Seth is the Egyptian God of Death. The son of Osiris and Isis, and brother to Horus, Seth’s power began to grow as his family’s faded when the Romans conquered the Egyptians. Seth grew so powerful that he cast his family out of Heaven and he reigned there for several millennia. It wasn’t until Osiris and the others enlisted the aid of Odin and Thor that they managed to take back Heaven from Seth. Seth nearly killed Thor with his touch of Death, but before he could do so Odin blasted Seth’s hand off. Seth was cast out of Heaven and Asgard earned a new enemy.

Journey Into Mystery #-1

Thor #240- flashback- Seth, Egyptian God of Death, stands among Osiris and Isis, and their son Horus. Seth is Horus’ half brother. Seth killed his father Osiris by hacking him into fourteen pieces as Osiris slept. Seth spread the pieces about. Isis eventually found the pieces and revived Osiris. Osiris sends out Horus to stop Seth. Horus isn’t thrilled with the task, but eventually he finds Seth. Seth asks Horus why he seeks Death out when Death comes to all eventually. Good battled evil over and over again. Eventually Seth was victorious through treachery as Egypt fell to Rome. Horus fell to Seth. Seth tells his family that death reigns supreme. Seth says that it is his wish that they live, forever sealed within the Pyramid of Kings, far below the burning desert sands until the day Atum-Re, the father of the gods, return to Earth.

Thor #240- behind the scenes- To give himself humility Odin has given himself amnesia so that he could walk the world not as a god. Asgard seems to spiraling downward in Odin’s absence. Everyone becomes weaker and lethargic. Asgard sets out to find Odin. Thor learns that Odin was taken by Egyptian gods who raised out of the ground in a pyramid. Thor heads to the pyramid and battles Horus until Odin emerges from the pyramid, but as Atum-Re, the father of the Egyptian gods.

Thor #241- Odin seems to know Thor a little, but still claims to be Atum-Re. Horus says that Seth has kicked them out of Heaven and that they need his help. Osiris tells Thor to help them oust Seth from Heaven and he will release Odin. Jane Foster joins them. As they make their way to Heaven, the Egyptian gods point out Seth’s domination over the other Egyptian gods. Osiris explains that Egypt’s power faded long ago, but that Seth’s power kept growing. Seth dispatches legions of the dead at them. “Atum-Re” can’t use his power accurately as he is entranced, but Thor blasts them all with lightning. The dead keep coming, but Thor and the others fight them back. Suddenly the dead disappear. Thor feels a coldness. Above is a ship. Seth appears and says that Thor feels the shadow of Death. Seth says that he sees his “stinking father” and the “harlot queen”. He asks where Horus is. Horus shouts at Seth, but Seth was just baiting him. Seth blasts Osiris and Isis. He tells Horus to watch as they become as ancient as the race that created them. He says to “watch as they revert to dust from whence they sprung!” Osiris and Isis start to grow very old. Horus begs Seth to take him instead. Seth says that he can take Horus whenever he wants, but for now he wants to watch him crawl. Thor challenges Seth and flies up to the Death-ship to fight. Seth battles with his sword as Thor battles with his hammer. Seth says that all he has to do is touch Thor to kill him. Seth adds that he has forever to battle while Asgard trembles in Odin’s absence. Seth reaches out to touch Thor. Below Jane Foster reaches through to Odin a little and tells him to help his son. Odin/Atum-Re blasts through the Death-ship and blows off Seth’s hand. Without Seth’s concentration the Death-ship falls to the ground. Horus says that he will not kill Seth, but casts him out of Heaven to Earth. As he falls Seth screams for mercy. Orisis and Isis are restored.

Thor #386- The Vizier is telling Balder that since the Rainbow Bridge’s destruction that Asgard has been floating free in space. He says that there will be earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other geological disruptions. He adds that he has found a number of dimensional rifts. A black cat watches them, but then turns and walks through one of the dimensional rifts. The cat transforms into a cat-woman. She tells Seth that the Asgardians have discovered the dimensional rifts. Seth says that won’t save them from his wrath. He says that she has done well, and gives to her the greatest gift that it is within his power to bestow. Seth touches her cheek and turns her into dust. He says that never again will she know agony or suffering. Elsewhere in Asgard Thor and the Warriors Three encounter a giant black winged cat. The creature had slaughtered and destroyed, but as it leapt at Thor it passes into a dimensional rift and disappears. Thor follows the creature into Avalon where he finds it has struck again. Thor fights Leir, but only until the beast is seen. When the battle is over Thor heads towards Earth not realizing that Asgard has been adrift in space.

