones destroyed in the fight with Spider-Man. Harry has no idea about any journals, but Hobgoblin doesn’t believe him. Spider-Man comes flying through the window and hits Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin leaps back onto his glider and finger blasts. Spider-Man tries to lead the fight away from Harry, but he keeps running into occupied rooms. Finally the fight rages into the women’s bathroom. Spider-Man punches Hobgoblin into a stall. Hobby tries to throw a pumpkin bomb, but Spider-Man webs his hand. Hobgoblin is forced to stick his hand in the toilet to put it out. Hobgoblin leaps over the stall wall. Hobgoblin lands on his glider and flies outside. Spider-Man leaps towards the glider, but Hobgoblin speeds out of the way. Spider-Man manages to snag the glider with a web line. Hobgoblin blasts at Spider-Man to keep him busy. He flies Spider-Man right in front of a moving subway train. Hobgoblin flies away. Rose’s men grab up Mary Jane and Liz.

Amazing Spider-Man #261- The Hobgoblin greets Liz and Mary Jane in the warehouse they are being held in. Hobgoblin introduces himself and says that he has some business with Harry Osborn. Liz gets up in Hobgoblin’s face, but he pushes her down and tells her to watch it or he will do the gene pool a favor and finger blast the next mad Osborn. Mary Jane charges Hobgoblin too, but he just pushes her aside. Hobgoblin walks out and Rose’s men lock the door. Hobgoblin asks Rose why they brought Watson (MJ). Rose says it seems like Liz could give birth at any moment. Hobgoblin enters the “office space” that Rose set aside for him. Goblin has a few suits and pumpkin bombs there. Rose says he hopes it works out. Hobgoblin says he has already phoned Harry Osborn, and that he will bring him what he wants. Later Hobgoblin meets Harry in the park. Harry only has one journal, but he says that the final entry was written a week before Norman’s death. He says it looks like a master list of all his hideouts. Hobgoblin demands the journal, but Harry says he wants to see MJ and Liz first. Hobgoblin knocks him out and says that he will take him there now. Spider-Man follows Hobgoblin. Hobby throws in with the ladies, and then walks to his office. Rose is still there and he wants to talk about a few bookies who are refusing to pay their 10%. Hobgoblin is forced to leave the meeting when MJ, Liz, and Harry escape their prison. Just as hobgoblin finds them Spider-Man arrives. As MJ, Liz, and Harry run for it, Harry finds some of Hobgoblin’s stuff. During the fight Hobgoblin accidentally sets fire to the warehouse. He runs in to get the journal, but finds Harry standing there with a bag full of pumpkin bombs. Hobgoblin finger blasts him. He is about to leave when Spider-Man finds him again. Spider-Man pounds on Hobgoblin, but has to leave to save MJ, Liz, and Harry from the fire. Hobgoblin limps to his glider, takes the journal, and destroys the other equipment there. Later Hobgoblin blasts the journal as he realizes that he already ransacked all the locations. He is on his own now.

Spectacular Spider-Man #103

Amazing Spider-Man #271- The Winkler Process messes with Ned causing him to argue with Betty. Peter discovers that Mary Jane works for Roderick Kingsley. Roderick sees Peter and recognizes him as a photographer for the Bugle.

Spectacular Spider-Man #110

Secret Wars II #7

Amazing Spider-Man #273- behind the scenes- The Winkler Process messes with Ned causing him to argue with Betty. Later Ned sees Betty hugging Flash Thompson. Ned storms off.

Amazing Spider-Man #275- behind the scenes-Hobgoblin is Ned Leeds in this issue- Hobgoblin says that it is now time to strike. Hobgoblin practices his new weapon a rapid fire finger blaster. The blasts shoot in a random sequence and will negate Spider-Man’s spider sense with their unpredictability. Rose says that he is pleased that Hobgoblin likes his weapon, but he didn’t help fund it solely for personal use. Hobgoblin says that he will still help Rose build a criminal empire to topple the Kingpin’s. Later Hobgoblin attacks a pair of bookies who were refusing to pay his and the Rose’s tribute. He blasts their car, and blasts them. He then flies down and snatches up the suitcase of money they collected. He says this should square their debt and then flies away. Later Ned Leeds goes to Flash Thompson’s apartment to confront him about cheating with his wife. He finds Sha Shan there and sees that she is leaving him. He notices Sha Shan’s bus ticket as he walks out. Leeds runs into Flash on the street. Flash hits Leeds and knocks him to the ground. Leeds dons his Hobgoblin suit under instructions from Roderick. He thinks to himself that he must remain calm and not let his emotions rule his actions. He goes to the bus terminal. Ned quickly knocks out the police by ramming them with his glider and the gas exhaust. He grabs up Sha Shan as a hostage. Hobgoblin is trying to draw Spider-Man out. Sha Shan asks why he chose her. Hobgoblin responds that she is very plain and he has a hard time menacing someone he finds attractive. Spider-Man shows up. He tells Hobgoblin to put her down, but Hobgoblin says that with her Spider-Man is helpless to stop him. He throws a pumpkin bomb. Spidey dodges it, but then realizes he endangered the crowd. He catches the bomb with a web. Hobgoblin blasts Spider-Man, but Spidey whips up a web shield. Spidey webs Hobgoblin’s (Leeds’) finger and the glove explodes from the backlash. Hobgoblin throws Sha Shan to the ground. Spider-Man catches her, but his shoulder is wrenched. Spider-Man goes back for Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin pushes his rapid-fire blaster. Spider-Man stops thinking and relies solely on his spider sense. He dodges them all. Leeds is stunned. Finally Spider-Man’s bad shoulder causes him to stumble. Hobgoblin nails him with a finger blast. Spider-Man lay unconscious on the roof of a building.

Amazing Spider-Man #276- behind the scenes- for this portion of the issue Ned Leeds is Hobgoblin- Hobgoblin spends too much time gloating and before he can kill Spider-Man Spidey gets up. He says he was only feigning unconsciousness, but thinks to himself that he can’t let Hobgoblin know how much he hurt him. Spidey swings into Hobgoblin’s face. Hobgoblin starts to run, but Spider-Man throws a giant web ball into his face. Leeds has to pull the mask off, but jets away before Spider-Man can catch him.

Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #3- flashback- Roderick watches Flash Thompson talk about what a coward Hobgoblin is.

Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #3- flashback- Hobgoblin drugs Flash and dresses him as the Hobgoblin.

Amazing Spider-Man #276-Roderick talks with the Rose about Flash’s television interview. Roderick says that he already has plans to turn it to his advantage. Hobgoblin holds a new weapon in his hand. Roderick puts on his mask and says that Spider-Man won’t be the only one to taste his wrath. Later Hobgoblin pulls up alongside Flash. Flash is stunned when he sees Hobgoblin. Later still, Hobgoblin and Spider-Man come face to face. Spider-Man tries to web Hobby, but Goblin says that it is an insult to think he could catch him off guard (despite the fact that he did catch him last issue). Hobgoblin leads Spider-Man as Spidey chases him. Hobgoblin tries the rapid fire, but is amazed to see Spider-Man dodge it (despite the fact that he supposedly saw him do last issue). Hobgoblin throws his new weapon. He throws it high, but then it explodes and a gas falls onto Spider-Man. Spider-Man leaps, but then finds that he can no longer stick to walls. Spider-Man webs a pipe and wings it at Hobgoblin’s head. While Hobby dodges Spider-Man leaps onto Hobgoblin's back. Hobgoblin smashes through a window forcing Spidey to let him go. Hobgoblin flies off, but doubles around and throws a pumpkin bomb at Spidey. Hobgoblin dives down a hole in the floor. Spider-Man follows. Spidey dodges Hobby’s finger blast. The blast hits a gas furnace. A minute later Spider-Man wakes up and sees Hobgoblin out cold. He walks over to him and rips his mask off. Spidey sees Flash Thompson under the mask. The cops arrest him. Later they find all kinds of Goblin equipment at Flash’s house. Later still Roderick gets changed out of his Hobgoblin suit. He says framing Thompson was genius. He says he would never have thought of it had Thompson kept his mouth shut. Roderick thinks how this will take the heat off him.

Spectacular Spider-Man #116

Amazing Spider-Man #278- behind the scenes- Hobgoblin sits reading the newspaper about Flash Thompson being unmasked as the Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin says that it is too bad Thompson wasn’t killed by Scourge. Rose asks why Hobgoblin chose to set up Flash Thompson. Hobgoblin says “why not?” and flies away laughing.

