Supreme Intelligence

Supreme Intelligence

Captain America annual #7-FB

Avengers #134-FB

Avengers #124-FB

Avengers #134-FB

What If? #28/3

Fantastic Four #65

Captain Marvel #16

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Avengers #89

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Uncanny X-Men #137

Marvel Graphic Novel #1- Death of Captain Marvel

Captain America annual #7

Silver Surfer vol. 3 #3- behind the scenes- After the Kree engage a group of Skrulls the Kree board their ship to find that all aboard have killed themselves. The Skrulls are trying to hide the fact that they can no longer shapeshift. The Kree hook up an information link to the Supreme Intelligence.

Silver Surfer vol. 3 #4- On Kree-Lar the Supreme Intelligence comes to the conclusion that the Skrulls have lost their shape changing abilities. Supreme Intelligence says that they tried to hide it from him, but that they failed. He tells the officer to get him an espionage team and Captain Tar-Rell.

Silver Surfer vol. 3 #6

Silver Surfer vol. 3 #7- The Supreme Intelligence orders two destructoids to destroy Zenn-La. The Surfer comes along and demolishes them. Surfer tows them back to the Supreme Intelligence so that he may deliver his message to him personally. The Kree greet Silver Surfer and say that as long as he only desires to talk to the Supreme Intelligence they will escort him down. Surfer meets with Supreme Intelligence. Surfer says that he gives word to the wise that any further attacks upon Zenn-La will cause Surfer to side with the opposing side in the latest Kree/Skrull war. Supreme Intelligence says that it is no problem and that he will gladly leave it alone. Surfer also tells Supreme Intelligence to leave the Earth out of it as well. Supreme Intelligence says that he cannot do. He says that Earth is too strategically important not to go after. Surfer says that he is being forced to work with the Skrulls then. Supreme Intelligence blasts Silver Surfer and steals his soul. Upon the Supreme Intelligence’s head lies the Soul Gem. Supreme Intelligence tells the Contemplator that he cannot give him the last of six gems that the Elders of the Universe need in their bid to kill Galactus. Supreme Intelligence says that at least they won’t have to worry about the Silver Surfer.

Silver Surfer vol. 3 #8

Silver Surfer vol. 3 #10

Silver Surfer vol. 3 #13

Silver Surfer vol. 3 #28

Silver Surfer vol. 3 #29

Silver Surfer vol. 3 #30

Silver Surfer vol. 3 #31

Captain America #398

Wonder Man vol. 2 #7

Iron Man #278

Avengers #346

Iron Man #279

Captain America #400- The other Avengers are forced to abandon Captain America so they can look for the nega-bomb. Cap is caught by a cave in and brought before the Supreme Intelligence in manacles. Supreme Intelligence says that he salutes Captain America, as he is about to die. Intelligence starts to say that he can only do something once Captain America is dead when an explosion occurs. Cap wakes up in a dark room. He is attacked by six of his greatest foes. Cap discovers that his opponents were actually conjured by his own memory of them. Once Cap figures it out they seem to fade away. One of Supreme Intelligence’s tendrils seems to grab Captain America. He says that he wanted to bestow on Cap the greatest honor any warrior could have… to be absorbed into his intelligence, but that can only happen when the person to be absorbed is already dead. Supreme Intelligence says that with what little time he has left to live he wants Cap to think of how he blew his chance at immortality. Elsewhere a starship is dragging a nega bomb right to the Kree Empire.

Avengers #347

Imperial Guard #2-BTS

Imperial Guard #3

Captain America vol. 3 #2-BTS-Supreme Intelligence mentally controls a Skrull into posing as Captain America. He uses the Skrull to create a panic of xenophobia (fear of aliens) by having the Skrull say that one in three people in America are Skrulls.

