Mangog is the living embodiment of an entire race of people. Billions and billions of people. Mangog's race was a conquering people. After wiping out thousands of galaxies they tried to invade Asgard. Odin banished all of them, but before dying they found a way to channel all their rage and power into one being- to exact their revenge. Even after Odin restored Mangog's people to life the embodiment of Mangog could not be erased as his evil was too powerful.

Thor #154- Ulik has stopped his "Endless Fall", and has started climbing back up. Ulik reaches a mystic cave. Ulik finds a bunch of Enchantistones, the seeds of Odin's supreme power. Ulik realizes that he is in the Odin Cave where the last remaining member of an alien race that was so powerful that they nearly destroyed Asgard. Ulik decides that anyone who is an enemy of Asgard is a friend of his. Ulik moves the Enchantistones, and knocks over the sign that says "Let no living being disturb what lies within by order of imperial Odin". Mangog emerges. He says that he has one goal: to destroy him who crushed the invasion of my race. Ulik says that it was Asgard who bested him, and that Odin still rules Asgard. Ulik says that together they will crush Asgard. Mangog hits Ulik saying he is the enemy of all who live. Ulik reminds him that he just freed him. Mangog says he knows no gratitude or mercy, but that he will let Ulik live a little longer since he may be of use. Warriors rush to defend Asgard after the Eternity Alarm signals that the Cave of Ages has been opened. The Eternity Alarm rings again when the cave is empty. Odin is in the Odin-Sleep, and Loki has decided that with Thor on Midgard he now rules. Mangog puts Ulik down after climbing up. Ulik runs away thinking it might have been better if he had died. Mangog climbs out of the hole. He yells to Odin that he is coming for him, and that he will begin Ragnarok and the death of the universe.

Thor #155- Sensing Ragnarok Thor and Sif return to the Rainbow Bridge. Loki sends out Fandrall, Hogun, and Volstagg after Mangog. Hogun remarks how even if Odin were awake he would fall to Mangog as well. Thor arrives, but Loki says that since he sits upon the throne Thor can't take him off. Loki tells Thor to go fight Mangog. Mangog walks through fire towards Asgard. Mangog approaches the very edge of Asgard's periphery. Mangog comes face to face with a group of gargantuan Storm Giants. Mangog tells them to step aside as he has no quarrel with them. The giants say that he is alien to the land, and must die. Mangog defeats them in seconds. Mangog reaches a distant outpost, a bastion of Asgardian warriors. Mangog rips the outpost apart with his bare hands. Asgardian warriors are flying everywhere. Mangog recalls how Odin eternally destroyed his entire race for daring to invade Asgard, but before they fell they created him. Mangog says he will wreak the most awesome vengeance the world has ever known. A troop calls for the use of the Force Arrow. The Force Arrow shatters a mountain and the rubble buries Mangog. Mangog breaks out of the mountain. He says that nothing will stop him from unsheathing the Odinsword. Mangog says that his race found a way to taker the limitless strength of all the billions that Odin had doomed and found a way to store that power in one being- Mangog. Mangog lifts a huge chunk of the mountain Thor watches as Mangog destroys the outpost. Thor takes off after Mangog. Thor encounters dead Asgardians, the remnants of a broken legion. All tell Thor not to fight Mangog. Thor hears the voices of the Warrior's Three that have been trapped with some rocks by Mangog. Thor turns around right into the hand of Mangog. Mangog says that Odin's command killed an entire race, just as he will now kill Thor.

Thor #156- Mangog tells Thor to prepare to die. He tells Thor to think of the price of a billion, billion lives. Thor says that when Odin ended his race they had destroyed a thousand galaxies. Thor reaches for his hammer, and hits Mangog. Mangog says he is mighty, but that Mangog is his master. Mangog throws Thor. Thor tumbles downhill amongst large boulders. Mangog hears Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg calling Mangog a coward for not fighting them. Mangog destroys the rocks that trap them with one swoop of his tail. Fandral tries to stab Mangog with his sword, but cannot pierce Mangog's hide. Mangog lifts Fandral by his blade, and says that if this is the "cream of thy sovereign's defenders" then he can't help but win. Hogun runs at Mangog with his mace. Loki comes upon his secret army that he intended to use as a last resort. They say that Mangog killed hundreds of them in a matter of a dozen heartbeats. Thor recovers from the landslide. He whips all of the rocks up into a whirlwind, and sends it at Mangog. Mangog is just getting his hands of Fandral and Volstagg as he spots the whirlwind. Mangog stands his ground. Mangog says that no wind or storm will stop him. Thor sits on the ground weary. Mangog says he senses Thor's fear. "Fear is on stranger to the son of Odin. Only a fool hath never known fear." Thor blasts Mangog with lightning from his hammer. Mangog says Thor must be mad. The ground erupts like a volcano with Mangog standing upon it. Thor and the Warrior's Three retreat to the ends of the molten ground. Rock burst after them as Thor suspects Mangog yet lives. The Recorder arrives at the Rainbow Bridge and is taken to Sif and Odin. Mangog emerges from the white-hot lava. Mangog grabs a wad of the lava and throws it at them. The Warriors flee saying nobody is as powerful as Mangog. Thor spins his hammer saying he is a warrior and a god. Thor's hammer shatters the ground Mangog stands on, and a rainstorm showers down, and washes Mangog away. Mangog says that his race were truly evil, and deserving of their fate, but that their vengeance won't be denied. Thor searches for Mangog. Suddenly a wall breaks open, and Mangog's head pops out.

