Grim Reaper

Eric Williams was always the black sheep of the family. He left his brother Simon Williams to carry on the family business and to take care of their mother while he went out to Las Vegas to become a gambler, and eventually join the Maggia. It's ironic that it wasn't until Simon died that Eric showed any interest in taking care of his family. It's also ironic that his new found love for his family turned him from a dangerous gangster into a super-villain. Eric wanted to avenge the murder of his brother against what would become his greatest enemy- the Avengers.

Wonder Man #25- flashback- Simon sits on his mother's lap as Eric tortures the cat. Eric's father is supposed to be the one to discipline Eric, but he just sits watching television. Martha says that Eric was born bad. Simon's mother would lavish love on Simon for doing something good, but cut the love off when he was bad, so Simon became the "good boy". Eric hated Simon for it because his father only ignored him leaving him to his "born bad" status.

Wonder Man #25- flashback-behind the scenes- One day Simon told his mother that he hated his brother. Martha tells Simon to be the "good boy" and to watch his brother Eric. She said that Eric would one day destroy the family. She was too weak, and his father was useless, so if Eric did something bad it would be Simon's fault.

Wonder Man #25- flashback- One day while playing with some chemicals in the garage Eric accidentally starts a fire. Simon and Eric get out, but their parents and the house burn to the ground. Simon feels responsible because he was supposed to control Eric, and since then Simon felt responsible for Eric's trouble.

Avengers West Coast #65- flashback- Eric shouts back to Simon on the ground as he climbs a dangerous cliff. Later Eric is seen leaving for Las Vegas.

West Coast Avengers vol. 2 #2- flashback- Eric is seen playing sports while Simon studies. Eric's mother suggests it was his father's abusive tendencies that turned Eric bad. Eric had started stealing, and pressuring Simon to steal as well. Later in life Eric joined the Maggia and was transferred to Las Vegas.

Avengers #52-The Grim Reaper uses a glider, similar in style to the Green Goblin's, to crash through the wall of Avengers mansion. He confronts Goliath, Wasp, and Hawkeye saying he has come for vengeance. Hawkeye asks what he is talking about since they've never seen him before. Reaper swings at Hawkeye. Hawkeye dodges and Reaper tries to blast him. Goliath grabs Reaper's cape. Reaper calls him a murderer, and then uses his scythe as a propeller. Reaper uses the scythe to block Hawkeye's arrows. When Wasp, Goliath, and Hawkeye are in the right places Reaper releases a giant electrical charge. Reaper tells the unconscious heroes that he is killing them as vengeance for his brother Simon Williams', also known as Wonder Man, murder. Reaper fixes the destroyed portions of the mansion and lies in hiding for the other Avengers. Black Panther makes his way to Avengers mansion for the first time and finds the "dead" bodies. A SHEILD agent comes in and since he doesn't know Panther he arrests him for their murders. Panther allows himself to be taken, but escapes at police headquarters and goes back to Avengers mansion where he thinks he knows where the real killer is. Panther finds a way in and hears Reaper saying he will kill Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man for his brother's death. Panther knocks Reaper down. Reaper begs for mercy, but swings with his scythe. Panther barely dodges. Panther goads Reaper saying it was Zemo who killed Wonder Man while Simon was trying to save the Avengers. This enrages Reaper, and he blasts Panther's shoulder. Reaper taunts Panther saying that the Avengers are still alive. He merely reduced their life signs for three hours at which point, without his scythe to cure them, they will die. Panther leaps on Reaper explaining that his herbs healed him from Reaper's stun ray. Reaper is accidentally impaled on his own weapon. Panther takes the scythe and cures the Avengers. They return to find Reaper gone.

Avengers #107- flashback- The Space Phantom approaches the Grim Reaper about a partnership. Reaper turned him down, but Space Phantom planned with Reaper in mind anyway.

Avengers #78- Acting as one of Grim Reaper's Lethal Legion Man-Ape throws the Black Panther down. Grim Reaper, Power Man, Swordsman, Man-Ape, and Living Laser are the Lethal Legion. Their purpose is to kill the Avengers.

Avengers #79- Vision goes, in his human mask, to T'Challa's school to tell them he won't be teaching today. At the Lethal Legion's meeting Reaper reminds them that he is their leader. Reaper shows Panther bound and captured. Reaper orders everyone out and he leaves Panther alone. Panther breaks free and contacts the Avengers. He tells them about the Legion and where he is. The monitor is cut and Reaper reveals that he used the Panther to set up the Avengers. Reaper gasses Panther unconscious. Power Man and Swordsman defeat Goliath and Scarlet Witch. Living Laser and Man-Ape defeat Quicksilver and Captain America. Grim Reaper delights in the Avengers, his brother's murderers, being held in an hourglass and gassed. Swordsman mentions that most of these Avengers weren't even in the group when Simon Williams was killed. Reaper says it doesn't matter because he has sworn to destroy all that take the accursed name. Power Man returns from Avengers mansion with an unconscious Vision, and files on the Avengers. Reaper looks at Vision's file and sees that the android possesses Simon William's' brain pattern. Reaper smashes open the hourglass. Vision reveals that he really defeated Power Man and was in disguise as him. Vision defeats Swordsman, Captain America knocks out M'Baku, Quicksilver beats Laser, and Panther knocks out Grim Reaper.