Thor #387- behind the scenes- Balder stands alone worrying about what may have happened to Thor when a dimensional rift opens behind him. A group of assassins wearing snake helmets attack Balder. Heimdall, Balder, and the guards defeat the assassins.

Thor #389- behind the scenes- Seth sends across a dimensional rift an army that begins attacking Asgard.

Thor #390 -The Warriors Three fight off Seth’s warriors who eventually withdraw into their dimensional rift. Seth and a toady watch the attack from a view screen. The toady says that Seth’s hit and run tactics are working perfectly. Seth says that they have been ripe for conquest since Odin went missing. Seth dismisses his toady and says that he wishes to be alone as he admires the largest army ever assembled by one god. Grog interrupts Seth’s reflection with news that they have found Thor on Earth. Seth orders Grog to take a force of Grog’s most powerful fighters and to go kill Thor. Seth says that at last he will have revenge for his missing hand. He says that with Thor out of the way nothing can prevent him from taking over Asgard and using it to invade every realm so that Death will reign supreme. On Avengers Hydrobase, Thor is alone thinking when Grog and his soldiers attack. Grog greets Thor and says that he brings the gift of death from his master Seth. The Captain (America) is also on Hydrobase and he helps out Thor against Seth’s forces. Black Knight also joins in fighting in another location. Grog rams Thor and knocks his hammer out of his hands. Grog tries to lift it but cannot. Seth’s men hold Thor while Grog blasts him. Thor screams out. Captain America lifts Mjolnir and throws it to Thor. Thor whips Seth’s soldiers away with a wind. Grog leaps at Thor, but Thor pounds him through Hydrobase’s floor. Seth’s forces withdraw, but Grog is taken into custody. Black Knight says that he will take him to the Vault. Seth relaxes in a giant pool watching Grog fail to kill Thor. The toady asks Seth what they will do. Seth says that they will do nothing for now. Seth says that all his enemies eventually fall because Death always wins in the end.

Thor #393- behind the scenes- Asgard remains under attack by the forces of Seth. As soon as they get in trouble Seth’s forces withdraw through the dimensional rift.

Thor #395- Seth watches as Thor finally learns that Hogun the Grim is on Earth trying to warn Thor that Seth is trying to take over Asgard. Thor rushes to the hospital that Hogun is being held in. Seth’s toady says that Seth has to stop him or he will learn of Seth’s plans. Seth says that even the Son of Odin cannot stop him now. Seth says that nothing can stop him now. The toady asks about Thor. Seth kicks the toady and says that he just said that Thor doesn’t matter. He says that he has planned for every contingency. Seth says that Thor is headed towards a hospital, and that there are plenty of people within the hospital who will gladly aid him if he extends their life. Tyle Brock, Winston Manchester, and Pamela Shaw are gathered onto another plane of existence between life and death. Seth tells them that the world is in danger and that he is going to give them the power to save it. He changes them into Earthlord, Skyhawk, and Wind Warrior respectively. He shows them an image of Hogun and tells them that he must die. The Earth Force fights Thor as Hogun is being operated on. Hogun is nearly dead and meets up with Seth in between life and death. Seth offers Hogun death, but Hogun hits Seth’s hand away. Seth says that he was going to give Hogun release, but now he will make him pay. Seth puts his mark on Hogun that will cause him to fear death every moment of his life. Seth says that Hogun is now destined to die when they next meet and there is nothing Hogun can do about it.

Thor #396- Hogun has recovered and tells Thor about Seth’s impending invasion. Seth’s toady goes running in saying that all is lost, as Thor now knows about the invasion. Seth says that he has already told the toady that he can deal with it. He finds his lack of faith insulting and kills the toady. Seth tells the guards to prepare the invasion force and that nothing can stop him now. Thor figures out a way to get involved helping Asgard. He gets Grog free of his restraints and power dampeners. Grog opens a dimensional rift and Thor, Hogun, the Earth Force, and the Black Knight (who flew them to the Vault) follow him into Seth’s stronghold. The fighting begins. One of the soldiers reports a “skirmish” in the northeast squadron. Seth tells him to deal with it, and that he can’t be bothered with trivialities when there is a world to be ravaged. Seth orders the dimensional portals opened wide. His entire army advances on Asgard. Without Thor present Balder orders that the Celestial Siphon be activated so that he may use Thor’s power to defend Asgard. Thor is weakened. Without Thor’s godly power Grog whups up on Thor and takes his hammer.

