The Wendigo is a mystical curse that befalls the man who eats the flesh. Eating the flesh causes one to become a gigantic beast. The Wendigo is immortal as a spirit. The Wendigo cannot be killed, only hurt or stunned. Several men have been afflicted with the curse of the Wendigo, but each time the spirit of the Wendigo is the same.




Appearances in Chronological Order

features Paul Cartier as Wendigo

Hulk #162- Hulk hears a voice in his head asking for help. When Hulk meets Paul's (the voice) sister, Marie, and sees how upset she is Hulk vows to find Paul. Hulk stumbles across the Wendigo. When the Wendigo gets up a man who had been trapped asks for Hulk's help. Wendigo knocks Hulk off a cliff, and when Wendigo throws the man over the Hulk catches him thinking he had found Paul. The man turns out to be George Baptiste, Paul's friend. George tells a story of how Paul, George, and their friend Henri got trapped by wolves while hunting. Henri died and one day George awoke to find Paul eating Henri. Paul then became the Wendigo. Hulk goes out to bring the Wendigo back so someone might help him. Hulk finds the Wendigo and again Paul asks for Hulk's help. Paul says his mind is slipping away. The two fight but eventually Wendigo assumes control of Paul's identity. Hulk felt Paul go and lets Wendigo leave since he feels so bad.

features both Paul Cartier and George Baptiste as Wendigo

Hulk #180-181- Paul's sister had been studying magic since her brother was turned into the Wendigo. She forces George to help her with her plan. She has found a way to transfer the Wendigo curse from one person to another. She summons the Hulk intending to transfer the curse to him. She figures it can't be much worse than the curse he lives with now. She feeds and drugs the Hulk. She then gets him to lay down on one of the ceremonial tables. While she summons the Wendigo Hulk recovers. When the Wendigo shows up to have the curse lifted a fight breaks out between them. They fight for awhile until Wolverine shows up. Wolverine first attacks Hulk, but moves on to the easier Wendigo. Hulk gets confused and thinks Wolverine is his friend and the two knock out Wendigo. While Wolverine attacks Hulk Marie and George prepare Wendigo for the transformation. George begs her to stop again. Marie's potion sends a gas out knocking out both Hulk and Wolverine. Hulk turns back into Banner. George leaves disgusted. Marie tells George that he owes her brother, but he leaves anyway. Marie tries to carry Banner there herself, but Banner turns back into Hulk. Wolverine awakens too and the two start fighting again until a cry out distracts them. Wolverine looks to see what it is, and the Hulk floors him with a punch. Wendigo emerges but Paul is back to normal. Marie then finds out that George went back and finished the ceremony o himself both because he felt he did owe Paul, and because he loves Marie.

features George Baptiste as Wendigo

Monsters Unleashed #9

Uncanny X-Men #139- flashback- Wendigo attacks the Parnall family campsite. The boy got away, but the father, mother, and infant were not found.

Uncanny X-Men #139- Wolverine and Nightcrawler surprise Alpha Flight with a visit as Alpha Flight is looking for the Wendigo, and any surviving Parnall family members. Nightcrawler teleports back to the van to get their things. While there the Wendigo pounces out at Nightcrawler.

Uncanny X-Men #140- Wendigo is chasing Nightcrawler through the forrest. Wendigo gets ahold of Nightcrawler and starts to crush him. Nightcrawler manages to teleport away. Wendigo still catches up with him again however and knocks Nightcrawler into the cabin that Wolverine and Alpha Flight are in. Wendigo picks up and throws a truck at Guardian. Guardian melts it with a blast, but gets hit by the tree the Wendigo just ripped out of the ground. Snowbird and Wolverine track Wendigo back to his lair. Wolverine sends Snowbird for help. Wolverine discovers that Wendigo is about to eat the girl that he has stashed away. Wolverine springs into action. Wolvie manages to stun Wendigo, and takes that moment to try and get Ms. Parnell and her baby out of there. Wendigo awakens and begins killing Wolverine. Fortunately for him Nightcrawler has woken up and joins the fight. Guardian joins in also. But the tide of the fight turns when Snowbird changes into a wolverine. As the wolverine Snowbird floors Wendigo knocking him out. Micheal the Shaman of Alpha Flight cures the Wendigo turning him back into George Baptiste. Alpha Flight then arrests him.