Wonder Man #1- flashback- Grim Reaper steals Wonder Man's body out of Avengers mansion

Avengers #102- The Vision responds to a letter from the Grim Reaper to meet him in a freezer. Reaper tells Vision that he still wants to destroy the Avengers, but with "his brother's" assistance. Vision asks if Reaper is mad. Reaper says not to ever call him mad, and blasts Vision. Vision decides to arrest Reaper, but Reaper shows Vision that he has the body of Simon Williams stored. He wants to put Vision's mind inside the body so that his brother can live again. Reaper takes notice that the Vision is actually thinking it over. Reaper says that Vision would not have to help him destroy the Avengers, just not help them. Vision's answer is still no. Reaper says he expected that answer at first, but gives the Vision a special amulet that he can use to contact Reaper when he changes his mind. Vision accepts the amulet under the pretense of a keepsake. Reaper says that Vision only fools himself with that reasoning. Reaper says that they should go, but when they meet again Vision will beg for Reaper's offer.

Avengers #106- Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, and Black Panther go looking for Quicksilver. They wind up having to keep fighting each other, as one will attack another. Iron Man realizes what is happening and then Space Phantom reveals himself. Space Phantom defeats them with his paralysis ray. Space Phantom's partner, the Grim Reaper, then reveals himself.

Avengers #107- Panther, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, and Hawkeye are in an anti-gravity field. Reaper says he wants to kill them now, but Phantom says he wants them to all perish together. Reaper says all except the Vision, who is his brother in a fashion. Phantom says they have only to capture Captain America and Thor. Vision is Reaper's responsibility. Reaper says that when he tells Vision his plans that he is sure Vision will join them. Vision broods as he walks. Reaper says hello. Reaper notices that Vision is wearing the Death's Head amulet. Reaper says his offer still holds. He says he has technology, which can merge Simon Williams' brain patterns from Vision's body into Simon's long preserved body. Reaper says he can make Vision human again, but Vision declines. Reaper says that once Vision sees what he has planned he will change his mind. Reaper offers Vision the body of Captain America for Simon's brain patterns. Reaper tells Vision his, and the Space Phantom's, plans. Phantom tested Cap in the past to find the perfect human, but caused Cap to forget it. Phantom needed Reaper's knowledge so he offered Reaper Captain America's body for Vision's mind to inhabit. Reaper asks Vision again to join him and become human. Vision accepts.

Avengers #108- Vision is presented to Space Phantom as an ally. Space Phantom mentions that he has tuned Reaper's scythe to destroy even the Vision. Space Phantom takes his leave. Vision asks why Reaper is so subservient to Space Phantom. Reaper freaks, but Captain America grabs Reaper from behind. Reaper had not noticed that Vision only accepted Reaper's offer because he saw Cap signalling for him to agree. Cap and Vision free the other Avengers, but they then find Reaper, Phantom, and a bunch of mind controlled Hydra agents aiming guns at them. Reaper smashes Phantom's gun when he prepares to kill Vision. Phantom says he no longer needs Reaper. Phantom orders the Hydra agents to kill them all. Though they fight against a common foe Reaper still tries to kill Iron Man. Phantom defeats everyone but Vision and Scarlet Witch with ultra sonic shockwaves. Phantom holds Vision at bay by threatening the life of the Grim Reaper. After Captain America and the Avengers defeat Space Phantom the Grim Reaper surrenders to the Avengers, but only because his scythe is out of power.

West Coast Avengers vol. 2 #2- flashback- The Grim Reaper stands watching the Black Talon re-animate Simon Williams' body.

Avengers #151- 152- behind the scenes- Reaper paid Black Talon a fortune to raise Simon's body to kill the Avengers.

