Titania was Skeeter MacPherron. She was fortunate enough to live in a suburb of Colorado that the Beyonder took to place on his battleworld during the first Secret Wars. Fortunatley for her too was that Doom was not yet leading the villains when they encountered the heroes for the first time. With five of the villains captured Doom needed more soldiers. He created Titania and Volcana for his side. Titania became the bully that she hated. She was also fortunate that on that Battleworld she found her future husband, the Absorbing Man.

Secret Wars #1- behind the scenes- When the Beyonder creates his world from other portions of different planets the section of Denver that Mary MacPherran lives on is taken.

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #3- With his forces depleted, from five of his team being captured, Dr. Doom decides to strengthen his forces. Doom turns Marsha Rosenberg into Volcana, and "Skeeter" MacPherran into Titania. Volcana melts a giant piece of metal into a slag. Titania picks up the giant hot slag and throws it clear out of the building. They follow Doom to the other villains. Titania challenges Absorbing Man to a fight because he looks like the toughest guy there. Creel tells her to save it for the heroes. Wrecker offers to do some lip wrestling with her. Titania storms off and breaks a pillar. The next day Doom strikes the heroes' base with their ship. Titania gets off the ship to fight. Torch blasts Titania as he burns a hole through the floor so that he and the other injured heroes can get away. Titania comes back to the ship with the previously captured villains now freed.

Thor #383- Titania, with the other villains, fights Thor via the fight in Secret Wars #4.

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #4- Titania watches with the others as the heroes headquarters explodes. The villains sort through the rubble looking for dead heroes. Doc Ock spots them and suggest firing a cannon. Titania says she needs no weapons except a gigantic hunk of the headquarters. She throws it across the river at the heroes. The Wrecking Crew tries too, but then Molecule throws the biggest rock. He drops a mountain on them. When the mountain drops Thor and Enchantress return to the heroes' now destroyed base. Titania says she wants to go one on one with Thor. Thor throws his hammer at Ultron. Titania hits Thor in the stomach. Thor throws Titania. He then blasts everyone with lightning. Doom has Ultron use his new disintergrator on Thor. All they find is his helmet.

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #5- Titania watches in disgust as Volcano "mothers" Molecule Man. As they leave she uproots a tree in frustration. Just as the heroes defeat a robot from Galactus' ship the villains attack. The villains have the heroes on the ropes until the X-Men come to their aid. Enchantress teleports all the villains out.

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #6- Doom sends Klaw down to give new orders. Klaw utters Doom's code words. Titania says she isn't following any orders from Klaw, but Ultron says they are official. Titania goes to fight Ultron, but Volcana calms her down. Titania sounds the alarm that they have company. Cyclops, Wolverine, and Rogue get out. Titania hits Wolverine with a giant rock. She smacks Rogue, but is knocked off balance by Cyclops' optic blasts. Wolverine slices Molecule Man. Titania backhands Wolvie and sends him flying.

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #7- Titania yells at Volcana for making a deal with the Enchantress to have her send Volcana to Molecule Man's side. The villains are intercepted by the X-Men. Cyclops' optic blast ricochets off Titania. Nightcrawler also hits her in the head with a rock, but Titania barely notices as she smacks Rogue again. Rogue later gets a shot in with a boulder, but does no real damage. They leave to get Molecule Man medical attention. Back at the base Enchantress taunts Volcana. Titania tells Enchantress that she is going to go clean up, eat, and get some rest, but if she comes back and sees that Enchantress hasn't cured Molecule Man Titania plans to rip her leg off and stuff it down her throat. She-Hulk comes for revenge for what the Wrecking Crew did to Wasp. She-Hulk has the entire Wrecking Crew down when Titania arrives. Titania's first kick misses. She-Hulk responds by kicking Titania into a ceiling support. Titania grabs the pillar and pastes She-Hulk in the face with it. Titania knocks She-Hulk through another pillar as Absorbing Man and Dr. Octopus arrive and the Wrecking Crew get back to their feet. Together the seven of them beat She-Hulk unmercifully. Titania calls for one more big hit to kill She-Hulk.