Thor #397- Thor and the others are being held in Seth’s Black Pyramid. Grog tortures Thor who is without his godly power. Balder is using Thor’s power to drive back Seth’s forces. One of Seth’s generals starts panicking so Seth kills him with a blast from his hand. Seth orders the ground troops to advance and that his victory is assured. In the Black Pyramid, Grog stands before an orb that traps a shadowed figure. Grog tells the figure that Seth requires a small contribution in his glorious quest. The figure says that Seth is a madman. Grog blasts the figure. In Asgard, things start to go wrong for the Asgards. Balder is knocked down and is hurting. Seth’s forces reach a castle that is impervious to their attacks because of a force field. Seth walks right through the force field. The force field seals itself up after he passes through. Inside Seth finds Loki pouring a drink. Loki tells Seth that the two of them are very similar. Loki hands the drink to Seth and tells him that his efforts have been amusing to a point, but that now that point has been crossed. Loki warns Seth to leave or he will become angry. Seth says that normally that would give him pause, but not this time. Loki sees a look in Seth’s eye that makes him know that Seth believes he can extinguish the Flame of Life. Loki says that either Seth has gone mad or he has a new power source that guarantees him victory. As Loki vanishes from sight he invites Seth to pour himself some more mead and asks him to lock the castle door on the way out. Thor breaks free and defeats Grog.

Thor #398- Thor plows through Seth’s men. Grog begs for his life and agrees to show Thor the secret of Seth’s power if they will spare him. In Asgard, the Asgardian shields and swords break apart and they are forced to withdraw to the inner city. Seth wonders why they don’t just surrender. He decides to show them why they are doomed and orders the release of the Harpies of Doom. Inside the Black Pyramid, Grog gets away, but not before leading Thor and the others to the power source. Thor breaks open the globe and finds that the power source was none other than Bes, the god of luck and lord of probability. That is why everything seemed to go against Asgardians. Bes reveals that Seth had him find a way for Seth to absorb the power of all the other Egyptian gods. Thor and the others start to escape the Black Pyramid. Horus and the other powerless gods have caught up with the Black Pyramid. In Asgard, Enchantress freaks when she watches Heimdall die. She flies with fury at Seth, as he stands on a mountaintop. Seth’s generals run, but Seth opens up his arms to embrace her. Enchantress explodes but Seth is still standing and laughing. Enchantress lies at his feet. Suddenly the Celtic Gods arrive in Asgard to help the Asgardians against Seth. On their way out of the Black Pyramid Thor discovers that Seth has Odin captive.

Thor #399- Seth has vowed to bring death to all that live. His savage legions are attacking Asgard and battling against the Norse and Celtic gods who have teamed up against Seth. On the top level of Seth’s Black Pyramid (which resides in the Dimension of Death), Thor, Hogun, Black Knight, Earthlord, Skyhawk, and Bes find Odin shackled. Hogun says that the last time any of them saw Odin he was battling Surtur the Fire Demon. They grab Odin, but are discovered by Grog, two Demons of Despair, and a bunch of Seth’s minions. Seth watches his opponents beat back his army again. Seth says that he is usually very patient against a foe, but he is eager to watch Asgard fall. Seth goes to check on his newest prisoner, the Enchantress. He says he sees that she has recovered from her attack on him. Enchantress tries the nice talk, but attempts to stab Seth with her dagger. Seth catches her arm, and says that he is not so easily seduced. He says that even if she had succeeded that Death cannot die, but he will continue returning more and more powerfully. He says that he could easily kill her, but he has other plans. Soon Seth has Enchantress tied upside down to a stake. Seth challenges Balder to single combat for supremacy of the realm. If Balder refuses Seth will kill Enchantress. Balder accepts. They agree to simple weapons, strength of limb fight. As soon as the fight begins Seth’s soldiers pop up and nail Balder in the back with blow darts. Balder starts to feel weak, but he hits Seth. Behind the wall Seth breaks the rules by using his godly blasts, but his actions are not seen. Balder uses his staff and redirects the blast back at Seth. While everyone is watching Seth and Balder fight, Seth’s minions enter Asgard. Lorelei sees Seth’s soldiers waiting to shoot Balder. She dives in the way and takes the shots. Balder is distracted. Seth says that the time for pretense is over, and he blasts Balder. The watching gods prepare to join the fight, but Seth’s forces attack from within Asgard. Balder releases Thor’s power back to him. Seth grabs Balder and tries to blast and kill him. Balder’s body has disappeared. Seth claims Asgard for his own. With his power returned Thor defeats Seth’s forces from the Black Pyramid. Odin tells the others to go to Asgard, but that Thor must stay behind. Odin gives him all his Odin Power to fight Surtur.

