Malekith is the keeper of the Cask of Ancient Winters, a box that contains the powers of all the past winters. When Eric Willis stole the Cask from Malekith it granted him eternal youth to be the Cask's protector. Malekith without the Cask could not hide from Odin, and was banished to Black Limbo. Since then Malekith remains an enemy to Asgard. A master manipulator Malekith has allied himself with Surtur, created the monster known as Kurse, and tried to kill Thor on several occasions.

Thor #341- behind the scenes- As Surtur begins reforging his Twilight sword he summons the Dark Elf, and tells him to seek out the second son of Odin. A voice from space replies, "I shall."

Thor #344- Balder is captured by the demon hordes that accompany Malekith at Loki’s castle. Balder is on a mission from Odin to find and get Loki to help defend Asgard. When Balder sees Malekith he says that it is Malekith’s master that would destroy them all. Balder tries to give Loki Odin’s message, but Malekith has him gagged. Malekith remarks that the best Odin can send to Loki is a spineless over weight messenger to recruit him when everyone knows Odin regrets adopting his stepson. Malekith tells Loki that once the powers that be have been destroyed there will be plenty leftover for those ruthless and bold enough to grab it. Malekith says that as a sign of good faith he offers Loki the head of Balder. Malekith’s demons attack, but Balder dodges. Malekith yells at them that Balder must be killed. Balder keeps dodging, but eventually he is surrounded. Loki remarks that it is true that Balder has become a coward. He tells Malekith that they have much to talk about, and says that they will never know what Odin’s message was. Balder finally breaks down and slaughters all the demons. Balder storms into room where Malekith and Loki are. He strikes Malekith, but Malekith instantly vanishes and his cloak falls into a heap on the ground. Loki reminds Balder of Malekith’s power to teleport using the shadows. Balder delivers Odin’s message. Loki tosses it aside and says that he has already decided to take Malekith’s offer. He says he has giant’s blood in his veins. Balder asks why Loki didn’t tell him, and Loki says that would have ruined the fun. Balder cuts Loki’s head off and leaves. Loki puts his head back on.

Thor #345- Doctor Willis discovers that his secretary is one of Malekith’s servants. He feeds her a cheeseburger and it causes her to disappear. The doctor is arrested on suspicion of murder. One of the female police calls in to her boss that she is holding the man the other elf was sent to investigate. She is given orders to serve all the police cookies that put them under her power. She confronts Doctor Willis with some cookies and says that he can eat them and tell them the information, but that even if he doesn’t eat them they will get the info. Willis’ colleague takes a package to Willis’ father. The man is actually his son, but he goes out to do what Willis requested. Willis finds a French fry in his pocket and quickly stuffs it into the guard’s mouth. She disappears and the keys to the cell fall in front of him. Willis is on the run, but finds that he is being followed. Willis is saved by a dark haired woman that lets him jump in her car. Willis is soothed by the music playing on the stereo. He says that he can’t hold onto his thoughts and that the woman who saved him is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. She pulls over but before she lets him kiss her she makes him tell her where the Cask of Ancient Winters is. Later the woman gets out of the car and says that Willis’ soul was delicious. The woman turns into Malekith. Malekith says that they will now find Willis’ offspring and the cask. Malekith says that his master demands that the cask’s contents be opened and released, and that if even if he has to call the Wild Hunt himself it will be. Malekith flies away leaving Willis a husk.