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8- Titania and the others are still beating on She-Hulk when the heroes came crashing through the wall. Titania says she doesn't care because she'll beat them all. Titania suffers her first defeat (or in fact any real damage) against… Spider-Man. The woman who was completely unharmed by Cyclops' eye beam is defeated by…Spider-Man. Titania…Firelord…must be something him where logic takes a backseat. Spider-Man kicks Titania as she prepares to push a gigantic steel girder on the heroes. Titania swings at Spidey, but only manages to rip apart the wall as Spidey dodges. Titania hits the ground and collapses the entire floor. Spidey uses his mystic power to heal floors as he lands on a smooth floor. Spidey dodges a giant rock and then a giant block. Titania swings at Spidey, but Spidey bounces off the wall and kicks Titania in the back of the head. Spider-Man punches her twice more, and then grabs her leg. Spidey then throws Titania out of the base, and she falls to the ground and passes out.

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #9- behind the scenes- Doom leaves behind the other villains as he prepares to take on the Beyonder.

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #10- behind the scenes- Titania is freed from her cell as the base collapses from the fight between Doom and the Beyonder.

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #11- Titania walks with the other villains as the see a glowing Doom standing with the heroes. Absorbing Man asks "Legs" if she is up for a fight. He sees her sitting on the ground upset at her loss. He tries to build her confidence. Molecule Man wants to fight Doom, but Doom just shows him his real power. Doom returns Molecule Man. Titania and the others rush to Molecule Man's side. The villains go to Volcana's apartment. Absorbing Man speaks for Titania when he says they just wanna go home. Molecule Man lifts the entire suburb of Colorado up, and "drives" it back to Earth.

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #12- Titania watches as Molecule Man claims he can get them back to Earth. She watches Molecule Man encase a raving Dr. Octopus in concrete.

Secret Wars II #7- In a bar Absorbing Man and Titania strike a deal with Mr. Bitterhorn to assist in Mephisto’s plan to kill the Beyonder. Mephisto sends out his legions of lackeys, but when they get there the Thing (who was separately contacted by Mephisto to kill Beyonder) has second thoughts as starts to protect the Beyonder. Mephisto’s power boost to the Thing allows his to hold his own against all the villains. The villains fail.

Avengers #270

Avengers #273

Amazing Spider-Man #283- Laguardia airport. The two are supposed to contact the newest recruit to the Masters of Evil. Titania freaks out when she sees Spider-Man and starts throwing cars around. The two can't meet the contact and start fighting with Spider-Man. When Spider-Man floors Creel it breaks Titania's irrational fear of Spider-Man and she goes to defend her man. Creel wakes up during their fight and forces Spider-Man to leave by threatening to throw a plane full of passengers.

Avengers #275

Iron Man #228- Titania and Mr. Hyde see James Rhodes run by their cells. Hyde tells Titania that they will have to see how to turn the distraction into their advantage. During Iron Man's raid on the Guardsmans' armor James Rhodes knocks out the power generator. Later a crew discovers that Titania and Hyde are not in their cells.

Captain America #340- Hyde bangs the crew's heads together. Hyde gets on the elevator with Titania. Titania insults Hyde for forgetting the elevator key. Titania grabs it off the unconscious crew. Titania hears rustling behind her and hits Armadillo. Armadillo calls out to Titania, but Titania runs to the elevator and goes. Once on the surface Titania throws a Jeep with a guard in it as she and Hyde fight them off. They get in a truck and drive away. The Captain, Captain America in his brief fight with the US, leaps onto the truck's front. When Cap smashes his new shield through the windshield and into Hyde's throat Titania tries to grab the wheel. Titania accidentally pulls the steering wheel off. She breaks off her door and jumps out. She grabs hold of the ledge to get back onto the road. When D-Man sees Titania she throws the steering wheel and destroys his motorcycle. D-Man jumps off and tries to apprehend Titania. She grabs him and throws him over the ledge. The others are captured but D-Man hides when Titania runs by.

Solo Avengers #14- This is one of those issues you dread if you're a villain fan. She-Hulk is called out of the case she is trying in front of the Supreme Court to handle Titania. She-Hulk punches her once and sends Titania flying. She-Hulk goes back in, but is called back out as Titania had returned. She-Hulk punches her one time, this time into the ground up to her chest. The third time She-Hulk punches her into a car. But when She-Hulk goes back in court is adjourned for the day. She-Hulk leaves and runs into Titania. Titania hits She-Hulk with a van, and then acts like a goofball instead of as the serious fight that Titania always treats it as. She-Hulk insinuates that the madder she gets the stronger she gets (though she doesn't). She-Hulk beats on Titania and scares her into going back to jail…right.