West Coast Avengers vol. 2 #41

Thor #400- Seth’s Black Pyramid is destroyed in the Thor/ Surtur fight. Balder watches with Karnilla as Asgardian and Celtic gods withdraw from Seth. Elsewhere Seth’s troops are killing the Trolls and the Frost Giants. Balder asks for Karnilla’s help. Seth’s soldiers hail him as Conqueror Supreme of Asgard. Seth thinks to himself that he has at last gained revenge on Asgard for the loss of his right hand. Seth orders the execution of all prisoners. Seth prepares to sit on Odin’s throne when he is interrupted. Fandral, Volstagg, and Heimdall. Seth says that the Asgardians never cease to amuse him. Always ready for one last stupid, heroic gesture. Seth orders his troops to kill them all. Suddenly Karnilla, Balder, the Trolls, Norns, and Frost Giants arrive and attack. Odin, Hogun, and the powerless Egyptian gods meet up with Sif and the retreated gods. Seth releases sphinx-like creatures on the gods. Seth realizes that something must have happened to his Black Pyramid for the fates and the battle to turn against him. Seth tries to escape to the outer courtyard so he can regroup, but Skyhawk hits him. Earth Force confronts Seth. Seth says that he rescued them from the brink of oblivion and gave them all new life and new power. He asks if this is how they would thank him. Skyhawk says that he won’t serve death to live. Seth says that Skyhawk is nothing to him, and that his death means less than nothing. Seth blasts Skyhawk back into a wall killing him. Wind Warrior tries her assault on Seth. Seth blasts her killing her as well. Earth-lord rushes Seth and tries to punch him, but Seth stops his fist with his fingertips. Seth blasts Earth-Lord and kills him finally. Seth finds himself surrounded. Everyone starts blasting him. Seth’s human form disappears and Seth transforms into his serpent form. Odin says that even though he gave Thor his Odin Power he can still draw power from Asgard himself. Odin grows and engages Seth in a fight. Seth has Odin completely wrapped up. He says that nothing can stop death. Odin says that where there is life there is hope, and that he is a protector of life. Odin breaks free and starts to get the upper hand. Suddenly Odin is distracted as Thor and Surtur teleport into Asgard. Seth wraps up Odin again in his moment of shock. Seth smashes Odin against the ground, but before Seth can sink his teeth into Odin’s neck Hogun leaps onto Seth and strikes Seth with his mace. Seth forgets about Odin and tries to get Hogun. Hogun runs and picks up the Black Knight. Black Knight has been stricken with a blood curse. He has been frozen as a living extension of his own ebony sword. Hogun takes the Knight and throws him through Seth’s mouth and out his head. A flood of mystical powers escapes as Seth dies. The power Seth stole flows back into the other Egyptian gods. Seth’s body shrinks until it blinks out of sight. Thor defeats Surtur. Odin restores Earth Force to life on Earth.

Thunderstrike #13- behind the scenes-

Thunderstrike #14- behind the scenes-

Thunderstrike #17- Bloodaxe is wiping out the group called the Serpent’s Teeth. He spots one of them going to warn the boss. Bloodaxe kills him and takes his place in the transport. The capsule goes under the river. For several weeks the Serpent’s Teeth have been stealing advanced technology. Down in the main room Blooadaxe searches for the leader. A voice comes from behind him and compliments his skill and daring. Seth walks out of the shadows. Bloodaxe leaps at Seth, but Seth just swats him aside. Seth tells Bloodaxe that life is fear and chaos. He says that all he wants to do is end the mayhem. Bloodaxe says that only a madman would try to eliminate all life. Seth smacks Bloodaxe around some more and says that what is a greater insanity is choosing the turmoils and humilities of living. Seth removes Bloodaxe’s mask and says that he plays at death dealing, but that he is nothing. Seth says that Bloodaxe is probably wondering why he doesn’t just kill him. Seth says that in his own way Bloodaxe has been a most dutiful servant. He tells him to go about his business until his crusade for vengeance consumes him. Seth hits a button and Bloodaxe is sucked out an ejection tube. Bloodaxe goes and asks Thunderstrike for help.