Amazing Spider-Man #279- behind the scenes-

Amazing Spider-Man #280

Amazing Spider-Man #281

Amazing Spider-Man #283- Ned mocks Betty about Flash Thompson being discovered as the “Hobgoblin”. Hobgoblin yells at Daniel, disguised as Roderick, for his new weapon. “Roderick” says he has another batch of pumpkin bombs for him. Hobgoblin knocks the box of pumpkin bombs out of his hand. He says that he needs something better. He tells “Roderick” not to fail him.

Spectacular Spider-Man #130

Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #3- flashback- Hobgoblin becomes tired of associating with crimelords so he lets Ned go out as Hobgoblin now. Hobgoblin continues brainwashing Ned.

Web Of Spider-Man #24- behind the scenes- Hobgoblin is Ned Leeds for this issue- Vulture is fighting Spider-Man as Vulture starts terrorizing a casino that he feels slighted him by refusing to buy his crooked dice. Vulture is getting the better of Spider-Man until Hobgoblin attacks Vulture. Hobgoblin says that the casino is under the protection of he and the Rose. Vulture flees because he can see that Hobgoblin intends to kill him. Hobgoblin turns his attentions to Spider-Man. Rose’s men remind Hobgoblin that they have pressing matters to deal with in New York. Hobgoblin leaves and joins the Rose. They leave to head back to New York.

Power Pack #29-behind the scenes- The Hobgoblin is Ned Leeds in this issue- Hobgoblin watches as Spider-Man takes pictures of a drug bust. Hobgoblin says that his partner the Rose spent months making sure this fake drug deal goes down the way it is supposed to. The police will find evidence that will link to Kingpin and he wants to make sure Spider-Man doesn’t mess it up. When Hobgoblin hears a shot he takes off to find out what it was. Spider-Man sees him and follows. Hobgoblin spots two kids (Alex Power and his school’s bully) have a fight. The bully brought a gun because he thinks Alex is a mutant. Hobgoblin scoops them up and flies off figuring Spider-Man will save lives instead of breaking up a drug deal. The bully tells Alex to use his super strength. Alex has a different power now and cannot. The kid points the gun at Hobgoblin, but can’t shoot. He drops the gun. Spider-Man shows up. Hobgoblin throws two pumpkin bombs. Spidey manages to stop one, but the other connects. Spider-Man falls. Alex tries to move Hobgoblin’s feet and steer the glider. Hobgoblin drops the bully. He grabs Alex. Spider-Man catches Johnny and takes off after Goblin. Alex pulls Hobgoblin’s hood over his eyes. He gets him to drop his bag of pumpkin bombs. Hobgoblin feels Spider-Man hitching a ride on his glider. He tries to smash him into a wall, but Spidey sticks to the wall and holds Hobgoblin there. Goblin stuffs his last bomb down Alex’s shirt. Alex absorbs it and starts glowing with power. Hobgoblin is surprised by the kid’s powers. Alex then absorbs his shirt so Hobby can’t hold him. He disintegrates the glider as well. Spider-Man punches Hobby, but Hobby rolls with it and kicks Alex off the rooftop. While Spidey saves him Hobgoblin gets away.

Amazing Spider-Man #284- behind the scenes- Ned Leeds wears the Hobgoblin suit in this issue- While Spider-Man is breaking up a fight between two factions of thugs the Hobgoblin comes crashing through the window. Spider-Man wonders if it is Flash Thompson beneath the mask. Hobby says that the underground is at war, and that he was there just to teach the thugs all a lesson in fearing him, he will destroy Spider-Man as a bonus. Hobgoblin fires, but Spider-Man dodges. Hobgoblin says that he wasn’t even aiming at Spider-Man. Spidey looks down and sees a bunch of the thugs lying wounded on the ground. Spider-Man goes after Hobgoblin, but he flies away. Later Peter’s spider sense goes off as Ned Leeds enters the Bugle. They are discussing the gang war. Everyone is trying to replace the missing Kingpin. Betty tries to talk to Ned, but he starts yelling at her. Robbie calls Ned into his office to yell at him for missing the meeting. Betty tells Peter that there is something evil about Ned lately. Elsewhere Kingpin’s boy the Arranger has Jack O’Lantern take Silvermane out of the gang war. Rose’s men are freaking because of Jack O’Lantern’s involvement. Hobgoblin says that he will deal with Jack. Rose says not yet though and sends Hobby on his rounds. Captain Keating of the police leaves a bust and joins Roderick Kingsley (really Daniel in disguise). Spider-Man sees them talking, but minds his business. Arranger has Hammerhead hit, and then finds Richard Fisk waiting to talk to him. At midnight, Hobgoblin thinks he sees Spider-Man and pumpkin bomb a chimney. Spider-Man turns out to be the Punisher. Punisher shoots Hobgoblin in the shoulder.