Thor #157- Thor throws his hammer at Mangog. Mangog hits Thor's hammer and drives it back past Thor, and over the heads of the ducking Warrior's Three. By the time Thor gets his hammer back Mangog is gone. Mangog comes to the outside of Asgard. Mangog says he doesn't care who waits to face him above the ground. As easily as he might move through the air Mangog tunnels below Asgard. Mangog bursts through the ground within the Golden Gates. Mangog lifts and drops the Column of Eternal Flame. Asgard is aflame. Suddenly Balder leads a battalion against Mangog. Mangog leaps at them and starts destroying them. Suddenly Thor is upon Mangog's back. Mangog picks him off and throws him against the ground. Mangog says it is time for Thor to die. Gunther jumps onto Mangog's back and hits him in the head while Balder pulls Thor out of the way. They put Thor on his horse, and tell him to go to the Odinsword. They shoot the Cosmic Bolt, the mightiest weapon in Asgard at Mangog, but Mangog does not waver. Thor stands at the Odinsword with Sif and Recorder. Mangog burst through the wall. He says he finally sees the Odinsword. Mangog walks towards the swords dragging several Asgardians on him. Mangog strikes and knocks them all down. Thor manages to get back up. Mangog says Thor's blows are like a gnat to him. Mangog holds Thor back with his tail. Mangog takes hold of the Odinsword. Recorder notes how the cosmic shockwaves are beginning. Thor creates a storm, and manages to wake Odin from his Odin-Sleep. Odin stands wit the Power Scepter in his hand. Odin says that he put Mangog's race under an Odinspell. Odin breaks the spell. Mangog gets weaker and weaker. Odin says that Mangog was never strong, but that he was a living prison for his race. Odin lets Mangog's race live again. Mangog fades away. Mangog's people return to their planet having served their penance.

Thor #195- Odin sends off Thor and the Warriors Three against Kartag to learn the secret of the Twilight Well. He then sends Sif with Hildegarde to Blackworld. Odin calls upon the older gods who stood in the shadows to let the young gods find their own glory. He shows them how he has doomed them all. Odin in his haste to banish Loki sent him to a black world where Mangog was imprisoned. Loki learned the location when he wore the Odin-Ring (thankfully Odin doesn't drive), and now he sets about freeing Mangog like the madman that he is. Mangog asks who has disturbed his eternal rest. Loki tells Mangog to look upon one who has come to assist him. Mangog, in disbelief, says all these immortals place their destinies on par with that of true gods. He grabs Loki and says to be grateful that he doesn't kill him right now. Mangog throws Loki to the ground. He says he doesn't know how he still exists with his people returned to life, but that doesn't really matter. Mangog says someone else might be grateful, but then that one would not be Mangog. Mangog encases Loki in a block of cool, dark amber. Odin tells the old gods that Mangog's evil is a very persistent one and that after so many years of formation it couldn't be destroyed but only imprisoned, and now Loki has set Mangog free. The old gods vow to fight to the death. Later Mangog arrives at Asgard. Mangog plows through the wall into Asgard.

Thor #196- Mangog fights the Asgardian soldiers and calls for Odin the murderer. Mangog is unaffected by the thunder cannon. Odin and the elder gods charge on horseback towards Mangog over a bridge. Mangog destroys the bridge as they cross. Mangog walks on towards the Odinsword leaving Odin to carry the bodies of those killed in the bridge's collapse. Hela comes to claim Khan, one of Odin's oldest friends. Mangog is battling Asgardians as Odin glares at him. Odin decides that he can no longer wait for Thor to return from the Twilight Well. Odin is master over the realm of Asgard, and he decides that the land will "forevermore pass away". Mangog and Asgard disappear.

Thor #197- Thor returns to the Rainbow Bridge to find Asgard gone. He pours some of the water from the Twilight Well onto his hammer to guide him to Odin's Cosmic Well. Thor arrives to see Mangog destroying the Asgardian soldiers. Thor flies at Mangog. Mangog tells Thor that even though his race has been returned to life Mangog's debt to his people still remains. Kartag, the keeper of the Twilight Well, who came with Thor challenges Mangog. Mangog throws rocks up into Kartag's face. Mangog grabs Kartag in a bearhug, and then sends him flying away. Mangog sees that Thor is still unconscious. Mangog tells Thor that his father tried to end his existence, and that both of them will pay for that. Mangog reaches through a window and pulls out the body of Odin. Mangog holds Odin over his head. He says that he has weakened him, and prepared him for the final blow. Mangog asks Thor if he thinks Odin will return from the dead as his masters did.

Thor #198- Thor is stunned as Odin does not answer him in Mangog's grip. Mangog tells Thor that if he dares to attack him he will kill Odin even before he planned to. Suddenly Hogun strikes Mangog from behind. When Mangog turns towards Hogun Thor flies at Mangog. Thor throws his hammer into Mangog's face. He grabs Odin to get him to safety. Mangog wraps his tail around Hogun. Fandral stabs his sword at Mangog. Thor sends Volstagg with the mystic water from the well to the court vizier. They pour the water into Odin's Cosmic Well. Thor blasts Mangog, but it only angers Mangog. Mangog says he is powered by the hate of a billion, billion beings. He pulls the road up. Later Mangog has Thor unconscious as Odin and the elder gods storm Mangog. Odin strikes Mangog, and asks Mangog if he is silent from fear. Mangog grabs Odin and says he only speaks when he has something to say. Rangor strikes Mangog from behind, and Mangog remarks on the treachery. Mangog says he will die now for his treachery. Mangog wraps Rangor up in his tail. Suddenly the Cosmic Well explodes and Asgard begins hurtling back to its original location. Odin tells Thor he did well. Odin then bathes in the well's water to strengthen him in his weakened condition. Mangog finds the Odinsword. Mangog unsheathes it, but when the universe doesn't end Mangog realizes that because Asgard is outside normal space and time drawing the sword doesn't work. Mangog says Odin has saved the universe, but he will use the sword to kill Odin. Mangog starts blowing away Asgard with the sword's power. Odin faces Mangog, and Mangog advances. With the last of his power Odin casts a spell that cuts Mangog of from the hate that powers him, and returns the Odinsword to its sheath. Odin collapses, and Thor charges at Mangog with fury in his eyes. Mangog swats Thor away, but feels the pain of the blow. With each of Thor's blows Mangog shrinks in size. Mangog keeps shouting that it's a trick, and that he is a giant who can destroy all. Thor holds Mangog in his hand as he disappears.

Thor #250- flashback- Igron, after failing to usurp Asgard's throne, walks alone as Odin sends him to the dungeon. Igron hears a skittering, and thinking it a rodent to be killed picks it up. Igron discovers that it wasn't a rodent, but Mangog. Mangog explains that his hate cannot be destroyed. Igron and Mangog decide to team up. Igron gives Mangog Asgardian life force that he drained back in Thor 240, and Mangog is restored to his original size. Igron says the power will not hold him forever. Mangog says that even combined they can't stand against Odin. Igron tells Mangog that Odin is on Midgard without his memory. Igron sees that Odin has been restored, but he never returns to Asgard. Igron puts a spell of illusion on Mangog to look like Odin. Igron tells Mangog to rule the Asgardians, and let them give him strength. Mangog commands the guards to let him out of Igron's cell. Mangog rules Asgard.

Thor #246- Some Asgardians stand before Odin, and his advisor Igron, accused of treason. The Asgardians say that they are innocent. Odin rages as he says that Igron himself accuses them. Igron advises Odin to end the charade quickly. Odin banishes them to the Molten Mire Pits. Odin says to stand against him is to stand against Asgard. Balder turns to walk out in disgust, but Odin stops him. He says a grim lesson was learned, and asks Balder if he learned anything. Balder says he did, but thinks to himself that what he learned was that Odin has gone insane. Later Balder speaks with Hildegard saying that ever since Igron replaced Vizier as Odin's advisor Odin has changed. Balder says that Odin may not be their liege anymore. Snaykar goes to tell Igron what he heard Balder say.