Thor #346- Roger Willis, Dr. Willis’ son, is attacked by Malekith’s servants but gets away. Dr. Willis’ associate that took the package to Roger contacts Thor and tells him what Willis said about Malekith and the Cask of Ancient Winters. One of Malekith’s underlings finds Lorelei and discovers her importance to Thor as her human identity as Melodie. Thor goes to the prison where Dr. Willis was held, but he too eats a cookie of the Faerie, and the police say that Thor’s will is no longer his own. Thor finds out that they are all servants of Malekith, and that Dr. Willis is dead. Thor breaks control and knocks the police unconscious with lightning. Roger finds the cask and leaves with it. Minutes later Malekith arrives and finds the package empty. He says that the package is still cold and that the cask could not be far. Malekith blows the hunting horn starting the Wild Hunt. Thor hears the horn blow. The Hounds of the Hunter start to descend upon Roger’s cab that is blocked in by traffic. Roger gets out and runs. Roger shoots the Hounds with iron bullets that kills them. The Hounds withdraw and the Hunter advances. Roger manages to shoot the Hunter’s horse, but the Hunter is not hit and Roger’s gun is empty. The Hunter is struck by Thor’s lightning. The Hunter stands revealed as Malekith. Malekith orders the Hounds to attack. Thor and Roger, with a reloaded gun, fight off the Hounds. One finally manages to bite Thor’s wrist. Thor realizes that the Hounds aren’t attacking en masse because they fear the iron of the bridge they stand on. When Thor takes off Malekith thinks he is fleeing. He orders his hounds to drag Roger back to Cotswolds of England to be tortured. Thor returns with an Iron girder and throws it at Malekith. Malekith’s shoulder is hit, and he is forced to withdraw. The Hounds go back to their hiding place. Malekith is waiting for Lorelei inside her apartment. When Thor and Roger go to Melodie’s apartment a shapeshifting elf poses as Melodi, and serves Thor the golden mead that makes Thor her slave. Malekith watches on a screen with the real Lorelei. Malekith will use Lorelei as bait. Thor discovers that the real Melodi is the captive of Malekith, and that Malekith will trade her for the Cask.

Thor #347- Thor and Roger work their way through the Faerie castle in the English Cotswolds. Malekith watches as Thor and Roger rush headlong to rescue Melodie. Wormwood says that Thor cuts through their defenses like a scythe. Malekith says that this is just a warm up because when Thor sees his “true love” in danger Malekith will win the battle. Later Thor sees Malekith throwing Melodi to the water monsters that Thor had smashed outside. He separates from Roger and the Cask in his haste. Thor doesn’t notice Algrim the Strong and Algrim knocks Thor unconscious. Algrim lifts Thor up, but Thor recovers and the fight starts again. Malekith tells the elf to pull the lever for the trap despite the fact that Algrim still stands there. Thor and Algrim fall down the bottomless chasm. Malekith says he is finally revenged upon Odin for his banishment. Malekith gives Lorelei to Wormwood to do with as he pleases. Malekith has Roger brought over, and Malekith regains the Cask of Ancient Winters. Malekith then hits Roger with his eldritch powers blinding him because he has seen the wonderous land of Faerie, and he will never again see a lesser vision. Roger runs off, but the iron plate in his head kept him from being blinded. Malekith says they must spread chaos across Midgard to prepare for the coming of their master.. Roger watches from afar as Malekith holds the Cask up. Malekith talks about how Eric Willis stole the Cask from him, and how Malekith was unable to hide from Odin because of it. Malekith says he was sentenced to black limbo, and that their master has only just released him. Malekith says that in thanks they will use the power of the Cask to release the Curse of the Ice so that the Destroying Fire may come. Malekith says that the Fire will cleanse the worlds. Malekith says that Surtur will be freed when he makes his third strike against Asgard.

Thor #348- Malekith prepares to open a passage from the realm of Faerie to the realm of men above. Roger finds that though his eyesight isn’t gone his Faerie vision is, and he cannot see Malekith or the Faeries. Roger shoots his last bullet, and manages to wound Malekith’s shoulder. Malekith needs to use his power to heal himself, and he delays the opening of the passage. Malekith says he wants the mortal found. Malekith flies up to look himself. The heat of a magma lake awakens Thor. As Algrim falls in Thor’s hammer rescues him. Thor resurfaces to find Roger. Malekith finds Roger and strikes out at him. Suddenly Malekith is surprised by Thor’s return. Thor uses lightning to illuminate the cavern and keep Malekith from escaping into the shadows. Malekith transforms himself into a large warrior, but Thor just pounds on him until he is unconscious. Thor and Roger take Malekith with them as they take off to find Melodi and the Cask. Thor finds Melodi, but the Faeries are rushing towards them. Thor uses his hammer and blasts a hole through the ceiling out towards the outside world. The Faeries run from the light, but Malekith wakes up. He throws Roger’s empty gun that was on the floor, and shatters the Cask of Ancient Winters. The power shoots up through the hole that Thor himself created. The portal between worlds is frozen over, and after it is shattered from within Surtur comes walking through.

Thor #349- The Casks powers flow out as Malekith is dragged by Thor along with Lorelei and Roger. The Cask is going to blanket all of Earth in snow and ice. Thor drops Malekith on the floor of Melodi’s apartment. Odin views Thor leaving for Asgard with Malekith under his arm. Heimdall tells Thor that he is expected as he lands on the Rainbow Bridge with Malekith. Thor lays Malekith down at Odin’s feet saying that he has released the power of the Cask. Odin says Malekith is a fool to think Surtur would spare him as he torches the world. Odin calls forth some guards to take Malekith to the dungeon of no-escape until he has time to deal with him.

Thor #366- Malekith stands in the shadows as he listens to Loki’s plans for being named the next ruler of Asgard. Malekith asks what is to happen to him. Loki says that Malekith will be his guest for a few more days as another string in his bow.

Thor #367- Lorelei has just been yelled at by Loki, and told to give him something to drink. She sits crying outside the door. Malekith asks her what is the matter. Lorelei says that it seems that Loki is bored with her. She says that this has never happened to her before, and doesn’t know how to act. Malekith says that she is in luck because he has with him a small cordial of the very same love potion that was used in the time of King Arthur. He says that a few drops and Loki will only have eyes for her for all eternity. Lorelei puts the potion in the drink. Both Lorelei and Loki drink some and collapse on the floor. Malekith says that this will set up his plans for Balder’s coronation well. Later an Asgardian warrior is working the construction of the stage for Balder’s coronation. He spots some movement in the shadows and throws something. The man calls Thor over as he just struck Malekith unconscious. Surrounding Malekith is a lot of explosives intended to destroy the stage. Thor orders that some inescapable chains be brought over. They can’t be opened by magic. Thor then sends for the wagon to take Malekith to the Dungeon of No Escape. Later Malekith sits in the dungeon when the ground explodes upwards. Kurse jumps out and pounds on Malekith. Malekith keeps saying that it is Balder Kurse wants. Later Kurse snaps Balder’s neck.

Thor #368- When the body of Balder lies dead on the ground Agnar touches it with the tip of his blade. Balder’s body transforms into its true self--- that of the now deceased Malekith. It turns out that the Malekith that was imprisoned by Thor was actually a disguised Loki.

Thor #485

Thor #486- behind the scenes- Kurse descends from Asgard down into Hel seeking new vengeance against Malekith. Kurse smashes Hela and her dead warriors. Malekith wonders who can show him where Malekith is now. “Lorelei” steps forward. She says that Hela was not aware but Malekith has escaped from Hel when Kurse defeated her. Kurse says he just saw Malekith in Hel, and that is why he came. “Lorelei” says that Malekith wanted that and that he used Kurse to get out. Soon after Kurse and “Lorelei” arrive on the surface of Midgard with an army of the dead soldiers from Hel. Thor and Sif run out to see what the noise is about. Kurse looks down on Thor and sees him as Malekith. Kurse dives on him. Kurse smacks Thor around. He says that he is now the ruler of Hel and Niffelheim, and as such he has the power to draw forth Malekith’s executioners. Suddenly the Midgard Serpent, Fafnir of Nostrand, Fafnir the Giant, kinsmen of Ymir, Nidhogg the winged dragon, and Farsung appear before Thor and Sif.

Thor #487- behind the scenes- “Lorelei” cheers Kurse on as he and his army of dead attack “Malekith”. Kurse orders his servants to attack. The beasts begin to destroy things. Lorelei assures Kurse that the victory will be his no matter who kills “Malekith” since Thor is now fighting Nidhogg in the air. Thor kills Nidhogg and then sets his sights on Jormungand. The Godpack and High Evolutionary arrive to help Sif. The battle keeps going, and the Midgard Serpent has swallowed Thor. Kurse notices that Lorelei is now missing.

Thor #488- As Kurse fights with his Dead Legion against Thor and the others he shouts that Malekith is still alive. Kurse attacks Thor seeing him as Malekith. Thor tries to explain that Malekith has used some dire magic to make him see Thor as Malekith, but Kurse won’t be fooled by words he says. Jane Foster spots Lorelei running away, but follows her and sees her turn into Malekith. Kurse sees Hela appear. Hela explains that Malekith tricked Kurse into setting him free from her realm. Hela frees Kurse’s mind from Malekith’s enchantment, and he takes off after Malekith.