Amazing Spider-Man #285- behind the scenes- Ned Leeds wears the Hobgoblin suit in this issue- Rose tells his boys to tell the “Blue Boys” gang to keep out of his establishment. Hobgoblin flies along thinking about how the Punisher getting involved in the gang war complicates matters. He says that fighting with Punisher is a no win situation. He thinks how he could beat him, but that he must not get distracted from his true goal. Richard Fisk goes and sees his mother, who is under the watchful eye of the Arranger. Ned is getting yelled at by Robbie again for telling Betty that he was undercover when Robbie gave him no undercover work. Ned says that he is about to break a big story. Ben Urich comes in and says that Hammerhead put a contract out on Arranger. Urich thinks Hammerhead will strike at Rose next. Leeds says that Rose has a big army and won’t roll over. Later Rose is meeting with all the crime bosses to hear Arranger’s proposal. The Punisher starts shooting and everyone runs. One of Arranger’s men turns on him for Hammerhead. Rose has Hobgoblin put the guy down as Arranger’s man Jack O’Lantern does the same. Rose suggests an alliance with Arranger. Arranger tells Hobby to shake hands with Jack. Hobgoblin wants to know what is going on, but Rose says he will tell him later. They all run for it.

Amazing Spider-Man #286- behind the scenes- Ned Leeds wears the Hobgoblin suit in this issue- Hobgoblin clears the way for Rose to get away. Later Hobgoblin and Jack O’Lantern arrive at the location where Rose is supposed to meet the Blue Boys. Hobgoblin says that Rose and Arranger have a deal, and that Rose will be offering them a deal, but that if there is any funny business he and Jack will kill every man in the room. The thugs spot the cops and a gunfight breaks out. Rose tells Hobgoblin to get over there and save them from the police who have them pinned down. Hobgoblin says he doesn’t like Rose’s tone, and tells him to remember that they are partners. Rose is hit in the shoulder by a shot. Hobgoblin spots Spider-Man. He tells Jack O’Lantern that they should kill him. Jack says that he is nuts and leaves. Hobgoblin tackles Spidey alone. Spider-Man says that he is going to go save innocents and leaves. Hobgoblin ditches. Rose is left to defend himself. Rose, or Richard Fisk, is forced to shoot a rookie cop dead.

Amazing Spider-Man #287- Ned Leeds wears the Hobgoblin suit in this issue- Hobgoblin comers along and scoops up Alfredo, an associate of the Rose’s. Alfredo says that he heard Goblin quit the Rose. Hobgoblin says that he did, but that Alfredo can help him with one more thing. He knows Alfredo has had Kingpin’s offices bugged and he wants to know when Kingpin will return. Hobgoblin says he will drop Alfredo if he doesn’t tell him. Alfredo tells Hobgoblin, but Hobby drops him anyway into the ocean. Later Ned goes to Peter Parker’s house. He tells Peter that he wants him to get pictures. Later still Hobgoblin flies up to Kingsley’s building. Roderick throws Lance Bannon out of his house. Mary Jane sees Bannon leaving.

Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #3- flashback- behind the scenes- The repeated use of the Winkler Process made Ned harder to control over time. Hobgoblin allows Ned to trade information with Kingpin on a story to keep him happy.

Amazing Spider-Man #287- Hobgoblin finds Kingpin's true route back into New York City. He trades the information of the Rose's true identity for some information in eastern Europe. Kingpin already knows who the Rose is.

Amazing Spider-Man #288- behind the scenes- Roderick controls Ned Leeds. Leeds is beating on Flash Thompson. He says that he wants Thompson to know who destroyed him. Leeds takes the Goblin mask off. Suddenly Betty Leeds enters. She sees Ned’s face and passes out from the shock. Hobgoblin flies off through the window.

Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #3- flashback- behind the scenes- Ned reveals his face to Betty. Betty collapses. Ned releases a hallucinogenic to mess with Betty’s memory of the event. Ned flies off.