Captain America vol. 3 #3-BTS

Captain America vol. 3 #4-BTS

Captain America vol. 3 #5-BTS

Captain America vol. 3 #6-BTS

Captain America vol. 3 #7-BTS

Iron Man vol. 3 #7

Quicksilver #10

Avengers vol. 3 #7- The Supreme Intelligence is not happy. He set off a negabomb in order to jump-start the Kree’s previously dead ended evolution. He then moved to the blue area of the moon to wait out the incubation period, but now he has been “rescued” by the Lethal Legion, the troops of Galen Kor. Galen wants to force all Earth to become genetic duplicates of the Kree. Supreme Intelligence has been trying to stop them without them knowing, but they are proving too resourceful. Galen reports to Supreme Intelligence that the Avengers have caused them a setback. Galen says that they will atone and gain victory. He says that Supreme Intelligence will have new subjects again under the new Kree Empire. After Galen leaves Supreme Intelligence secretly contacts the Avengers through their computer that the Kree are still a threat on the blue area of the moon. Later as the Avengers battle the Kree, Galen Kor puts Supreme Intelligence up on the screen. Galen says that this will be his final report. He says that the Kree battle the Avengers only as a delaying tactic. He says that they are about ready to sacrifice themselves. Galen dedicates their deaths to Supreme Intelligence. As the battle rages on the Kree begin to convert to energy. Quicksilver realizes what the Kree are doing. He leads the Avengers to the Omni-Wave Projector. As all the Kree transform into energy Thor tries to open up a dimensional portal. Galen Kor hits Thor and creates a cone of invulnerability that stops Simon from getting Galen off Thor. Firestar manages to keep the portal open long enough for the Kree mission to fail. Sometime later SHIELD sets up shop on the blue area of the moon so they can prevent this from happening again, and to keep an eye on Supreme Intelligence. Captain America says that the Kree plan would have worked if it hadn’t been for a warning that they got through their computer…from the moon. Cap asks who sent the message. Supreme Intelligence says that he wouldn’t know, and that he wouldn’t turn on his own people. Cap says that he wouldn’t put it past him, and that he will figure it out sooner or later. Supreme Intelligence is pleased because now it has a crew to maintain it, and fine scientific minds to converse with and study.

Avengers Forever #9- flashback- Supreme Intelligence meets with Kang and Libra about the Time Keepers

Avengers Forever #1

Avengers Forever #2

Avengers Forever #9- Supreme Intelligence appears to Kang who is licking his wounds after his defeat to Immortus and the destruction of Chronopolis. Supreme Intelligence tells Kang that there are developments of which he needs to be made aware. Kang transports to Supreme Intelligence and asks what he wants. Rick Jones steps out from behind. Rick tells Kang that the Avengers are in trouble and that Immortus has them. Kang, Supreme Intelligence, and Rick are the universe’s last hope. Kang says that they have work to do.

Avengers Forever #10- As the Avengers are about to oppose the Time-Keepers to keep humanity free from their censure. Yellowjacket had betrayed the team, but when he realized that he was wrong he called in Supreme Intelligence, Kang, and Rick Jones. They arrive just as the fight begins.

Avengers Forever #11- Kang shouts that he wants the Avengers to follow him and they will destroy the Time-Keepers. Kang tells Supreme Intelligence that he wants a complete analysis of their defense. Intelligence tells him that he will have it. Kang tells them that their assault is affecting their force field. Kang tells Supreme Intelligence to continue adapting to the frequencies to do the most damage. The Time-Keepers get nervous that their field is being affected. They grab Immortus and go to destroy all but the necessary timelines that ensure their existence. Yellowjacket tells Kang that he planted a Limbo bug on Immortus that he can track. Everyone gets onto the “Supreme Cycle”. They track the Time-Keepers literally to the End of Time. Kang tells the Avengers to kill the Time-Keepers, but Wasp says that they are Avengers and they avenge they don’t kill. Songbird wonders if they even stand a chance. Supreme Intelligence laughs and says that the Time Keepers are “born of man” and that they just have very superior technology. Kang says that all technology can be countered with other technology. The “Supreme Cycle” arrives at the End of Time. They begin firing on the shield again. Supreme Intelligence tells Kang that the shield will fall in another nineteen seconds. The Time-Keepers try to use the Forever Crystal to eliminate the Avengers, but Immortus grabs it from them. The Time Keepers destroy Immortus. The Time-Keepers then use the Forever Crystal to call forth every timeline that went evil. Kang tells the Avenges to continue battling against the endless evil Avengers despite the hopelessness. Supreme Intelligence asks Libra where he stands. Libra decides that despite his respect for balance he must join in the fight with the Avengers. Libra activates the Destiny Force and the Avengers all gain the power. The Time-Keepers spot Libra and use his power to freeze everyone. Captain Marvel manages to move, as he is not human. He bangs his nega bands together and changes into an older and battle weary Rick Jones. The hold is broken and the fighting continues. The elder Rick Jones and the current Rick Jones activate the Destiny Force again and summon all the good Avengers from every good timeline.