Thor #247- Odin calls Balder before him as Igron accuses Balder of treason. Balder explains it was Igron he spoke against not Odin. Igron tells Odin they should imprison him until he tells them who is among the rebels. Odin sentences him to the dungeon. Balder says Odin has gone mad, and he is no longer bound to obey him. Some Asgardians attack Balder for his words against Odin. Balder is forced to run so he can tell Thor of his father's affliction.

Thor #248- Balder tells Thor, and he, Thor, Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg, and Jane Foster (embodied with the spirit of Lady Sif) go to the Rainbow bridge. Heimdall will not let them through, and a fight ensues. They defeat the soldiers Heimdall summons. Later they meet with the other who wish to free Odin's mind. Jane says they must free Vizier from the Tower of Solitude to find out how to help Odin first. Igron tells Odin that Thor has returned. Odin says that if Thor stands against him he will have to kill him. Later Igron tells Odin that Thor and the rebels have freed Vizier from the Tower of Solitude. Odin picks up a chess piece of Thor, and crushes it into rubble. Odin says that the moment he has been waiting for for a long time has finally come…the time when Thor must die.

Thor #249- Thor tries to get in to see his father, but an impenetrable barrier blocks the way. Odin's eyes appear, and tell Thor to leave. Thor is forced to fight through Asgardians to escape. Thor, Vizier, and Balder go to talk to Karnilla. The others including Lady Sif, whose spirit took over Jane's form in the realm eternal when Jane held Sif's sword. Odin has the Odinsword moved. He tells those moving it to be careful because if the sword is unsheated the universe will end. Odin says he is moving the sword so that nobody will oppose him or else the universe might end. After the Odinsword is put down Odin orders them to bring his throne, and place it on top of the sword. Later Thor and Karnilla's combined power allows only Thor to get thtrough Odin's barrier. Thor enters to find Odin sitting upon his throne with the Odinsword under him. Igron and Odin wonder what to do with Thor. Thor says he returned because he heard that Odin had gone mad as Igron is now the right hand of Odin. Igron says it is true that he is the right hand of the one who sits on the throne, but he is more than that. Thor says this is so unlike him. Odin says it is very much like him. Suddenly Odin transforms into Mangog. Mangog says that it is he who sits upon the throne of Asgard, and if anyone tries to take it from him he will kick the Odinsword from its sheath and end the universe.

Thor #250- Thor asks how Mangog came to usurp his father's throne. Mangog says that even now Thor's arrogance is boundless. He says they should just kill him, but Igron says that it will be fun to torment Thor before killing Thor. He tells Thor how he met Mangog, and how their plan has worked. Thor says he will tell all of Asgard. Igron causes Mangog to look like Odin again, and he says that nobody will believe him. Asgardian soldiers storm in. While Thor fights them Mangog blasts Thor unconscious. "Odin" orders the guards to carry out Thor to the city's gates as an example. Later when the others show up with all the ones who now believe that Odin has gone mad they find Thor imprisoned like a scarecrow with his hammer just out of his reach. Sif goes to help him, but "Odin" says she will share his fate if she does. Vizier asks if he isn't being a little tough on Thor. "Odin" says that he is tired of being questioned, and he will be obeyed. Thor tries to tell them that Odin is really Mangog, but Mangog blasts him. Vizier questions again, and this time "Odin" blasts Vizier. Balder rushes "Odin", but Odin turns him into the dog he has shown himself as. He turns Hogun into a donkey, Volstagg into a pig, and Fandral into a ram. Sif rushes forward, and Mangog turns her into a crone. Thor freaks and breaks from his imprisonment, but is buried by the rubble he causes. Mangog laughs that no Asgardian can stand against him. Igron tells him to quiet down or everyone will figure out that he isn't Odin. Mangog says that they are ready to be lead by their master, and he is their master alone. Igron asks what about him. Mangog says he no longer needs igron, and he dissolves him. With Igron's death Mangog's true appearance is seen. Mangog says that none exist to stop him. Thor emerges from the rubble. Thor hurls his hammer, but Mangog knocks it away. Mangog says that even though he doesn't have the power of his race anymore the power of the Asgardians will serve his purpose. Mangog says he told Thor that if he could not rule Asgard he would destroy it. Mangog tears through the wall towards the Odinsword. Thor leaps onto Mangog's back, but Mangog pulls him off with his tail and throws him away. Mangog arrives at the Odinsword. Thor hits Mangog again, and actually knocks him over. Mangog tries to reach the sword, but he vanishes. Without the Asgardians following him Mangog's power left him.

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