Thor #489- While Hulk is off trying to bring Thor out of Hel one of the Godpack realizes that “Jane Foster” doesn’t have a heartbeat. Malekith reveals himself. Malekith says that his shapeshifting powers are no longer needed as they already tricked Kurse into bringing him out of Hel when he disguised himself as Lorelei. Malekith blocks the Godpack’s lightning. Malekith transforms into energy and flies away. Malekith reforms after ditching the Godpack and Sif, but doesn’t realize that Kurse is watching him. Kurse grabs Malekith by the hair. He tries to hit Malekith, but Malekith blocks it with a shield. Malekith says that he has no quarrel with Kurse and says they should be partners. Kurse says that Malekith caused his disfigurement, his transformation, and twice tried to trick him into killing Thor. Kurse says that he will not settle for Malekith being alive or even dead, but wants him totally obliterated. Sif and the Godpack talk Kurse out of killing Malekith so that they might trade him back to Hela for Thor. Malekith is sent back to Hel.

Heroes For Hire #14- Malcolm Keith kneels in his office as he conjures his master and says that all will be as he commands. His master says that it had better be because he didn’t rescue him from the point of death and make his enemies think that he were dead so that he could fail him. Malcolm says that the Pendragon and their enemy will be at each other’s throats, and they will receive none of the blame. The dark master says that he likes this plan. Malcolm Keith asks if his master remembers his promise to him to help him win his heart’s desires. His master says that when the time comes Avalon will be his. Later Bala Nenon, of the FBI, and Charlie Boatner, of the SEC, contact the Heroes for Hire to get the Black Knight to fight a man named Drake that is believed to be a dragon who is using magic to help him corner the world market on gold. They say that their source is classified, but the Black Knight as the new Pendragon could see through Drake to determine the truth. Later Dane Whitman (the Black Knight) goes to visit Drake. He finds that Drake is a dragon, but isn’t using magic in business. Dane leaves and downstairs in the garage he thinks that he sees Drake attacking him. At the same time Drake is up in his office thinking how reasonable this Pendragon is when Dane Whitman enters his office and tries to shoot him. He looks outside to see the Black Knight flying at his office. Drake assumes dragon form and flies out the window at him. Suddenly Knight feels that he is being controlled and wonders if Drake is also being controlled. A short time later Knight goes to see Nenon and Boatner holding the head of Drake. He sees through their disguise to identify them as trolls. Drake reveals that he is alive, and Nenon and Boatner roll over on Malekith. Malcolm Keith is thinking about making a glass out of Arthur Pendragon’s skull when he rules Avalon when Black Knight crashes through the window. Malekith stands revealed. He says that he thought for sure that Drake would have eaten him for lunch. Malekith powers up and says that he supposes he will have to do that himself. Malekith starts to attack when he realizes that Drake is behind him. Malekith quickly runs into the shadows as Drake breathes fire at him.

Thor vol. 2 #14

Thor vol. 2 #29- Jagrfelm sits and admires his possessing the Cask of Ancient Winters. He thinks of his rotten life, and how it will change with this power. Jagrfelm hears a noise on his roof. Suddenly a swarm of knights and giant dogs storm into Jagrfelm’s house. Jagrfelm says that he will fight them to the death. The knight stabs Jagrfelm through the back, and says that his master prefers it that way. Jagrfelm staggers and says he would know his attacker. Malekith blasts Jagrfelm and says that the “pathetic wretch’s” reach far exceeded his grasp. Malekith says the augmented power of the Cask does not belong with Jagrfelm, but with him. Malekith says that soon he will rule all the nine worlds.

Thor vol. 2 #30- Malekith sits in a tree with many trolls saying that to him the definition of beauty is the Cask of Ancient Winters. One troll tells him to release the power now. Malekith says that the timing is rich as Odin is no factor as he sleeps the Odinsleep. Malekith asks if there could be a better time to unleash the power. Malekith opens the cask slightly and withdraws a small shard of ice. Malekith says that he dispatches Pentigaar to Midgard as a reminder that Malekith is back. Malekith tells the departing shard to seek out Asgardian blood to spill. Pentigaar appears on Earth right in front of Balder who is bringing a potion to save Hogun’s life in the emergency room. Pentigaar is defeated by Balder and Beta Ray Bill. Malekith watches as Pentigaar returns to him. Malekith says that he was prepared for Thor not Bill. Malekith wonders if Odin’s replacement Sif might like a sample of what is to come. He opens the cask and watches as Sif shivers.