Amazing Spider-Man #288- behind the scenes- Later Jack O’Lantern is ticked because the Kingpin fired him. Suddenly Leeds crashes through the window and attacks Jack for deserting him the other night against Spider-Man. Alfredo gets the drop on Hobgoblin with a jamming device that renders Hobgoblin’s costume useless. Jack O’ Lantern knocks Alfredo off and says that he must be the one to kill Hobgoblin. Leeds flies away.

Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #3- flashback- behind the scenes- Hobgoblin leaks that Ned Leeds is the real Hobgoblin to many of the criminally elite. He lets Ned go off on his espionage story. While he is in Berlin Roderick sends Ned a Fed Ex with a Hobgoblin suit and a forged journal. Hobgoblin figured somebody would help him fake his own death.

Amazing Spider-Man vs. Wolverine #1- Amazing Spider-Man #289- behind the scenes- Roderick Kingsley watches from the sidelines as he sets up Ned Leeds to appear that he is the Hobgoblin when the Foreigner’s men kill him. Roderick had subliminally controlled him to put the Hobgoblin uniform on when he expected them.

Web of Spider-Man #29- Ned Leeds is buried. Later Keating and Roderick are arguing at Kingsley Limited. Kingsley shouts that if he goes down that he is taking Keating with him. Keating says that he never broke the law. Kingsley said that Keating kept Leeds’ secret and helped him set up Flash Thompson. Keating says that Leeds was an informant, but that Kingsley made weapons for him. Suddenly two of the Rose’s men enter and tell them that the Rose has decided to terminate their relationship. They shoot Kingsley in the arm, but Keating takes off out the window.

Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #1-Roderick Kingsley watches the news report where James Macendale, the second Hobgoblin, reveals that the first Hobgoblin was really Ned Leeds with his brother Daniel. Daniel is nervous that it could be trouble if Leeds’ past is investigated. He starts to freak out. Roderick tells him to shut up and let him think. Roderick tells Daniel to run Kingsley International and he will deal with it. It dawns on Peter Parker that Ned Leeds couldn’t have been the original Hobgoblin because he had no super strength when he was killed. Later at Great Neck Maximum Security Facility, James Macendale has nightmares about the Hobgoblin coming for him. He wakes up to see a hooded man standing outside his cell. Roderick gassed the guards unconscious. Macendale recognizes Kingsley’s voice. Kingsley says that Leeds was no more the Hobgoblin was than Donovan. Kingsley grabs Macendale by the neck and lifts him off the ground. He says that he allowed him to play at being the Hobgoblin while he concentrated on more important matters, but now he has become an embarrassment. Kingsley blasts Macendale until he is only a charred husk. Kingsley walks out of the prison and into the woods. He changes into the Hobgoblin and flies away. Daniel, wearing his Roderick hairpiece, wakes from a nightmare about the Hobgoblin. He washes his face and looks up to see Hobgoblin standing behind him. Hobgoblin says that they are going to renew their former relationship. Hobgoblin says that he has just become an active partner in Kingsley’s takeover plans.

Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #2- Daniel, as Roderick, brings Hobgoblin some compounds. Daniel asks if that will be all. Hobgoblin says that he has a number of duties for him to perform. Hobgoblin says that Kingsley is an integral part of his operation, and that if he won’t serve him willingly that Hobgoblin will use the Winkler Process to force him to do his bidding. Daniel says he will do as he is told. Hobgoblin takes his suit off and starts dressing. He says that Kingsley is ruthless in business, but that he will never understand true power. The next day Menken and Kingsley talk about their strategy on getting Kingsley control of Osborn Industries. George Vandergill calls and says he knows what they are up to. Later as Vandergill talks to Senator Bob Martin bragging about his call to Menken, he looks out his window to see his company burning. Hobgoblin crashes through the window. Vandergill asks him what he wants. Kingsley says he wants what Vandergill wants, but since only one of them can have it Vandergill loses. Hobgoblin grabs Vandergill and forces him to breathe gas from a pumpkin bomb. Hobgoblin drops the dead Vandergill on the ground. He picks up the phone and tells Martin that takeover bids are unhealthy, and that he should be careful talking on cell phones. Later Mary Jane Parker meets with Daniel, disguised as Roderick, about getting back into modeling. As they exchange pleasantries Roderick, disguised as Daniel, tells “Roderick” to come now since they have business to attend to. After they leave MJ thinks to herself that she though Daniel was the easier going Kingsley. Later Hobgoblin is bombing an Osborn refinery in New Jersey. Kingsley watches the television as Betty Leeds makes a target of herself saying that she has Ned’s notes from right before he was killed. Minutes later Hobgoblin attacks. Spider-Man grabs hold of the glider on the horns in front. Hobgoblin activates a new feature: high-voltage capacitor horns. After zapping Spider-Man he jettisons the head and Spider-Man falls into the water below.

Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #3- Hobgoblin waits in Betty’s apartment as the police bring her home. He uses a gas to knock them out. Hobgoblin picks Betty up. As he walks out he sees that Spider-Man did not die after he plunged into the water. Hobgoblin blasts the television with a finger blast. Back at his hideout Hobgoblin finds two spider tracers on Betty. Hobgoblin shouts for Kingsley (Daniel as Roderick) to take the tracers somewhere that will confuse Spider-Man. “Roderick” tells him that he has to stop the kidnappings and killings. Hobgoblin tells him to shut up. When Betty awakens Hobgoblins tells her not to bother fumbling for her locket or the spider tracer in her bag. Hobgoblin says he wants to know more about Ned’s notes she said she had. Betty says in exchange she wants to know about the truth of Ned and Hobgoblin’s connection. Betty takes out her recorder. Hobgoblin tells Betty all about how he brainwashed Ned. He says that the process had some side effects and that Ned was never the same emotionally after the process. Hobgoblin mentions all their marital problems from the time. He tells her how he controlled him into standing in for him, and how he sent him off to his death to fake his own demise. Hobgoblin wants to know how Ned kept the notes from him. Hobgoblin figures out that there are no notes. Suddenly Daniel, as Roderick, is holding a gun on Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin says that he will have to kill her now. Hobgoblin blasts the gun out of “Roderick’s” hand. As Hobgoblin advances on Betty, Spider-Man bursts through the door. Hobgoblin takes off, and “Roderick” runs for it. Spider-Man webs him to a wall and runs after Hobgoblin. He runs up a smokestack and manages to grab Hobby’s bag of tricks. Betty tells “Roderick” there was another tracer in her recorder. The bag snaps, but Spider-Man catches the glider with a web. The exhaust is a gas, but Spider-Man charges up and hits Hobgoblin when he turns to look down. Spider-Man pounds on Hobby. Betty learns “Roderick” is really Daniel. Spider-Man unmasks Hobgoblin revealing Roderick Kingsley. Spidey webs him up. Roderick is arrested and kept in the same cell he killed Macendale in. Kingsley finds a recorder that keeps repeating his own words to Macendale that he has become an embarrassment. Roderick shatters the recorder.

Spectacular Spider-Man #259- Goblins at the Gate part 1- From his cell Roderick watches Norman Osborn on the Reggie and Katie May show. Norman’s book “proves” that he is not the Green Goblin. Roderick says that he knows for a fact that Norman is the Green Goblin because he read all his journals. Roderick is steamed that he is in jail while Osborn is free. He grabs the bars and is shocked. Roderick demands to speak to his attorney. Later when Gottfried arrives Roderick is chained to the wall. Roderick says that he is sick of rotting in jail while Osborn is free. He tells Gottfried that he still has one journal that can prove Osborn is the Green Goblin. He tells him to go get him a deal. Minutes after Gottfried tells someone Norman Osborn knows. Later Gottfried returns with information from the D.A. He says that Roderick will be taken from his cell to a secret location to talk. Roderick says that he wants immediate parole. That night at 11:33 Peter Parker is watching as Roderick is being escorted from the prison. As Roderick is getting into the car the Green Goblin knocks out the guards and grabs Roderick. Spider-Man jumps in. Roderick is hung over the glider as the Goblin fights Spider-Man. Spider-Man is hit by a blaster, but manages to catch the end of the glider. Roderick kicks him off. The Goblin flies Roderick away and puts him down in front of Norman Osborn. Osborn says that this has been a long time coming.