Avengers #160- Reaper watches as Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Whizzer, Yellowjacket, and Wasp leave Avengers mansion. Beast bounds off to clean the lab from their last fight. Beast comes flying out of the lab with singed fur. Wonder Man, Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Black Panther rush in to see the Grim Reaper. Reaper reveals himself to Wonder Man as Eric Williams. Vision and Black Panther tell Reaper that nobody had the heart to tell Wonder Man that his brother was a super-villain. Vision says that Wonder Man is aware that he is an artificial man with Simon Williams brain pattern. Beast bounds up to fight Reaper, but is knocked out with the flat of Reaper's blade. Reaper blasts Scarlet Witch and Panther with the blast that only his scythe can prevent from resulting in death. Reaper adjusts his scythe to deal with Vision's synthezoid construction. Reaper then apologizes if Wonder Man really is Simon, but as he is unsure he must treat him as an enemy. Reaper blasts Wonder Man. The five Avengers wake up at the Avengers' meeting table in specially designed manacles to prevent "contempt of court". Reaper calls a start to the trial as two men cannot share his brother's identity, and one must die. Vision recalls his origin. Reaper gets Vision to admit that he accepted Reaper's offer to gain control of Captain America's body. Reaper also cites Vision's "brotherly love" saving Reaper in #108. Panther has Vision tell Reaper that he only agreed to Reaper's offer of Captain America's body because he could see Captain America telling him to play along. Panther tells Reaper that Vision has wed Scarlet Witch. Reaper can't believe his brother would marry a "stinking mutant". Reaper calls Wonder Man to the stand. Wonder Man retells his origin and rebirth. Reaper takes off his mask and starts calling Wonder Man Simon. Panther has Simon show Reaper his red ionic eyes. Vision says Reaper will never have his brother back as he was. Vision suggests that in their altered states Vision and Wonder Man are closer to brothers. Reaper says he will not be replaced, and shocks everyone for Vision's contempt. Reaper prepares to kill Vision, but Wonder Man strikes him. Simon's molecular structure is different so the bands don't affect him. Wonder Man blocks Reaper's blast. Reaper's scythe chops up the machinery Simon hit at him. Reaper blasts Simon, but it doesn't affect him. Reaper says he is pleased that Simon is back. Simon advances on him so he is forced to spin his scythe into Simon's chest. The scythe breaks on Wonder Man. Wonder Man knocks him out and resuscitates the others using the scythe.

Vision and the Scarlet Witch #3- Reaper watches as Wonder Man tries to "jump start" a comatose Vision with his energy. Reaper chloroforms Scarlet Witch. He walks into the room with Wonder Man and Vision. He blasts the doctor down. Reaper ponders cutting the power link between Wonder Man and Vision thus killing both "pretenders to the name of Simon Williams". Reaper says the events of Avengers #160 forced him to admit his real brother was dead, and that the pretenders need to die so he can rest in peace. Vision stirs though still asleep. Reaper blasts him, and when that is unsuccessful he cuts the power source. Wonder Man awakens angry. Reaper energy slices at him. He says he hates Wonder Man more than Vision because at least Vision looks the part of a pretender. As Reaper prepares to kill Wonder Man Vision sticks his intangible arm through Reaper's chest. Reaper collapses in pain. Vision helps Wonder Man up, but has to spin and uses his eyeblasts to melt Reaper's scythe. Reaper must escape as they recover.

West Coast Avengers vol. 2 #1- behind the scenes- Grim Reaper has his ally Ultron dispatch robots to the Avengers compound. When the Avengers trace the energy they go to see Ultron alive again. They escape Ultron's deathtrap. Later the compound alarm goes off. While the others go to investigate Tigra remains with Goliath. M'Baku arrives to break out Erik Josten. Tigra holds her own against Man-Ape until Ultron knocks her out from behind. Having seen Hank Pym Ultron tells M'Baku that he and Goliath must deal with Wonder Man. M'Baku protests, but Ultron just blasts him one. Goliath, M'Baku, and Ultron take on the west Coast Avengers. M'Baku trips Wonder Man and Goliath knocks him out. Ultron blasts Hawkeye and Mockingbird. Goliath grabs Wonder Man and M'Baku. Ultron with Hank Pym over his shoulder and picks up Goliath and flies away.

Vision and the Scarlet Witch vol. 2 #1- Nekra and Black Talon use zombies to accidentally kidnap the Scarlet Witch. Zombies aren't to smart, they were supposed to kidnap Vision. Vision tries to find where they've taken her. The Grim Reaper walks up and kisses Nekra. Reaper lectures Talon about not completing his job. Talon says he had two jobs, and he has kept Simon Williams in his tent. Just then Vision comes in and Scarlet Witch jumps up to fight. Vision eye blasts Reaper, and Nekra hits him off her man. Scarlet Witch hexes her. Vision hits Reaper. Nekra distracts Vision by harming Scarlet Witch. Grim Reaper blasts Vision. Scarlet Witch frees Vision from the zombies, but pays the price as Grim Reaper blasts her. Vision comes across Simon Williams' body. Reaper cuts a deal with Vision. Reaper leaves with Williams, and Vision gets to leave with his wife.

West Coast Avengers vol. 2 #2- Wonder Man, in his cage, argues with Grim Reaper. Wonder Man says he is the only Simon Williams that will ever exist. Grim Reaper says he can change that. When Reaper has Vision he is going to scan both their brains and eliminate any thought not common among them both in Ultron's machine. The thoughts will then be moved into Black Talon's replicated form of Simon Williams. Ultron steps up and says he will capture Vision since Black Talon seems unable to do it. The Avengers go to talk to Simon and Eric's mother. Grim Reaper lounges with Nekra. She asks why Reaper doesn't hate Ultron since he made Vision. Reaper says Ultron serves his purpose for now. When Wonder Man awakens M'Baku comes in to inform Reaper. Reaper yells at M'Baku calling him stupid and racial slurs. M'Baku storms out to talk to Black Talon. Reaper curses black people, but when Nekra interrupts Reaper saying she is black. Reaper says that as an albino Nekra is the purest white ever. Kinda strange that Reaper would be a racist and lead a team of six where three members are black.