features Francois Lartigue as Wendigo

Hulk #272-273-Dr. Walter Langkowski, Sasquatch from Alpha Flight is hunting for the Wendigo. Bruce Banner stumbles across the Wendigo's cabin. Bruce goes to leave only to be grabbed by the Wendigo. Bruce is saved however when Sasquatch pulls Wendigo off him. Wendigo beats on Sasquatch until Banner discovers that he now controls the Hulk. Hulk joins in the fight while Sasquatch catches a breather. When Wendigo draws blood Hulk goes a little savage until Sasquatch brings him back down. Hulk and Sasquatch manage to seriously stun the Wendigo when the two of the charge the Wendigo from opposite directions each one with a broken off tree in their hands.

Spider-man #8-12- The Wendigo, while carrying a dead body, is hit by a car. The Wendigo drops the body and leaves. The newspapers report of a bigfoot killing a boy. Another boy is found dead in the forrest with bite marks on him. Wolverine is trying to discover what is really happening. There are too many boys dead (nine) to be only the Wendigo's killings. Wolvie stops the hunters from killing everything while looking for the Wendigo. Some hunters stumble upon the Wendigo. The hunters manage to shoot the Wendigo before it starts throwing them around. Wolverine saves the hunters and tries not to harm the Wendigo since he didn't kill the kids. Wolverine shows his ferocity and the Wendigo leaves. Wendigo for some incredibly lame reason (cough-McFarlane writing-cough) passes out from the bullet in him. Wolverine operates on him and takes out the bullet. He and Wendigo talk and team up. Spider-Man sits with Wendigo while Wolverine goes off to find the real killers. Cop confesses to Wolvie that he did the murders. Wendigo wanders off.

X-Force #11-14- Wendigo is part of Weapon:Prime for Department K in Canada. The team working in conjunction with SHIELD becomes Weapon Prime: Wendigo, Rictor, Tygerstrike, Weapon X, and GW Bridge. They want to bring in Cable. They track Cable to his base. The teams fight. Feral scratches "Yeti"now apparently Wendigo's name. X-Force was planing on blowing up their base to fool somebody who wanted them dead. The base explodes.

features Micheal Fleet as Wendigo

Marvel Fanfare vol 2 #2-3- Wolverine tracks a Wendigo who wiped out a group of 8 poachers. When Wolverine finds where its at the Hulk shows up and starts fighting it. Apparently this Wendigo was spawned from a midget. Where the normal Wendigo is around eight feet tall this Wendigo might be five foot six inches. Wolverine buts in on the fight and winds up in an explosion. Wolverine goes feral and the two mini-vicious animal types attack the Hulk. The floor him making him really angry. Hulk breaks a water tower washing Wolverine and Wendigo away. The Wendigo is captured and later sedated. Tamara, one of the team looking for the Wendigo, goes in to kill the Wendigo for killing Micheal. The Wendigo awakens and escapes. Spider-Man and Ghost Rider are both chasing a killer who has struck three times. The killer has been leaving pretty Both conclude that the killer will strike in Central Park. Both hear Wendigo preparing to attack a girl who has just maced him. Wendigo is now a more regular size for a wendigo. Wendigo knocks Ghost Rider and Spider-Man into a tree. Ghosty hits Wendigo and manages to draw blood, but Wendigo grabs Spidey's feet and hits Ghost Rider with him knocking them both into a fountain. Tamara, Jonas and the others from the search party catch up to the Wendigo. Tamara recognizes something human in the Wendigo's eyes, but shoots it with a tranqualizer anyway. Wendigo freaks out and trashes three trucks and jumps a half mile away. Wendigo recognizes Tamara and decides to go get her. Wendigo begins to calm until the genius Ghost Rider shows up and starts fighting it. Spider-Man manges to get it through Ghost's thick head that maybe Wendigo isn't to blame for his crimes. Ghost Rider uses his stare to find out. