the Juggernaut continues.....

X-Force #2-Black Tom stands on top of the World Trade Center with a group of guys setting up all the equipment that they would need. Black Tom decided to work for Jankos almost primarily for this reason. She had the material and the scientists needed. In exchange for her help Black Tom has agreed to kidnap the heads of all the companies trying to buy Jankos out. Black Tom says to start up the dimensional locator and teleporter because he wants to see his friend again. The equipment works and the Juggernaut is brought back to Earth.

X-Force #3- Juggernaut and Black Tom have captured the World Trade Center and the heads of many giant companies for the purposes of blackmailing. Siryn flies up to the top of the World Trade Center. She tells Juggernaut that she is there to bring him and Black Tom in. She says that she is tired of cleaning up their messes. Juggernaut smacks her, but Siryn manages to buffer the impact with a sonic scream. Siryn doubles back for more, but Black Tom blasts her. Siryn meets up with Cable and X-Force. Back inside the building Black Tom and Juggernaut confront Gideon and Roberto DeCosta, who are mutants that are rich. X-Force is attacking and Cain is magically back on top of the roof. Cable tells Warpath to go fight Juggernaut. He leaps out of X-Force’s ship and into Juggernaut. Warpath and Juggernaut fall off the edge. The rest of X-Force goes through the building. Back inside Black Tom is fighting Gideon and Roberto DeCosta. X-Force also arrives and Black Tom tells them that they have explosives through out the building. Back outside Juggernaut says that warpath’s punches remind him of Colossus’, but that his weren’t good enough and neither are Warpath’s. Spider-Man arrives to see about helping the hostages, but before he can get in part of the World Trade Center explodes.

Spider-Man #16- Miraculously nobody is killed or even injured by the top floors of the World Trade Center being blown away, but Black Tom is missing. Suddenly Warpath is joined by other lame characters Shatterstar, and Feral. For no obvious reason Spider-Man no longer cares about the hostages and decides to mix it up with Juggernaut despite the fact that there are already three others doing that. Cannonball arrives and bounces right off Juggernaut’s chest without moving him. Juggernaut engages in the boring brawl. Boom Boom also arrives. Shatterstar somehow manages to cut through Juggernaut’s force field and slashes Juggernaut’s eyes. Juggernaut says that he has magic in his veins and that he heals fast. Juggernaut says that was a stupid move because he was only trying to leave, but now he is going to kill them all. Juggernaut rams into the World Trade Center. The entire thing falls down on Spider-Man and X-Force. Again miraculously nobody is even scratched for no apparent or logical reason. Spider-Man says that he will lead them to victory.

X-Force #4- With more great crossover writing Juggernaut no longer wants to kill X-Force or Spider-Man, and for the first time expresses concern that Black Tom might have been killed in the explosion (apparently he knocked over the other tower or something). Spider-Man’s big strategy is to dog pile on Juggernaut. Warpath throws Shatterstar at Juggernaut and apparently cuts his helmet loose. Siryn manages to pull his helmet off. Shatterstar says that he is going to cut off Juggernaut’s head next. Cable arrives and says that he just killed Black Tom. Suddenly Deadpool teleports in, touches Juggernaut, and then teleports out with him.

X-Force #5- Deadpool arrives at Tolliver’s with Juggernaut and Black Tom. Juggernaut says that he is grateful that he got them out of there, but that Black Tom needs a doctor. Tolliver says that he will have a very talented doctor, and that they will both have to pay for services rendered.

Dr. Strange #44-Dr. Strange and Nova are sucked into the realm of Cyttorak. Strange is separated from Nova, and imprisoned. He is freed by the Juggernaut. Juggernaut reveals how he was sucked into the realm also. Strange tells him he summoned Juggernaut to help him get out. Cain says he lost his mystic ability awhile back but that he would try to talk to Cytorak. The two find Cyttorak who has imprisoned Nova and is forcing her to worship him. Strange manages to talk Cyttorak into letting them leave so they can continue to spread word about him throughout the cosmos. But before they can leave Juggernaut attacks Cyttorak to attempt getting his hands on the ruby of Cyttorak, the source of Juggernaut's power. Cain grabs the ruby, but has to deal with Strange who is trying to stop him. Cain gets Strange down, but as Juggernaut goes for the kill Nova breaks free and blasts the ruby from Cain's hands. Strange guides the ruby back onto Cyttorak's head awakening the "god". Apparently instead of making himself stronger with the ruby Juggernaut only managed to stop the flow of his power by defeating Cyttorak. When restored Cyttorak goes by his original deal and lets them all leave, not caring about Juggernaut's destruction, only bringing attention to his name.

Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #402

Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #403

Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #404

Deadpool #1-2-Juggernaut is taken to see Black Tom. His life was saved by a wood substance that runs through his body. Black Tom now no longer needs his cane to channel his blasts. Juggernaut and Tom steal a case from Deadpool that contains a will. Deadpool tracks them to a plane to get back his suitcase. Deadpool hooks Black Tom on a line as Tom is falling out of the plane. Cain gives Deadpool the case so Deadpool won't drop him. However, when he gets the case Deadpool drops him anyway. Cain leaps from the plane to save his friend.

Thunderstrike #2-In Sayville, Long Island, Cain Marko stands at a payphone. He is calling Genetech, a fancy genetic research place that did work on a wood/flesh interface for Black Tom Cassidy. Cain says that the interface needs a little work. Cain tells them to get all their research together for him and he will be by to pick it up. Genetech tells Cain that they can’t release any patient’s information without proper authorization. Genetech asks Cain what his relationship to the family is. Cain says that they are family. Later Cain is dressed up in his Juggernaut armor. He is stomping down the road. Cain thinks about how the Genetech guys saved Black Tom’s life. He says that convincing them to release the information is his job. Juggernaut encounters the volunteer fire fighters. They start blasting him with the fire hose at full blast. Juggernaut walks right up and smashes the fire truck in two. He thinks how well this is working, and that when Genetech hears that he is coming confidentiality will go out the window. Thunderstrike coincidentally is flying up and down the same road looking for his son and the boy’s stepfather. Thunderstike is forced to dodge when Juggernaut throws away an empty beer keg he just finished. Thunderstrike stands in Juggernaut’s way. Thunderstrike tells him to stop, but Juggernaut says that he doesn’t make deals. He asks Thunderstike if he plans on making a citizen’s arrest. Thunderstrike says that he might, and Cain asks if he knows all the papers he has to file. Thunderstike says no and Juggernaut walks right over Thunderstrike. Thunderstrike spots his son and gets angry. He slams his mace into Juggernaut'’ back. A mysterious blast hits Juggernaut and creates a giant crater in the ground. Juggernaut climbs back up and says that he is getting mad now. Thunderstrike says that he has to end this quickly and he takes out Bloodaxe’s axe. Thunderstrike knocks Juggernaut’s helmet off. Juggernaut says that was a good shot. Thunderstrike asks if they can make a deal now. Thunderstrike gets the file for Juggernaut. Cain gives Thunderstrike enough money for all the damages plus a little extra for the firemen. As Cain gets into a cab Thunderstrike says that he hopes everything will work out.

Venom The Madness #1-3-Juggernaut shows up to kidnap Beck Underwood, Venom's girlfriend. The two fight only to have Juggernaut knock Venom into a different type symbiote that merges to him. The new presence causes Venom to go more insane. Juggernaut figure to go and kill Beck, and finds Venom again, and beats the new improved Venom. Cain is told to sit with Beck until further instructed. Cain finds out that the cops are now involved and that he probably isn't going to get paid. Venom returns and Cain decides to bail since he isn't getting paid anymore.

Venom: The Madness #2-

Venom: The Madness #3-

X-Force #31- Cain talks with Kelvin Doneghann in an Ireland bar about Black Tom Cassidy's youth. Juggernaut reveals that he first met Black Tom in prison. Cain later meets with James Proudstar in a church to discuss Black Tom possibly turning himself in to receive the medical treatment he needs to stay alive. Cain decides against it. Cain and Proudstar arrange for Tom and Siryn to meet at her mother's gravesite.

Deadpool #1- In jail, as Doctor Killbrew is trying to cure Black Tom, albeit by seeming torture, the Juggernaut plows through the wall of the prison and grabs Black Tom. Cain asks Tom if he is ready yet. Tom tells Cain to bring the doctor with him. Killbrew says that he doesn’t think he should, but Cain says that he can consider this his second opinion. Cain says that Tom gets what he wants mostly in one piece as long as it doesn’t squirm too much. Cain leaves with Tom and Killbrew. Later Black Tom tries to have Deadpool captured, but Banshee and Siryn help him. Siryn stops them all not realizing that Banshee wanted to follow them back to Black Tom. Siryn decides to stay with Deadpool to find Tom.

Deadpool (1994) #2-Juggernaut breaks Tom out of prison. Juggie gets ready to smack a doctor until he realizes that he is helping Tom. Tom sends his team out to separate Siryn from Deadpool. Black Tom needs Deadpool for his cure. He sends Juggernaut out to bring back Deadpool. The team failed to take Siryn before Cain shows up. Deadpool drops knives on Cain. Cain laughs at Deadpool and throws the knives at him. Siryn bails Deadpool out knocking a hole in the floor dropping Cain. Deadpool dumps a vat of molten metal on Cain. This naturally angers Cain who runs after Deadpool while on fire. Cain grabs Deadpool by the foot and slams him against the floor. Cain tells them why he needs Deadpool. He begins strangling Deadpool until Siryn bails him out again this time with a sonic scream. Black Tom has Deadpool's hand put on his arm so as to utilize Deadpool's healing power to cure his condition.

Deadpool #3

Deadpool #4- Deadpool, Siryn, and Banshee track Tom to an abandoned castle on the Hudson River. Siryn says that they better hurry and recapture Tom before Juggernaut arrives. Deadpool finds Killbrew while Sean and Theresa find Tom. Deadpool has to join the fight when Tom beats them. Deadpool recognizes his hand on Tom’s arm. Tom blasts Deadpool saying that the cure is worse than the disease. Deadpool starts to run, but comes face to face with the Juggernaut. Cain says that he wants Deadpool dead. During the fight Cain grabs Deadpool’s mask. Deadpool freaks trying to get it back. From below Siryn recovers. She sees where Juggernaut is standing, and she destroys it with a scream. Siryn catches the mask and gives him it back, but not before she sees the horror that is Wade’s face. Deadpool stabs his old hand on Black Tom into the ground. Cain returns but Deadpool grabs Killbrew. Deadpool says that he will kill Killbrew, and that he is the only one who can save Tom. Cain tells Deadpool to put the doctor to work. Killbrew stabilizes Tom and tells them to get him to a hospital. Juggernaut says that as soon as he is healthy he is going to break him out. Killbrew and Deadpool are already gone.

X-Men Forever #2- Cain is being held prisoner in Crossmore prison sometime before being sprung and fighting Thor. Cain hands are in restraints and he seems to be held in place by an energy field. Cain’s “present” mind (after Avengers vol. 3 #25 and before Generation X #60) leaves his past’s body. Cain is happy for the switch until he realizes where he has gone.

Uncanny X-Men #322-While walking in Hoboken Beast and Bishop see Juggernaut fall from the sky. Cain eventually wakes up and freaks. Cain is actually afraid because he woke up in New Jersey and he was punched in Canada. Cain doesn't find it funny that he was punched exactly where he was trying to go- to warn the X-Men of Onslaught.

X-Men #42-Cain is seen catatonic and under observation by the Beast.

Wolverine #93- Juggernaut wakes up and freaks again. He tears out of the mansion and runs hoping to escape Onslaught. Cain runs into the bar where Wolverine is with a drunk Cannonball. Cannonball's beer goggles lets him think he stands a chance and rockets into Cain. Wolverine stands up for his fallen friend, but Juggernaut has no time for fighting so he leaves again. Two "geeks", as Juggernaut puts it, teleports Cain to an alternate dimension.

All New Exiles #1

All New Exiles #2

All New Exiles #3