Vision and the Scarlet Witch vol. 2 #2- Reaper welcomes Vision as Ultron has captured the entire team. Reaper and Wonder Man tell Vision Reaper's plan. Vision tells Reaper that he just met their mother. He tells Reaper that they're related. Reaper freaks. Ultron suggests taking Wonder Man's mind first because he wants to make Vision watch. Wonder Man attacks Reaper. Mockingbird shows up and releases all the captives. M'Baku and Black Talon desert Reaper for his racist views. Ultron and Goliath are defeated. Reaper and Nekra escape into a cavern. Wonder Man and Vision go after Reaper alone. Reaper actually has a noble thought that he hopes they chase him instead of Nekra. Vision and Wonder Man catch up to Reaper. Wonder Man gets Eric to admit that it was Simon, not him, that embezzled from their father's company. Reaper finally realizes that Wonder Man really is the true Simon Williams. He feels ashamed for trying to kill his brother. He storms off and slips. Reaper falls down a cavern. Not real sure why neither Vision nor Wonder Man didn't fly after him. Eric's body is not found.

Vision and the Scarlet Witch vol. 2 #12- Nekra uses the dark magic she learned from Black Talon to raise Eric Williams from the dead. As Reaper sits up Nekra tells Reaper of his death, impaled on a stalagmite. Nekra took his body with her into the tunnels. Reaper fully re-awakens. He says he had a terrible dream of falling. Reaper still feels sleepy as Nekra tells Reaper that she is going to re-animate the body that Reaper was going to place Vision and Simon's minds in. Reaper asks what good a zombie will be. Nekra says that zombies she raises are so close to living that unless told they are dead the zombie will never know. Nekra raises Brady Kent, former hitman, to be Reaper's brother. Reaper knocks out the owner of a sporting good store with the blunt end of his blade. Reaper, Nekra, and Simon II go in to arm Simon II with the owner's stash of illegal firearms. As they turn to go the cashier shoots Nekra and Reaper in the back. Reaper figures he must have missed him. Nekra wasn't hurt because her hatred makes her invulnerable. As Nekra strangles the man Reaper thinks how lucky he is not to have been shot and killed since he has now found his soulmate in Nekra. Magneto tells Wonder Man he felt some strange disturbance and traced them to near Scarlet Witch's home (actually the site of Reaper's resurrection). They run into Reaper, Nekra, and Kent outside the hospital. Reaper argues with Kent about who gets to fight Wonder Man. While fighting Wonder Man notices the bullet hole in Reaper. Nekra freaks out on Wonder Man as Magneto pokes Reaper with his own scythe. Reaper freaks when no blood comes out. Reaper grabs Nekra angry that she lied. Reaper kisses Nekra and as her love grows the hate lessens until her power cannot keep Reaper alive anymore.

Web of Spider-Man #46- Hank Pym and Spider-Man find Nekra mind controlling a New England town into hatred. She has pledged to restore Reaper from his preserved death to full life.

Avengers West Coast #65- After Nekra's defeat Eric Williams is buried. Simon visits his brother's grave. After Simon leaves Reaper emerges from his grave. Nekra walks up to him with a voodoo doll of Reaper. Reaper asks why she couldn't just let him be dead. He doesn't want to take orders. Nekra says that their kiss made her feel love so she learned how to revive him herself. She says Reaper is his own master, and that to live he needs only to absorb one human life every 24 hours. She turns to show Reaper a man coming towards them. With her back turned Reaper sticks his scythe through Nekra's chest. By absorbing her life Reaper becomes a walking personification of death. Reaper goes to a concrete gun-emplacement in San Pedro that is now inhabited by a coven. One of the members rushes at Reaper only to get a scythe through the stomach. The others rush Reaper, but with each murder his power grows. One of the members escapes and runs. She happens to run into the restaurant that Wonder Man and Scarlet Witch are in. She mentions the bunkers before she dies. Wonder Man goes in alone, as Scarlet Witch's hex powers are gone. Simon comes face to face with Eric. Reaper swings, but Wonder Man ducks. Wonder Man hits Reaper. Reaper hits back. The police come in with Scarlet Witch. The blow holes through Reaper. Reaper knocks the police aside and Reaper hits Wonder Man with his scythe. Not only does the scythe not pierce his skin, but also touching Simon drains Eric of the power he has absorbed. Reaper runs and Simon is to disgusted with the power he sucked off Reaper to stop him.

Avengers West Coast #66- Grim Reaper is absorbing the life force of a homeless man when Wonder Man finds him. Wonder man asks Reaper if he is turning people into robots. Reaper asks why would he do that since he needs to feed on humans, not robots. Reaper blasts Simon into a building. Reaper is about to blast a skyscraper onto Simon when Mandrill jumps on Reaper for killing his sister Nekra. The two struggle, but in the end Reaper feasts on Mandrill's life force. Simon says Reaper better kill him too because he won't rest until either he or Reaper are back in the grave. Reaper says he likes tormenting Simon with the guilt Simon feels when he kills. Reaper leaps down a manhole.

Avengers West Coast #67- Grim Reaper walks through the tunnel until he comes up Ultron who is in the process of turning Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and Tigra into robots using his special gas. Ultron says that soon all mankind will be turned into robots, and on that day Ultron will rule the world. Reaper walks into Ultron's lair as Ultron watches Iron Man as he beats three of his converted humans turned robots. Ultron having sensed Reaper's presence turns to attack him. Reaper's scythe cuts through Ultron's adamantium wrist. Ultron wonders how that happened as he holds Reaper's scythe while his wrist heals itself. Reaper says to release him that even his attack was only in self-defense. Ultron blasts Reaper's hand and sees it brings him no pain. Ultron had heard Reaper was dead. Ultron fuses the scythe to Reaper's arm. Reaper seems grateful. Ultron says he'd like to keep Reaper to serve him because he could retain his own judgement. Reaper agrees but says he needs to consume a human every 24 hours. Ultron says he would offer Reaper one of the Avengers, but they are already to much robot to be of use to him. Ultron sends his new robots Hawkeye, Tigra, and Quicksilver to stop Scarlet Witch and Hank Pym who has found that the robotic transformation is reversible. Hank and Wanda are down and the robot Avengers are destroying the computer Pym would need to affect a cure when USAgent, Iron Man, and Wasp arrive to stop them. Wonder Man arrives to help. Pym tells Iron Man that a certain type of light should affect them. Iron Man uses an infrared light to defeat them. Iron Man's infrared light coupled with a slight spark from Scarlet Witch's dormant hex power cures the Avengers. Ultron asks Reaper how he plans to live. Reaper says maybe he will grow his own human stock. Ultron says he'd best hurry since a large portion of California will be transformed at the Rose Parade.

Avengers West Coast #68- The Avengers find Ultron's lair, but he had already gone from it. One of his andrones activates the self-destruct controls. Wonder Man stays within the tunnel. After the explosion Wonder Man finds what he sensed, his brother, Grim Reaper. Reaper says that Ultron doesn't realize that each human he turns into a robot feedbacks some human energy into Ultron's system (which was how Reaper damaged adamantium). Reaper says he will help Simon as long as he agrees to stop bothering him for killing "one lousy person a day". Simon reluctantly agrees. Pym discovers engine vibrations can defeat the andrones. Reaper points out to Wonder Man the blimp that Ultron is using to transform the Rose Parade attendees into robots. Reaper tries to kill a guard, but Wonder Man stops him saying the deal only applies after they stop Ultron. Reaper and Wonder Man crash into Ultron's blimp. Reaper uses his scythe to suck the life force out of Ultron. Reaper knocks Ultron into his computers damaging them and preventing them from releasing the gas. The other Avengers deal with robots in the parade. Reaper says he is more powerful than ever and because of Simon's promise he can't stop him. Wonder Man breaks his promise and attacks Reaper. Reaper starts beating the stuffing out of Simon until Ultron's reserve power kicks in. Hawkeye, partly still robot, flies into the blimp, ramming Reaper. Reaper's scythe halves Hawkeye's bow. Ultron goes to use Hawkeye as his weapon as Reaper tries to suck the life from Hawkeye. The two cancel each other out and are now stuck in an energy loop. Wonder Man knocks Hawkeye out of the loop and Reaper and Ultron are still stuck.

Avengers #352- Grim Reaper beseeches Lloigoroth of the Nameless Ones to grant him the power he craves. He is granted the power and vows deaths in return. Reaper seeps in a commercial airplane as a black smoke. He then solidifies and tears a hole in the plane with his scythe. The plane crashes. Reaper walks off the plane. He magically freezes time and space to put the finishing touch on his work. Reaper disappears. When the Avengers arrive the see a gigantic skull made from a rock formation. Reaper stands on the subway tracks. By waving his scythe he opens a portal to another world. The Brooklyn bound F-train is sucked up. As the Avengers look at the black box from the airplane crash a black smoke seeps out of it. Grim Reaper appears and tells the Avengers that he waits for them in the caverns that they killed him in. reaper feels their arrival. He sends rats, bats, and spiders, that are made of an extra-dimensional energy, out to greet them. Crystal burns them all. Reaper emerges from the ground and opens an inter-dimensional vortex. The Avengers are sucked in.