Fantastic Four #326- Wizard discovers a way into Four Freedoms Plaza. He goes to check on his new Frightful Four. Titania is working out. Titania says she joined the Frightful Four to get back at the world for the way she was treated as "Skeeter". Titania points out that of Wizard, Klaw, and Hydro-Man only she has never been defeated by the Fantastic Four. Wizard was waiting for Mr. Fantastic to return, and now that he is visiting the time to attack has come. Titania stands outside the Four Freedoms Plaza singing and playing the guitar…badly. The Frightful Four attack as Reed Richards tries to cure Human Torch's nova flame. Titania throws the new pineapple Thing into a machine. Ms. Marvel (looking like Thing too) hits Titania, but is shot by the Wizard. Thing and Titania go back and forth. Klaw forms a sound elephant to ram Thing. Titania hits Thing from behind with a machine. The sound elephant flips Thing on its tusks into the machine Reed was trying to cure Human Torch with. Thing is transformed into Ben Grimm.

Fantastic Four #327- With Thing out of the picture Titania goes to show Ms. Marvel what a strong woman really looks like. Ms. Marvel seems to be distracted with Ben Grimm. Titania yells at her because as the only powerhouse left Titania wants her best fight. Torch steams Hydro-Man, Franklin blasts Klaw. Wizard has Richards defeated, but Ms. Marvel knocks Titania into him. Torch sets Wizard's gloves on fire. The Frightful Four take off. Wizard yells at Titania for getting in the way, but Titania yells back that she was fighting both Thing and She-Thing and that if Wizard can't handle a rubber band too bad. Hydro-Man says they all messed up. They regroup. Wizard calls in more help to counteract the six members of the Fantastic Four. Reed traces where the Wizard is by how he entered the Plaza. They crash the Frightful Four's hideout. Titania hits Susan's force field. Wizard knocks Torch into Titania. Titania goes to crush Torch with a giant machine pillar. Ms. Marvel hits her while her arms are raised. The Fantastic Four go down at the hands of Wizard's new friends Aron the Watcher and Dragon Man.

Fantastic Four #328- Titania and the Frightful Five stand over the FF. Aron says he wants the FF. Titania tells Klaw to be prepared as it looks like a fight. The Frightful Four attacks Dragon Man. Titania knocks it out. Aron knocks them all down by snapping his fingers. Aron takes cell samples and goes. Wizard wants to torture the FF, but Titania says they should kill them now. Ben Grimm finds the Frightful Four's hideout. Ben lands on Wizard. He forces Klaw to blast Titania. Hydro-Man blasts him, but Grimm frees the FF. Titania nails Ms. Marvel in the back. Reed slingshots Titania into a machine. Torch melts the metal trapping her. The bad guys are tied up. Aron then transports the "Four"s into another dimension. Aron created clones of the FF.

Fantastic Four #329- Aron releases his Fantastic Four into the world. Aron keeps the real Fantastic and Frightful Fours in suspended animation.

Fantastic Four #330- Aron says he is keeping the Frightful Four around because he thinks he might make clones of them and have them fight his Fantastic Four. Titania remains in suspended animation.

Fantastic Four #331- Titania remains in suspended animation.

Fantastic Four #332- Titania remains in suspended animation. Torch seems to be affecting the absolute zero that keeps them frozen.

Fantastic Four #333- The fake FF takes off to go back to their Aron. The fake FF sees the real FF, now unfrozen, fighting the Frightful Four. Titania fights Ms. Marvel. The clone Thing and Sue Storm knock out Titania. The Frightful Four decides to leave, but Ms. Marvel shockwaves them down. Aron, who was supposedly frozen in a suspended animation reveals that he was not. He enacts a new plan that involves sending the Frightful Four to the Vault.

Avengers Spotlight #26- Titania seen being taken to her cell. Later she is freed in a mass escape that starts the Acts of Vengeance.