Avengers Forever #12- As the fighting continues Kang is being wrenched in two though he refuses to surrender. Supreme Intelligence cannot help because his connection to Kang has been broken. Kang eventually emerges unchanged and having weakened the Time Keepers. The Time Keepers are about to activate the Chrono-canon, but a Destiny Force Rick Jones crashes through it. The Time Keepers are left weak and on the ground. Kang stands before them gloating. He shoots them all and screams, “KANG CONQUERS!” Kang turns to grab the Forever Crystal, but Captain America already has it. He says that it is too powerful for anyone to have. Cap destroys the crystal with his bare hands. Kang shouts at Captain America that he is a fool. Suddenly a very young Immortus rises and says that the crystal cannot really be destroyed. Immortus quickly grows into adulthood. He says that the crystal will return at a random time. Kang disappears with a new lease on life. Rick lies dying on the ground. Goliath says that he doesn’t know how to save him. Captain Marvel says that he knows. Genis turns to Supreme Intelligence and says that he knows what he has to do and that Supreme has to help him. Supreme Intelligence says that he sees no reason to help him. Captain Marvel tells him to save it, and that they both know that it will work out that Supreme Intelligence will help him and that Genis will owe him one. Supreme Intelligence agrees. Captain Marvel merges himself into Rick’s body combining their life forces. Captain America helps Rick up and says that they have to try and fight against the futures they’ve seen. Supreme Intelligence asks if he thinks that mankind can really fight against their most basic predatory nature. Cap says that he thinks mankind’s basic trait is to change and learn. Libra sends everyone back to their times. Later Libra goes to the blue area of the moon and visits Supreme Intelligence. He asks him if he got what he bargained for. Supreme Intelligence says that it is still early, but that he expects that he will be pleased with the results. Libra leaves and as he does the Forever Crystal appears before the Supreme Intelligence.

Maximum Security #1

Thunderbolts #45

Maximum Security #2

Avengers vol. 3 #35

Maximum Security #3- The heroes of Earth and the alien prisoners override the Ruul/Kree barrier from Earth and transport themselves aboard the Ruul/Kree ship. They use the Omega codes to dissolve the barrier and Ruul/Kree guards rush out to fight. The Ruul try to reach the council, but their communications have been jammed. Elsewhere the Avengers Infinity team gets loose from their Ruul/Kree captors. Quasar teleports them off the ship. The Ruul say that they must find them, but an image of the Supreme Intelligence pops up and says that it no longer matters. He says that it is too late for anyone to help. The Avengers Infinity team appears before the Council. Moondragon flashes into all their minds how the Supreme Intelligence used the Forever Crystal to evolve the Kree into the Ruul, and how he sent Ego to Earth. The Council is stunned. Suddenly the room is full of laughter. An image appears of the Supreme Intelligence. He asks why there are no greetings for one that used to hold a high position among them, and will eventually conquer them all. Supreme Intelligence says that they have neutralized Earth, and taken control of the power of Ego instantly making them the strongest race in the universe. Supreme Intelligence says that they have already taken back Hala and a bunch of former Kree Worlds. He says that they have also launched fleets of ships to conquer the entire universe. Ronan tries to stop the Earthlings from expelling Ego, but Ego’s power is sent into Quasar. A week later the Kree are still fiercely fighting and conquering.

Defenders vol. 2 #8

Captain Marvel vol. 5 #23

Captain Marvel vol. 5 #24

Captain Marvel vol. 5 #25

Captain Marvel vol. 6 #4 -behind the scenes