Avengers #353- Inside the realm the Avengers are forced to fight the dead people Reaper killed last issue. Reaper uses some of the people to re-animate long dead enemies of the Avengers; Baron Heinrich Zemo, the original Black Knight, the original Red Guardian, Nebulon, Amenhotep, Inferno, Count Nefaria, Starstalker, and Necromandus. He sends them out to fight the Avengers.

Avengers #354- Reaper watches as his legion fight the Avengers. Vision withdraws to reason with the Reaper. Vision causes reaper to remember that the Avengers did not kill him, but that he committed suicide by leaping to his death. The Legion regain their own wills and attack Reaper for making them follow him. Lloigoroth breaks through the wall and grabs Reaper. The mouth on the "palm" of Lloigoroth eats Reaper.

Wonder Man vol. 2 #22- Grim Reaper and Blackheart arrive at the hospital. They Ginger and Spider ask where Simon is. Reaper picks up Spider by the shirt and says what a spicy soul he would be. Ginger says to put him down, and Blackheart says to do so. He tells Reaper that if they are successful he will never be hungry again. Reaper recognizes the magic burn, and he and Blackheart pass through the wall. As Wonder Man is about to agree to serve Mephisto to save Alex Reaper and Blackheart arrive, and Blackheart shoots Mephisto's necklace. Wonder Man figures that he has to throw in with Mephisto because he still has Alex. Wonder Man punches Reaper. Reaper asks if he would alienate his brother just for a woman. Simon says that he wants to kill Reaper and rip him from his life and burn every memory and secret. Reaper asks if he would change his tune if he held two people dear to Simon. Reaper shows him that he has both Sanford and Martha Williams- their departed parents.

Wonder Man vol. 2 #23- As Reaper holds their parents within his power Martha tells Simon that he was always the good one, and not to let her burn forever. Simon doesn't believe that it's really his parents, but Martha reminds Simon of the secret they kept after Simon told his mother that he hated his brother. Reaper grabs his mother's hair. Sanford tells Eric that he always liked him best. Reaper tells everyone to shut up, and shocks his parents. Simon tries to grab them, but his hand burns. Simon says that his body can't be burned, but Reaper says all the rules are different here. They start to fight, but Mephisto attacks Blackheart. Blackheart says he needs Reaper. Reaper shows Simon his burned away hand. Martha tells Simon to do whatever his brother needs. Simon joins Reaper and Blackheart against Mephisto's demons. Reaper restores Simon's arm with his own because Simon is a part of him forever now. Mephisto casts them all out of his realm. Simon is back at the hospital. He hears Alex screaming in pain. Simon knows it is Mephisto. Jaime yells at Simon saying he should've been there. Simon tries to comfort her, but realizes that he still has Reaper's hand and cannot touch her. Simon takes off to find Scarlet Witch so he can get back to Mephisto. Simon shouts at Scarlet Witch to tell him how to get to Mephisto. When she doesn't answer he realizes that Reaper's hand is killing her. War Machine has to shoot Simon's hand, but Simon wants it off entirely. Reaper and Blackheart arrive at the hospital. Reaper ends Alex's suffering by bringing her death. He says her pain has ended forever. They vanish in a puff of smoke. Simon calls in to find that Alex is dead. Simon starts raging. War Machine tries to calm him down, but Simon says that Stark is the one to blame for everything- his embezzling, his ionic powers, his being a hero. Simon eyeblasts War Machine out of the building. He starts pounding on him. Simon says he will show them the hand of death, and his hand reforms as a scythe. Simon stops shocked. Reaper's face appears on Simon's hand and tells him to stop lying to himself and come home. Later that night Simon leaves Wanda's bed to see Reaper and Blackheart with Reaper's parents.

Wonder Man vol. 2 #24- Wonder Man's power decreases as he starts to feel doubt about whether he can kill a demon as he also feels like a dead thing in a human form. Grim Reaper falls in from the sky and slashes the demon dead with his scythe. Reaper yells at Wonder Man saying that he told Blackheart that he had his ebb and flow problem in control. Wonder Man says that the demons have no choice because it's what they are, but they are humans and can choose. Reaper says that his humanity was a lie, and this is his true destiny. He says that Wonder Man's destiny is to serve him. Wonder Man freaks out and hits Reaper. He says he will not kill for him anymore. He says he has covered for Eric for their entire lives. Wonder Man leaps at Reaper and kicks him in the face. Reaper says he will serve him because he has no choice, but Simon keeps pounding on him until Blackheart shows up with their parents. Their father says they should let the mama's boy Simon go because Eric can handle the demon slaying. Reaper says that he never asked to be evil it just came and took him. He asked his father what he ever did to help him. Wonder Man says he is sick of this and leaves. Reaper says he'll be back because the Williams boys always come back.