Thunderstrike #18- Seth welcomes Thunderstrike and Bloodaxe as they enter together. He tells them not to be so shocked. He knew they would come. Thunderstrike cracks a joke, but Bloodaxe tells him to shut up. He says that if it hadn’t been for the healing powers of his axe that he might have died. Seth says that is true, but that if he wanted to kill him he would be dead. Seth says that he knows all about Bloodaxe’s axe. Seth offers them a tour of his Armageddom Complex. Seth says that he is quite proud of the work by his Geneti-troops. He says that they are always finding ways to manipulated human DNA. Thunderstrike asks if Seth was responsible for making Bison. Seth says that he was wondering when he would make that connection. Thunderstrike says that Seth can’t possibly think that they are going to allow him to continue. Seth starts to say that they have no choice, but a Geneti-troop bumps into Seth. The troop tries to apologize, byut Seth just says that it will allow him to demonstrate. Seth causes the Geneti-troop to grow into a giant, and then just as easily causes him to explode. Seth says that he will exploit mankind as he sees fit. Thunderstrike tries to stop him, but Bloodaxe charges Seth. Seth says that the whole reason gfor this was to show them how useless they are against him. AS Bloodaxe gets close Seth smacks him u nconscious. Thunderstrike gives Seth his best shot with his mace. Seth doesn’t even flinch. He says that he was going to give Thudnerstrike the gist of Death, but now for hitting him he gives him the Mark of Death. Seth says that Thunderstrike’s fate is sealed. Stellaris arrives and blasts Seth. Seth grabs her ankle and is intrigued by what he finds. Seth says that he thought he was dealing with an organic. Stellaris blasts Seth with her boot jets and gets away. Seth closes his hand and the fire that rages around him goes out. Seth asks if they will stop these pointless heroics. Stellaris wants to fight, but Thunderstrike tells her to go and take Bloodaxe out. She teleports out. Seth says that Thunderstrike is a fool because she was the only one who might have given him pause. Thunderstrike says that he has to try something. Seth tells him to go ahead and promises to try and not laugh at him. Thudnerstrike uses his mace and blows a hole in the roof of the base. Seth says that he has destroyed months of work as the Hudson collapses in on the base.

Thunderstrike #19- Seth’s base under the Hudson is destroyed, but many of his Geneti-troops get out in escape pods. Later Seth sits in his underwater vessel. His body remains dormant in his locked quarters, but his astral form surveys the damage to the Armageddon Complex. Suddenly Seth senses that Loki’s astral; form is also present. Seth asks Loki if he has come to mock him for his recent trouble. Loki says that he has need of Seth’s knowledge of genetics, and it seems that Seth has a use for his talents in trickery. He suggests that an exchange be made. Later Eric Masterson is stunned discover that even in his civilian form his chest still bears Seth’s Mark of Death.

Thunderstrike #20- Back inside his body aboard his vessel, Seth laments that as the god of death he can never enjoy his own gift. Therefore Seth is forced to recreate himself every so often with the help of his geneti-troops. Loki says that he is curently without a physical form. Seth says that perhaps he can aid his valued ally with this problem. Loki says that in return he will deal with Thunderstrike for Seth. Seth says to let the deal be struck.

Thunderstrike #21- Seth watches as his Geneti-troops create Loki’s new body. The Geneti-troop says that the heart is beating and that the blood is flowing. Seth says that Loki must be done. As the glass rises Loki congratulates Seth. He says that he has recreated his original body right down to the childhood scars. Loki says that he will perform his half of the bargain. Seth says that he expects no less. Seth tells Loki that Thunderstrike already bears the Mark of Death.