Web of Spider-Man #59- Dr. Doom waits for Titania to finish showing him her strength. Titania gets upset when Doom mentions that She-Hulk beat her and suggests a new opponent. Doom wants to send Titania against Spider-Man, but Titania is still has an irrational fear of Spider-Man because of how he defeated her. Doom places an electronic device on Titania that converts her fear into rage. He works her up into a frenzy and sends her out against Spider-Man. Titania bursts into the Daily Bugle and demands Spider-Man. She starts throwing things around the offices. Puma stops Titania from killing Nick Katzenberg. Puma says he cannot allow Titania to harm Spider-Man. Titania punches Puma out a window. Spider-Man catches Puma with a web. Titania grabs Spider-Man by the neck. Spider-Man kicks fer face. The two go plummeting out the Bugle's window. They crash through the sidewalk. Spider-Man comes hurtling out of the hole having been hit by Titania. He bounces off a building. As he falls Titania throws a chunk of concrete at him and knocks him into a car. As Titania runs at Spider-Man with a rock Puma jumps on her from behind. She elbows him off, but not before he breaks the electronic device that controls her fear. Titania says she can't fight Spider-Man. Spider-Man asks what she thinks they've been doing for twenty minutes. Slowly it dawns on Titania that by all reasonable and sane measures Titania should kill Spider-Man. She leaps on Spider-Man and starts pounding, and pounding, and pounding, and pounding, and pounding until Spider-Man finally lets loose a power blast from his recently aquired Captain Universe powers. Titania is out cold.

Web of Spider-Man #64- Titania is in restraints on her way back to the Vault with the Grim Brothers and Trapster. Graviton lifts the truck, opens it, and frees Titania and the others. He gives them a choice: to join him against Spider-Man again or die. They join. Graviton pulls them to New York to meet Chameleon. Chameleon offers them each 100,000 dollars to kill Spider-Man. Chameleon shows them their last partner: Goliath. Graviton lifts the Daily Bugle into the air to get Spider-Man to come. Spidey dodges Trapster and the Brothers, but Titania hits him. Graviton forces him into wet concrete. Goliath steps on him. Titania is hit when Goliath is tripped by Spider-Man. Graviton sends Spider-Man into the sky.

Web of Spider-Man #65- Titania and others return to the super-tanker where they met Chameleon to collect their money. They find the place abandoned and trash it. Trapster finds a note that says Kingpin was part of the con. The group takes off to get Kingpin. Trapster melts Kingpin's window. Titania leans in and tells Kingpin to give up the money. Kingpin of course has no idea what she is talking about. Graviton starts to crush Fisk Tower. Spidey webs his eyes and hits him. Titania leaps from the building and tackles Spider-Man. Spidey lets go of his web to startle Titania. She lets go of him, and Spidey swings away. Titania slows her fall by dragging her fingers down the side of a building. Titania is then hit by a bus and knocked out…okay. The others are defeated too, but none as lame as Goliath falling and knocking himself out on the ground.

Avengers Spotlight #29- Titania, among a bunch of villains, is being walked back into the Vault.

Captain America #389- behind the scenes- Titania is aboard the S.S. Superia. A boat entirely filled with female super-villains.

Captain America #390- Titania, and a ton of other female super-villains, rush at Captain America and Paladin when they are found on the S.S. Superia. Cap stops fighting as Titania, Frenzy, Pink Pearl, and Poundcakes each have one of Paladin's limbs, and they threaten to tear him apart. Knockout knocks out Cap. Titania and Frenzy carry Paladin on a stick. Titania stays for the interrogation. Dansen does something called a "Domination Dance" so that they will answer their questions. Cap still resists, but paladin is mush. Titania says that ought to kill them now, but is told instead to strip search them. Titania is among the guards that take Cap and Paladin to Superia. Superia is going to make them into women (yikes!).

Captain America #391- Titania stands in the crowd as Superia addresses them.

Captain America #392- behind the scenes-

Sensational She-Hulk #49- The mini-She-Hulk and Wyatt are eating at "Parady's" when Titania attacks. Titania heard through the grapevine that She-Hulk was stuck in the body of her friend Weezi. Titania whacks She-Hulk. She hits Wyatt to keep him out of it. Titania throws She-Hulk into a waiter. She-Hulk insults Titania as a knock off of her. Titania throws her through the window. Titania holds She-Hulk upside down and smacks her face. Titania throws She-Hulk down the street. Titania says she will kill She-Hulk, but it's going to take a while. Titania stands on She-Hulk's neck. Morris Walters confronts Weezi and tells her he wants her back the way she was. Weezi not wanting the power anymore causes the power to revert back to She-Hulk. Titania is looking for She-Hulk in some boxes when the restored She-Hulk sucker punches her.

Sensational She-Hulk #52- Titania is yelling at the clerk at Libido's for not hiring her because of her bad temperament when she sees She-hulk there. Titania pulls her mask on and is ready to fight. She-Hulk hits Titania, but hurts her hand doing so. She-Hulk rushes her, but Titania kicks She-Hulk in the stomach. Titania punches She-Hulk into the Thing (who has his eyes covered). Thing is covered in bras as Titania throws She-Hulk through the store's window. She-Hulk tries to lift Thing's Fantasti-car but can't. Titania pushes the ship and She-Hulk into a bus. Thing sucker punches Titania. Titania is taken into custody by the Code Blue guys.