Wonder Man vol. 2 #25- Blackheart is getting angry that Wonder Man has not returned. Martha Williams says that Simon will return because he was always the good one, and would never turn on his family. Reaper tells her to shut up. He says that it was her that gave him the stupid idea that he had a choice in his destiny. Reaper says that if he stopped to think on it his every thought would be torture. Reaper says that if only he could speak about the bond that ties he and Simon to them. Blackheart teleports them all to Simon's last location. Wonder Man is nowhere to be spotted, but M'Baku is getting up off the floor. He says he was never going to get to kill Wonder Man, and that Mephisto was going to take him all along. Blackheart says that Mephisto is calling their hand, but that they've weakened him enough to take him out. Reaper, Blackheart, and the Williams teleport to Mephisto's realm. Mephisto has Wonder Man captured as he releases demons upon Reaper and Blackheart. Reaper tells Simon that they need him now. Simon freaks and transforms himself into a demon-like creature. Wonder Man is fighting when Jaime says that she found her mother. Mephisto tells Simon that Alex is Blackheart's prisoner. Simon confronts Reaper about killing Alex. Simon also speaks with Reaper about the fire that Eric started when they were just little kids that killed their parents. Simon tells Eric that he wasn't born bad, and that he can choose good if he wants to. Reaper sacrifices himself to save Wonder Man from Mephisto's blast. He says he wanted to know what it was like to choose. Later, Wonder Man tackles Black Talon and starts pounding on him. Simon says he wants Talon to take his friends out of there. Talon agrees since he isn't getting the reward Mephisto promised. They gather up everyone, including Reaper, and teleport back. After collecting together his power Simon picks up Reaper and flies away with him to see to his burial.

Avengers vol. 3 #10- During a parade for the Avengers the Grim Reaper stands and watches from some lair of dead people. The parade stops and the Avengers walk onto a podium to receive a plaque in the name of all the deceased Avengers. Captain America starts to speak, but is interrupted by a giant Grim Reaper, who appears in spirit form. Reaper says the Avengers must pay for the lives they've cost. Reaper throws seven power surges that re-animates Captain Mar-Vell, Doctor Druid, Hellcat, Mockingbird, Swordsman, Thunderstrike, and Wonder Man. As the deceased Avengers battle the living Avengers Vision goes to talk to Reaper. Vision asks what Reaper wants now since Eric put the brotherly hate behind him before he died. Reaper says it seems like they all died- Reaper, Wonder Man, and Vision. Reaper destroys the machine that projects Vision's image. The dead Avengers defeat the living ones.

Avengers vol. 3 #11- Scarlet Witch returns to Avengers mansion, after talking with Agatha Harkness about her powers and Wonder Man, to find Wonder Man and the other dead Avengers ransacking the mansion. Reaper stands in Central Park with the defeated Avengers tied to death totems made of screaming faces, and a distorted Vision. Reaper says how much he hated Simon because he was always given another chance. Reaper says he knew he could cross through the portal that Simon had been travelling through since Avengers #2. Vision refutes Reaper's view of things so Reaper destroys the box that keeps Vision's image around. Reaper says that right now his little Hell on Earth is small, but as the world watches their heroes die their despair will grow and his circle of influence too will grow. The other heroes try to break into Reaper's sphere around Central Park, but they cannot. Scarlet Witch uses her powers to sense the dead Avengers are under Reaper's control. She breaks his control, and they return to Reaper and free the imprisoned Avengers. Wonder Man says Reaper's mistake was using Avengers who will always fight him. Reaper summons denizens of the other side to fight the Avengers. Scarlet Witch starts to pull Wonder Man back into the realm of the living. This causes the other dead Avengers to be pulled back into Death. Reaper remains because of his hatred link through Simon. Scarlet Witch pulls Simon to her through the portal of death. Reaper is beating Thor as Simon grabs Eric through the portal and returns him to life as well. Simon says that it wasn't hate that united Eric to Simon, but a twisted love.

Avengers #0- behind the scenes- Wonder Man and Scarlet Witch talk about how Reaper is doing in the hospital after Wonder Man pulled him back into the land of the living. Reaper is still bitter and withdrawn. Wonder Man says that his visits don't seem to help, but he can't stop going since he is his brother. They find the hospital has been trashed. One of the doctors says that a bunch of robots came in and grabbed the Reaper.

Avengers vol. 3 #19- behind the scenes- Grim Reaper is kidnapped from the hospital he was in.

Avengers vol. 3 #20- As Wonder Man, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, and Vision check out Hank Pym's destroyed office Simon says that the room looks exactly as it did when he and Scarlet Witch found that Eric Williams was abducted from his hospital. Later after Wonder Man, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, and Vision are captured by a group of Ultrons they are seen held captive with the already imprisoned Hank Pym and the Grim Reaper.

