Man-Killer Katrina Luisa Van Horn was an Olympic skier who had her professional career cut short when she was horribly injured while trying to shut up a male chauvinist pig who was shooting his mouth off that any man could beat any woman in an athletic competition. The man cut Katrina off, and the two went over a cliff. Katrina became very hard hearted towards the male gender, and her new exoskeleton made sure that she could back her grudge up with muscle.

Marvel Team-Up #8- flashback- At the winter Olympics Katrina Luisa Van Horn is listening to two men talk about how there shouldn't be any women athletes. Herr Lubbings says that no woman could ever beat a man when it comes to a true athletic competition. Katrina challenges Lubbings to a downhill ski race. As they race Lubbing's ego gets in the way and he cuts Katrina off. They collide and fall off a cliff on the mountain. Katrina required training to learn to use her scarred muscles again. Then with an exo-skeleton that boosted her strength Katrina became Man-Killer.

Marvel Team-Up #8- flashback- At a street campaign for Mayor Samuels, a man violently opposed to women's lib, Man-Killer shoots a spinning blade into the mayor's chest killing him instantly. Hellcat jumps onto the rooftop where the blade was fired to see Man-Killer going back down the stairwell. Man-Killer tells her to back off, but Hellcat leaps at her. Man-Killer knocks Hellcat out with one hit.

Marvel Team-Up #8- Man-Killer punches a hole through the wall to tell Mr. Cartright that she is back in town. Women surround Catright. One of the women yells at Man-Killer and wonders why they financed Man-Killer's training and development. Man-Killer says that they did, and that it makes her one of them. The woman says that they hired Drake for professional protection. Man-Killer says that he is a man, and therefore dirt. Man-Killer knocks Cartright out. Man-Killer tells the other women that they are going to strike at the center of male power- the Manhattan Harlem Power Plant. Man-Killer flies her ship to the power plant, and starts firing on the plant. She flies inside the power plant and opens the ship. A cop pulls his gun, but it is knocked from his hand by a projectile from Man-Killer's suit. Suddenly Spider-Man and Hellcat arrive. Spider-Man makes a wisecrack, and Man-Killer swings wildly at him since she won't endure anymore taunts from men. Spidey goes to deal with Man-Killer's rifle bearing friends while Hellcat tangles with Man-Killer. Man-Killer hits Hellcat, but Hellcat rolls with it and comes back with a kick to Man-Killer's face. Hellcat turns to see Spidey webbing the women in the ship, but when she turns back Man-Killer is gone. The man in charge of the plant says she took off with a new experimental radioactive generator. Spider-Man goes after her. Hours pass and Spidey finds her when Man-Killer punches him to the ground. Spidey gets up, but Man-Killer knocks him back down. Spidey hits her, but then Hellcat arrives. Hellcat tells Man-Killer that she is a fraud. That she is an accomplice to the men she professes to hate. AIM built Man-Killer's exo-skeleton. Man-Killer is stunned. Spidey and Hellcat take the generator back and leave Man-Killer hanging her head.

Daredevil #121-behind the scenes-

Daredevil #123- Blackwing, Silvermane's son, has defeated Daredevil. He talks to his father speculating that El Jaguar has most likely defeated Black Widow, but he doesn't realize that Black Widow is about to ambush him. Man-Killer comes up behind Widow and knocks her out with one hit. Man-Killer, now chief of Hydra's assassins, asks Blackwing if his ego is damaged by being saved by a woman. Blackwing tries to claim that his bats had already warned him of Widow's presence. Silvermane breaks up the argument, and they agree that they are fighting for the same side…the side of Hydra. Man-Killer grabs Daredevil and El Jaguar while Blackwing carries Widow down the stairs to their base. Daredevil wakes up to find he and Black Widow are being held captive. Foggy Nelson is guarded by a Dreadnought. Silvermane's soldiers include Man-Killer, Blackwing, El Jaguar, and Mentallo. Foggy freaks out when he sees Silvermane blow up a warehouse of explosives with Nick Fury and SHIELD agents in it. He frees Daredevil and Black Widow. Silvermane tells Man-Killer to kill them. It turns out the warehouse were really decoys. Man-Killer, Mentallo, and El Jaguar are sent to fight the SHIELD agents. Man-Killer's exo-skeleton is frozen is place when Ivan, a Russian with SHIELD, attaches a device to her chestplate.

Iron Man #126- Tony Stark is being held by Justin Hammer on his "house boat", a little town that floats around. Hammer shows Stark where he is trying to open Stark's briefcase and the machine he used to cause malfunctions in Iron Man's armor that framed him for murder. When Stark breaks into the room with his briefcase, with his spare Iron Man suit, an alarm goes off. Hammer says to sound the alarm, and call the reserves. The reserves: Man-Killer, Constrictor, Beetle, Water Wizard, Spymaster, Porcupine, Leap-Frog, Whiplash, Melter, and Blizzard find Iron Man suited up and having destroyed the machine that causes the armor to malfunction.

Iron Man #127- Iron Man releases a wide beam repulsor to get some room. Hammer reveals that he funds the villain's technology for a cut of their money. The villains attack en masse. Constrictor wraps his coils around Iron Man. Iron Man lifts the entire collection of villains and flies through the roof with them. Constrictor has Iron Man wrapped up in his adamantium coils when Man-Killer runs over. Iron Man confuses Man-Killer by creating eight illusions of himself. Iron Man then absorbs the electricity from Constrictor that would normally shock his opponent, but it simply amplifies Iron Man's strength. Iron Man expands the coils' grip, and sends Constrictor flying into Man-Killer knocking them both out. The police arrive and arrest everyone on the floating island except Justin Hammer who got away.

Marvel Team-Up #107- As Hildy Dawes, a leftist underground revolutionary leader, surrenders herself with Jennifer Walters the Man-Killer attacks in her ship. The ship lands and Man-Killer, with a bunch of like-minded women, attack the police. Spider-Man arrives. Man-Killer says she has boosted her power since they last fought. Man-Killer throws something that knocks over a police officer that was wearing his bulletproof vest. Man-Killer lures Spider-Man into position by dodging his attack, but talks to long and misses her counter strike. Man-Killer hurls something else at Man-Killer, but misses again. Spider-Man leaps off a tree limb, and kicks Man-Killer in the face. Man-Killer kicks back, and knocks Spider-Man over. Though groggy Spider-Man puts a tracer on Man-Killer’s flying car. Man-Killer says there will soon be too many police around. She throws a van at Spider-Man. Spider-Man tries to springboard off a car, but falls through the car marked “Lemon”. Man-Killer’s women grab Hildy Dawes. They knock out Jen Walters with a quick rifle butt to the head. They load Hildy into the flying car and leave. Man-Killer takes Hildy to her warehouse. Man-Killer says that Hildy will further her dreams of destruction for all males. Man-Killer says that men cause her body to be in constant agony, and that they must pay for that. Man-Killer wants to use Hildy to get others to join her cause. Later Hildy looks at a van Man-Killer has rigged to be a giant bomb, and asks how she is involved. Man-Killer says she will see, and she mobilizes “task force alpha”. Man-Killer parks the van under the hotel where many prominent businessmen are. Man-Killer spots Spider-Man and She-Hulk. Man-Killer attacks. She-Hulk and Man-Killer pair off. She-Hulk punches her, and then hits her in the face with a thick metal door. Spidey tells She-Hulk where the bomb is. Man-Killer watches as She-Hulk picks up the truck and runs out with it. Man-Killer tries to escape, but Hildy grabs some live wires, and she electrocutes Man-Killer.

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