Thor #436- Titania sees Absorbing Man on TV, and alive, and goes to meet him. Thor catches up with Creel and the fight begins again. Creel beats Thor pretty bad, and when Eric finally gets a shot in Titania hits him from behind. Once Creel has Titania back he decides to go easy on Eric and stop the fight.

Hulk annual #19- Titania lands the ship as Abomination questions the mayor of a town renaming itself the Hulk as to where the Hulk is. Abomination tells Titania that the mayor claims that Hulk isn’t there. Titania says she wants to be sure. Titania says to keep looking and together the three of them destroy the tiny town in moments. Abomination is holding city hall above his head when Titania tells him that he can put it down because the Hulk isn’t here. They fly away.

Thor #447-448- Creel in a rare moment of being "legit" tries to get Thor/Thunderstrike to aid him in scaring Titania straight. Creel plans to have Thor catch them stealing a piece from a museum. Spider-Man catches the two conferencing and thinks Thor has gone bad. When Spidey interferes Creel bolts. The two heroes give chase. Titania finds out that Creel was planning against him and starts pounding him. Creel fakes getting hurt, and Titania rushes to his aid.

Thunderstrike #16- Creel yells at Titania as he stands in a warehouse full of stuff that she has stolen. He starts smashing the stuff around and reminds her that they are on parole. Titania apologizes to Creel, but says that whenever she thinks of “her” it drives her crazy. Creel vows to help Titania get the monkey off her back. Creel makes a call to Avengers mansion and asks for “Sparky- the Lightning Kid”. Creel tells Thunderstrike that he has a deal for him. Thunderstrike helps them set up a fight between She-Hulk and Titania. She-Hulk and Thunderstrike meet with Absorbing Man and Titania at the Delacorte Theater. Creel says that as a gesture of good will he left his ball and chain at home. They decide to fight, but Thunderstrike doesn’t want to do it there. Creel allows Thunderstrike to teleport them somewhere to fight, however Stellaris, a friend of Thunderstike’s who doesn’t seem to understand to well, followed them there and also jumps into the vortex. Creel freaks when he sees Stellaris and thinks that he has been set up. Creel leaps at Stellaris and Thunderstrike while Titania punches She-Hulk. Titania tells She-Hulk that even if she licks her boots and begs like a dog it won’t save her this time. She-Hulk notes that Titania seems stronger. She-Hulk spots a device inside Titania’s glove, and Titania admits that she is cheating. Titania says that the enhancers amplify her strength ten times. She-Hulk runs. When Titania punches She-Hulk ducks and Titania’s arm is stuck in the rock. She-Hulk punches her out. Titania lands on Thunderstrike. Creel figures that they better get out of there so he grabs Stellaris to power up, but he has some sort of mental breakdown when he can’t figure out what she is.

Guardians of the Galaxy #28- With Absorbing Man joins Doctor Octopus version of the Masters of Evil. Doc Ock wants to invade Avengers Mansion while the heroes are away in the Infinity War. The Guardians are there however and they defeat this very lame version of the Masters of Evil. 

Avengers Unplugged #4- Absorbing Man and Titania get married. She-Hulk stumbles upon the wedding and thinks it's a gathering of super-villains who plan to do evil. Jen shows up with the Avengers. All the bad guys fight the good guys until the good guys see that the gathering is only a wedding. The heroes leave mad at She-Hulk for wasting their time. It's particularly funny when the best man, the Wrecker, asks Creel if he is marrying Titania because there's an Absorbing Jr. on the way.

Marvel Valentine's Special- Crusher buys a doll for Titania for Valentine's Day. The doll was from Titania's childhood, and Creel just figured it would be a nice surprise. The cops just assume he is on a crime spree, and while attacking him ruin the doll. Titania, bored from her new life as a law abiding person, sees Creel on the news and goes to join him. Titania lectures Creel about calling her "babe". They escape and Titania just figures that Creel got her "a little excitement" for Valentine's Day as the two pack their bags to renew their life on the run.