Avengers vol. 3 #21- Reaper watches as Ultron gives the unconscious Scarlet Witch an electrical shock to ensure he stays out so her hexes cannot harm him. Wasp asks why the six of them were taken. Thanks to Hank Pym's new communications system, based on the insect-hive structure, it allows linking of disparate minds without sacrificing individuality. So he took his father, his mother, his son and his closest "kin". Ultron will record their brain patterns and mix and match characteristics for his myriad of children. Reaper asks why him. Ultron says Reaper was one of his first human connections. Through the Tinkerer, Ultron designed Grim Reaper's coma ray for his scythe. Ultron was also fascinated with Reaper's obsession with his brother the way he was obsessed with his father. This lead to Ultron using Wonder Man's brain waves for Vision. Ultron notices the Avengers are starting to get close to him and he leaves to deal with them. Reaper watches through a view screen as Ultron unveils his hundreds of Ultrons.

Avengers vol. 3 #22- Reaper watches as Ultron records Vision's brain patterns and remarks how they are now different from Wonder Man's through experiences. Hank Pym confides to Wasp that he used his own brain patterns when he created Ultron. Ultron stores Vision's mind with the other four. Only Reaper's mind is unscanned at the moment. As Ultron takes down Grim Reaper Vision manages to finally find a way to free himself from his manacles. Vision wants to talk to Ultron. Vision offers to befriend Ultron so that they can work together to find their place in the world if only he will abandon his insane vendetta. Ultron blasts Vision. Vision, while he talked, managed to disable the device keeping Scarlet Witch unconscious and free the Grim Reaper, who was feigning unconsciousness. Reaper picks up a laser torch and breaks the other captives' power dampening manacles. Ultron says he already has what we wants from them and will be happy to kill them now. The other Avengers finally make it to Ultron's base. Ultron tears into the Avengers. Reaper sees how the fight is going and figures that maybe the Fantastic Four will beat Ultron. Vision gets up and thanks Reaper for his help. Reaper explains that he didn't do it to be friends. He only did it so he could live. As Reaper runs for it he tells Vision that he has had a "bellyful" of the brotherhood stuff on him because it never got him anything. Reaper says that from now on he watches out only for himself.

Avengers vol. 3 #31- The Grim Reaper, working for a head of the Maggia, assembles the leaders of the separate Maggia factions at the Royalton in an attempt to unite them under a more powerful Maggia. Madame Masque gets up and says that she has enough enemies without allying herself with more. Reaper says that he has been told that "No" is not an acceptable answer to his proposition. Suddenly the Avengers burst in. Madame Masque says she knew it was a trap, and unleashes her Dreadnaughts. As the Avengers fight Grim Reaper grabs Madame Masque and says that she is right. The meeting was a trap, for her especially. Reaper says tonight won't be a complete failure if he can deliver her to his boss. Madame Masque tells Iron Man that Whitney still loves him, and she needs his help. Suddenly her mask explodes and she collapses on the ground. Reaper is ticked, but makes a smokescreen for him to escape.

Avengers vol. 2 #32- Once Grim Reaper realizes that the Madame Masque who killed herself was a fake he learned from the sub-capos of Madame Masque's Nevada desert butte hideout. Reaper lands in a craft with the Steelskulls. Reaper starts instructing the Steelskulls on where they will strike the butte when he sees that the Avengers followed him there. The Steelskulls start panicking, but Reaper asks what kind of losers the Taskmaster is producing these days. Reaper commands them to fight and he shoots from his scythe. Reaper absorbs Iron Man's repulsor blast as he instructs the Steelskulls to take out their biggest opponent first. The Avengers defeat the Steelskulls, but Reaper sends a blast into the rocks and dust to try and escape. Reaper turns and runs right into Vision's chest as Vision emerges from the ground right in front of him. Vision says he let Reaper escape the last time because he was helping them, and he still feels some kinship. Vision is blasted in the back by Madame Masque's defenses. Suddenly Count Nefaria, Wonder Man, and Atlas arrive together. Nefaria says the Avengers are interfering with a family reunion.

Avengers vol. 3 #33- Reaper fights with Triathlon, but misses with his scythe, as Nefaria and his thralls fight both Madame Masque’s defenses and the Avengers. Reaper slashes through Masque’s robots and says that he is sick of robots. Reaper stands by his ship as Nefaria has Atlas and Wonder Man destroy Madame Masque’s butte in under a minute. When Triathlon runs away with Madame Masque Nefaria decides to leave the fight, as his objective is gone. Reaper sneaks away while everyone is watching Nefaria leave. Reaper says he will escape and rendezvous with Nefaria later. Warbird surprises Reaper coming out of Reaper’s ship. She knocks him out. Later at the Avengers mansion Reaper mocks the Avengers for trying to get Masque to share her “Nefaria Protocols” with them. He says Nefaria is going to change everything and then they will see who will be locked up. Wasp says that as long as he isn’t sharing the rendezvous point with Nefaria is he will be going to the holding cells. The Thunderbolts later call the Avengers and say that they think Nefaria is trying to build an ionic bomb to transform the world into ionic batteries that serve him. Masque agrees to rebuild the Nefaria Protocols to help the Avengers.

Avengers: Ultron Imperative