Thunderstrike #22-behind the scenes-

Thunderstrike #23- Thunderstrike stands seething as he holds both his mace and Bloodaxe’s axe. He has been transformed by the addition of the Bloodaxe. Thunderstrike tells Code Blue to call the Avengers, and then he disappears to go kill Seth. Seth orders the evacuation of his new base. He says that he is expecting a very special guest and that they must not be disturbed. Seth is sitting and pouring himself a drink as Thunderstrike/Bloodaxe bursts through the floor. Thunderstrike says that it is time to die. Seth says that was a very impressive entrance, but it wasn’t necessary as he left the front door open. He says that he will bill him for the damage to the floor. He says that better yet he will just deduct it from his first paycheck. Thunderstrike asks what he is talking about. Seth says to just look at himself. He says that Thunderstrike is well on his way to being the viscous killer that the previous Bloodaxe was. Seth says to join him. He says that he can’t kill him unless he surrenders himself completely to the Bloodaxe. He says that he could kill him, but then he would become him. Thunderstrike blasts Seth. Seth gets up and says that it is time to cultivate the Mark of Death on Thunderstrike. Thunderstrike blasts Seth with the energy from the mace and the axe. Seth says that he can’t kill him. Thunderstrike says that Seth is starting to bore him. Seth says that he is death. He says that the most Thunderstrike can hope for is a temporary victory. Thunderstrike says that sounds fine to him. Seth leaps at Thunderstrike but is met with energy from the weapons. Seth’s form is destroyed and his energy races out into space from the impact.

Journey Into Mystery #503- behind the scenes- Seth’s men shoot down an elderly man they call “Ho Der”. The gods of Asgard have all transformed into human identities. They are unaware of the station. Odin feels it as Ho Der dies. He says that the enemy is coming. He wants to warn the “others”. Seth’s men come at Odin (who senses their coming) and Red Norvell. Red throws his hammer at one of them. Seth’s men say that Red’s power is greater than they thought, but say that they will return. Seth’s men vanish. Red contacts a man named Landers (Balder) and tells him he is a lost god. Landers throws him out. Later Seth’s men try to go after the human identity of Sif (Erika Velez), but as she is a sharpshooter with the SWAT team she is armed. Landers watches his apartment blow up. Later still, Seth’s “Men In Black” are trying to kill the human identity of Loki (Tso Zhung), but Red Norvell and the woman who is Sif are there to warn him. They blow up Tso’s apartment. Seth’s men exit to find Norvell and Seth are there to warn Tso. They say that the master will be unhappy to learn that the Gathering has already begun. Red, Tso, and Velez chase them off and head back to Red’s trailer. Odin is missing. An armored man shows up and attacks. Red tries to fight him off, but the armored attacker defeats him and breaks his hammer. Loki, Balder, and Sif rally together. The Men in Black depart to let them ponder their fate. Red Norvell dies.

Journey Into Mystery #504- behind the scenes- Seth’s Men in Black watch Howie Barker rollerblade his way to school. Seth’s men keep attempting to kill the lost gods as the Gathering continues. On the west coast they get to Freddie Moyer (Fandral), but as they do Tso (Loki) arrives with Landers (Balder). Velez rescues Howie Barker from the MIB. The Men in Black vanish again. One tries to get at Vincent Starwit (Volstagg), but Starwit smashes him with a fry pan. Starwit heads home and finds Tso, Landers, and Moyer there to warn him. Starwit heads in to check on his wife and kids. Inside Starwit’s wife and kids are being held captive by Men in Black and the armored one that killed Red Norvell. Tso tries to talk with them about marketing their technology, but they just laugh at him. Suddenly Ulik bursts through the wall to help the lost gods. Ulik squares off with the armored one while Tso and the others fight off the other Men in Black. The armored one recognizes Ulik as a Rock Troll. He asks why he cares if they kill Asgardians. Ulik says that he does not care, but he wants to know what their grand design is and who their master is. The armored one won’t talk, but Ulik rips him from his armor. Ulik says that his race is known to him. All Seth’s men disappear.

Journey Into Mystery #505- The Wrecker has noticed something wrong with his Asgardian powers lately. The others in the Wrecking Crew go to pull a robbery, but Wrecker wants to find the problem. He uses his crowbar to track some mystical energy into a tunnel. He says that there is no power on Earth that can stand up to him. Wrecker finds a tree. Seth says that the tree is the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil, or the World Ash. Wrecker asks who he is. Seth says that, unfortunately for Wrecker, he is not of Earth. Seth grabs Wrecker by the throat and slams him against the wall. Seth says that it is too bad Wrecker found this place. He says that the previous tenant was a valued underling, but because of Seth’s intolerance for failure he is no longer among the living. Seth beats Wrecker senseless. Seth says that it is time to take back the equipment he gave him because the world has been slated for demolition. Seth leaves Wrecker near death.

Journey Into Mystery #506


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