Thor #127

Thor #128

Thor #129- Zeus senses evil approaching as Pluto returns to Olympus. Pluto says that he is no longer bound to stay in Hades and claims his rightful place on the Council of Gods. Zeus asks if Pluto forgot his sentence and says that he has not yet released him. Pluto reminds Zeus that there was a clause in the contract that if Pluto could find an immortal to take his place then he would be freed. Zeus says that if anyone signed the contract that it was because of trickery, but adds that what is done is done. Zeus asks who this “hapless victim” is. Pluto says that it is Zeus’ own son Hercules. Later Hercules tries to enter Olympus to appeal to Zeus, but Zeus cannot let him in. Hercules must find a champion to fight for him as Hercules is forbidden to raise his arms in battle. As time runs out, and Hercules has no champion, Pluto summons his hordes to carry Hercules off to his fate. Hercules calls out for a champion. By chance Thor is waiting in Limbo to fight for an unknown cause. When Hercules called out for a champion Thor returned from Limbo to be that champion. As his minions drag Hercules off Pluto says that it is Hercules own fault for his strength has only brought him enemies and never friends. Thor disagrees.

Thor #130

Thor #163

Thor #164

Thor #279- flashback- Pluto uses a voice inside Jane Foster’s head to lure her to a specific spot. Thor spots her, but suddenly the ground opens up, and some tentacles reach up and pull Jane Foster below. The earth closes up, but Thor smashes his way to follow. Thor follows but when he walks in he is attacked by eldritch energies. Thor falls asleep, but when he wakes up he is in Hades. Thor realizes that this was Pluto’s doing. Pluto points out that he has Jane Foster hanging helplessly above pit of boiling lava. Pluto says that she will remain unharmed as long as Thor gives Pluto no reason to harm her. Thor asks what he wants. Pluto says that he wants revenge for it was only Zeus who interrupted them before. Thor asks if Pluto will again tempt his monarch. Pluto says that he will adhere to the decree of Zeus, but that he has made other arrangements. Suddenly Loki’s face appears beside Pluto. Loki summons Ulik for Pluto so that Loki can watch Thor die. Ulik says that whoever brought him here is going to be his next victim. Pluto points out the one who brought him there is not his enemy, but that Thor is. Ulik challenges Thor. Pluto says that the winner of the challenge will get Jane Foster to do with what he will. As the fight begins, Jane Foster offers to die instead of having Ulik kill Thor. Pluto says that it is very noble of her, but that the battle will continue until one is dead. As the fight progresses Pluto ponders that he shouldn’t have listened to Loki, and perhaps gotten someone more formidable to destroy Thor. Ulik hears this and takes umbrage with being used by Pluto and Loki. Ulik knocks over a pillar so he can climb up to Pluto. Ulik says that he will kill Thor, but that right now he prefers to claim another victim. Pluto tries to run, but Ulik grabs him up. Ulik says that he is going to throw Pluto into his own hellish fires. Pluto is scared because they can destroy even him. Thor realizes that he can’t get home without Pluto so when Ulik throws Pluto, Thor catches him. Ulik grabs Jane Foster while Thor does that, but Thor then uses his hammer to teleport Ulik to Loki’s location. As repayment Pluto sends Thor and Jane Foster back to earth.

Thor #199

Thor #200

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Thor #221

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Champions #1

Champions #3

Avengers #163-behind the scenes-

Marvel Two-In-One annual #5

Thor #279??????????

Thor annual #10

Avengers #282- Neptune, because of his covenant with Zeus, captures Namor and delivers him to Cerebus in Hades. Zeus blames the Avengers for the beating that the Masters of Evil gave to Hercules. Cerebus tries to take Namor to Pluto, but Namor escapes with the help of a mysterious ally. Namor sneaks into the dungeon in Hades and frees the trapped Avengers who were sent there by Zeus. Pluto is enjoying himself as he torments Thor. Pluto says that it has been a while since Zeus gave him any new subjects to do with as he wishes. Cerebus reports to Pluto that Namor must be dead because he escaped into the river Styx. Pluto yells at Cerebus that Namor is amphibious and that he may be the only one who could survive it. Suddenly the Avengers are there attacking. Black Knight cleaves the massive stone on Thor’s chest while Photon blasts his chains. Thor confesses his brittle bone problem Hela gave him. Pluto says that it is too bad he didn’t know that before he could have made his stay even worse. Pluto pushes Cerebus off. He says that here in Hades he is supreme sovereign and he could obliterate with but a gesture, but that Zeus has ordered their deaths by torment. Pluto says that he plans to carry that out. The Avengers run. Pluto shouts that he wants the war wagons released and the Avengers captured. Pluto catches up with the Avengers as they start on the Pathway to Infinity. The Avengers are trying to get back to Olympus. Pluto tells them that there is no escape.

Avengers #283- Photon blasts through all of Pluto’s war machines. Pluto offers a year of peace in Elysium for anyone who slays an Avenger. She-Hulk tries to attack Pluto. But Pluto blasts her with Hadean fire. Pluto blasts a large chunk of rock above the Avengers. Thor catches it, but is in excruciating pain doing so. Thor throws the rock into the hole in the bridge. The Avengers run over. Thor says that Pluto couldn’t do more because his power is limited outside of Hades.

Thor #462

Avengers annual #23

Thor annual #19

X-Force annual '98

Thor vol. 2 #7

Fantastic Four vol. 3 #21

Thunderbolts annual 2000-

Hellcat #2

Hellcat #3

Defenders vol. 2 #3- flashback- Pluto teleports to Asgard. He confronts an old man and tells him that he wants to know where the Enchantress is. The old man says that Amora has been missing for some time, but he shows Pluto where the Enchantress’ sister Lorelei is. Pluto approaches Lorelei and tells her that he needs a spell to create and bind a Valkyrie. Lorelei asks what her reward will be. Pluto says that she will be his queen over all and share in his rule. Lorelei decides to accept Pluto’s proposal.

Defenders vol. 2 #2

Defenders vol. 2 #3

Defenders vol. 2 #4