Amazing Spider-Man #429- Needing some cash (after he was stiffed by the New World Order and Juggernaut) Absorbing Man gets an idea from a newspaper article featuring the Thunderbolts. He says he could always spot a good scam (making me wonder if he knew they were the Masters of Evil). He decides to pose as super-heroes in order to earn the million dollar bounty on Spider-Man's head. With Titania they become Lightning Bolt and Thunder Girl. Norman Osborn recognizes them and calls the police. A fight with Spider-Man and Daredevil ensues. Creel surrenders when a large piece of debris falls and hurts Titania.

Heroes for Hire #17-Absorbing Man and Titania decide to hold up Heaven’s Grill, a new upscale restaurant for the elite and celebrities. Creel says that they want their money, and that if they are famous that they are coming with them for ransom. Titania says that this is a stupid idea. Creel says that these people are all rich and that they must have money. The host explains that the really rich all use credit cards, and that the only two celebrities are seated by the ferns. Titania sees She-Hulk and freaks. They charge each other, but She-Hulk’s heel breaks. She-Hulk stumbles and Titania pastes her one. She-hulk kicks off her heels and gets up and decks Titania. Creel is settling in for a good catfight when She-Hulk’s date Luke Cage punches him in the face. Creel absorbs some marble and the fighting begins. While Creel is fighting Cage he accidentally lets go of his ball and chain. They hit Titania in the back of the head and knock her out. Creel rushes to her side, and She-Hulk and Cage double punch him into unconsciousness.

Thor #14

Fantastic Four vol. 3 #22- She-Hulk sits in Raglan’s Coffee House (and law library) reading a law book when she suddenly looks up to see Titania standing before her. Titania punches She-Hulk out through a wall. As she lands She-Hulk is hit by Crusher. Creel has absorbed the strength of both Titania and now the She-Hulk. Titania grabs She-Hulk and says that she doesn’t mind if Creel puts her on the ropes as long as she is the one that gets to finish her. Titania stuffs some “medicine” down She-Hulk’s throat and tells her that when she wakes up it will be a whole new world. Titania says that she is finally getting even. Later Creel, Titania, and She-Hulk are rampaging. Creel is throwing cars while Titania is spraying the police down with a water main. She-Hulk is throwing police around. The press are snapping lots of photos of She-Hulk working with Titania and Creel. Suddenly Valeria von Doom, Sue Storm’s daughter from another timeline, shows up. She-Hulk asks Titania if she can handle it. Titania says yes so She-Hulk charges her, but She-Hulk is blocked by Valeria’s force field. Valeria decks She-Hulk into a car. Creel tries to hit Valeria with his ball and chain, but Valeria backflips over Titania’s shoulder. She-Hulk lifts up the ground and knocks Valeria down. Thing plows into She-Hulk to stop her. Creel grabs Thing from behind and he pours the same medicine into Thing’s mouth. Thing’s friend Bounty kicks Titania, but Thing comes along and drugs her too. Creel, Titania, She-Hulk, and Thing all team up against Valeria. Suddenly Invisible Woman shows up. They all leap onto her, but somehow Sue manages to beat all four of them together (don’t try to figure out how).

Thor vol. 2 #25- Titania lies in a sickbed and tells Absorbing Man that because they have no insurance that she will most likely die at home as they are being forced out of the hospital.

Deadpool #43- behind the scenes- Constrictor was under the impression that Titania was his roommate, but while fighting Absorbing Man, Creel makes reference to the fact that Titania is home sick in bed.

Thor vol. 2 #26- Titania is woken up by Crusher Creel as he returns home from stealing some medicine. He gives her some aspirin, but she tells him that she thinks she is going to die. She says she needs a hospital to stop the cancer. But without insurance or money the hospital won't help her. Titania starts coughing and coughs up blood. Absorbing Man swears that he is going to get her the help she needs.

Thor vol. 2 #27- Titania lays on her mattress on the floor as Creel returns with Dr. Jane Foster. Dr. Foster attends Titania the best she can there, and then sends Creel out with a list of medical supplies. Once outside Creel gets into a fight with Thor that collapses the abandoned building. Titania lifts off the huge piece of concrete that she kept Dr. Foster safe under. Foster says that the radiation treatments Titania received to become super strong must have given her the cancer. Creel hands over Titania to Thor who flies her to the hospital. Creel says he won't be going anywhere as Titania is the best thing that ever happened to him.

Thor vol. 2 #29- behind the scenes- Hannah and Jane Foster discuss the irony that Absorbing Man’s attack on Jane Foster’s husband still has him in a coma while Jane works tirelessly to cure Absorbing Man’s wife Titania of her cancer.

Captain America vol. 3 #50

Thor vol. 2 #55