Spectacular Spider-Man #260- Goblin at the Gate part 2- Roderick says that he knows Norman is the Green Goblin. Norman says that has never been proven. Osborn asks if Roderick has a supposed journal where he admits to being the Green Goblin. Roderick recalls how he first got the journals, and that he learned so much. Osborn shouts that he stole so much. Norman says that Roderick is just lucky that he didn’t return from Europe and kill him when he heard of the Hobgoblin. Norman throws him to the floor, and says that his sources say the journals were all destroyed in a fire while Hobgoblin battled Spider-Man. Roderick says that all but one did. Osborn puts his cigarette out in his palm. He says that he won’t let Roderick endanger all his work. Roderick says that he knows Norman is the real Goblin, and that this Goblin beside him is a stand in. He says that he could help Osborn much more than him. The Goblin gets antsy, but Norman holds him off saying all he wants is the journal. He asks what Roderick has to offer. Roderick says that he has power, and experience using it. Roderick shatters that chain between his giant manacles. Norman asks if Roderick wants to see power. Norman grabs the manacles in his hands and shatters them. Goblin throws a sheet over Roderick. Norman says that perhaps he will allow Roderick the chance to convince him. Later Norman sits at his desk as Roderick kisses up to him. Norman says that he wants to know where the journal is. Roderick says that his brother hid it for him, and that if Norman can find him he will get it back. Norman asks why he needs him. Roderick asks why he needs the new Green Goblin. Roderick says that they are cut from the same cloth. He offers to get his companies turned over to Norman. Norman asks why he would do that. Roderick says that all he wants is safe passage out of the country, and revenge on his brother. Norman agrees and gives Roderick a Hobgoblin costume. While Roderick is changing Norman tells the Goblin to follow him, and as soon as he has the journal to kill both Roderick and Daniel. Roderick crashes the police by Daniel’s room. He grabs Daniel, but Spider-Man arrives. He webs Daniel into a closet. Hobby gases Spider-Man, but Spidey holds his breath. Hobby’s finger blast hits a pumpkin and causes a big explosion. Spider-Man and Hobgoblin lock up, but suddenly Spider-Man goes down as the Green Goblin hit him in the back with a tranq dart. Hobgoblin reaches out to unmask Spider-Man.

Spectacular Spider-Man #261- Goblin at the Gate part 3- Green Goblin stops Hobgoblin saying that any delay could jeopardize their success. Hobgoblin rips off the entire frame to the webbed door. Green Goblin grabs Daniel Kingsley. Hobgoblin says that he wants to bring Spider-Man too. Hobgoblin wraps Spidey in his own webbing. Green Goblin tries to get the journal’s location out of Daniel, but find that he is passed out from his fear of heights. They head back to the hideout. Norman is ticked, but Roderick suggests they unmask the hanging upside down Spider-Man. Norman says that he doesn’t care about that. Roderick realizes that Norman already knows Spider-Man’s identity. Norman smiles. Spidey wakes up as Norman says that he is going to administer a drug to Daniel that will wake him and force him to tell him the journal’s location. Roderick’s nervous face tells Norman what he suspected, that there was no journal. Roderick admits that he made it up to be free. Norman says that he no longer has any need to keep Roderick or Daniel alive. Roderick reminds Norman that he was to give Norman his company. Norman shows Roderick copies of papers that say that Norman already owns Roderick’s shares. Roderick freaks and tries to finger blast Norman. Norman dodges and Goblin tries to blast back. Norman tells Goblin to get back, and that Roderick is his. Norman leaps up and takes the glider away. He pulls HIS bag of tricks away from Roderick and throws it. The pumpkin bombs inside explode starting a fire. Norman turns to look and Roderick grabs his neck. Norman realizes that he and Roderick are even in strength. Spider-Man gets loose and is trying to save Daniel. Green Goblin tries to stop him, but Spider-Man kicks him into Hobgoblin. Spider-Man leaps and unmasks the Green Goblin. Goblin hides his face. Spidey saves Daniel, and goes back in to find Roderick and Norman fighting. Spider-Man hits both of them. Norman gets away. Hobgoblin asks if he and Spidey couldn’t just cut their losses. Spider-Man hits Hobgoblin. When the building collapses Spider-Man has to go save the firemen. Days later in the Caribbean island of Isle Suerte, Roderick sits drinking out of a coconut. He thinks to himself that this is more like it. He wonders why he ever resumed his Hobgoblin identity. Roderick also thinks how fortunate it is that Norman didn’t find all the money in his Swiss bank account. With his corporations under Osborn’s control, and with his being a fugitive Roderick doubts he will return to America, but wonders if the world has seen the last of the Hobgoblin.