Thor vol. 2 #31- Jake Olsen notices the dramatic decrease in temperature and says that the storm feels unnatural to him. Jake finds Beta Ray Bill and the Warriors Three in his apartment. He turns into Thor and they all head to Asgard. From the Rainbow Bridge they see Asgard seemingly covered by a glacier. Elsewhere Malekith walks with Pentigaar, a large ice creature, as his hounds have finally overcome Balder the brave at the door where Odin rests in his Odin Sleep. Malekith says that Balder is valiant, and that he will make a fine slave once broken. Malekith then has Pentigaar use his axe to chop down the door between them and the sleeping Odin. Malekith says that he can’t wait to dance on Odin’s corpse, but inside he finds Sif and Asgardian warriors. The hounds fight the warriors while Sif fights Pentigaar. Pentigaar says that he is the force of winters eternal come to life. Malekith walks over to Odin. He says that it is ironic that with all his mighty battles that Odin will be slain by a pillow. Malekith says that with Odin’s death he will rule the nine worlds. Malekith starts to choke Odin. Suddenly Thor, Beta Ray Bill, and the Warriors Three are upon them. Thor smacks Malekith. Thor stands over Malekith saying that he is mad to seek rule of the nine worlds. Malekith says that Thor talks too much. He opens the cask and blasts Thor backwards. Thor realizes that Malekith struck with the Cask of Ancient Winters, and is stunned to see Asgardians frozen solid all around. Suddenly Malekith’s newest ally Kurse steps on Thor’s head.

Thor vol. 2 #32- Malekith stands triumphantly over a frozen over Sif as the hounds and Pentigaar battle the others. Kurse asks Thor if he is ready to beg him for mercy, but of course Thor says no. Malekith grabs a handful of Sif’s hair. He says that Asgardians are so arrogant that they don’t even believe that they can be conquered. Malekith says that watching them suffer makes it all more delightful. Sif says that every Asgardian will fight to their last breathe against him. Malekith says that he hopes so. Malekith kisses Sif’s cheek as he subjects her to more of the cask’s power. He says that her only hope is to beg him to let her be his queen. Malekith laughs as he thinks about how Odin will never waking from his Odin Sleep, about how Midgard, the Trolls, and the Frost Giants are currently freezing. He gets an especially tickled reaction at the thought of Hel freezing over. Kurse asks Thor if his skull is cracking yet as he steps on it. Thor grabs his hammer and gets free by smashing his escape through the ground. Thor says that Malekith’s reign will soon be over as soon as he gets the Gem of Infinite Suns from the Hall of Lost Souls. Malekith says that he will claim this gem for his own. Malekith tells Kurse to go follow Thor. Kurse says, “…but…”. Malekith interrupts and says that Kurse rebelled against him in the past, but this time the control of Malekith is complete. Sif runs from Pentigaar. Beta Ray Bill flies over and asks Sif what she is doing. Sif says that she is heading to the Hall of Lost Souls as Thor wanted. Suddenly Beta Ray Bill turns into Malekith. Sif says that Malekith’s evil knows no bounds. Malekith thanks her, but as he hits her he says that she has only scratched the surface of his evil. Malekith takes Sif’s sword and points it at her neck. Se tells him to swear love for him. Sif says that she would rather die. Malekith says, “So be it.” The real Beta Ray knocks over Pentigaar and hits Malekith. Sif runs on. Malekith takes the cask and opens it. Suddenly Pentigaar grows much larger and much stronger. Malekith follows Sif not realizing that Thor used the Hall of Lost Souls as a decoy. Thor retrieves the Gem of Infinite Souls from the sleeping Odin. Sif says that Malekith is unfit to be in the Hall of Lost Souls, a place for heroes who’s bodies were never found. Malekith says that if she wishes when he kills her he will burn her so that her body will never be found. Thor uses the Gem to melt Pentigaar. The cask starts to close. Thor takes the gem and smashes Kurse’s face in the hope of breaking Malekith’s control. Malekith tries to command the cask to stay open. Thor then melts the ice around Asgard. Malekith watches as the city melts. Thor comes down and shuts the Cask of Ancient Winters. Thor says that the cask will always be held in check by the Gem of Infinite Suns. Thor teleports it to a dimension that Malekith can never reach. Thor is about to pound Malekith, but Sif says that Malekith stole a kiss from her lips. Thor gives her the honor and Sif beats the crap out of Malekith.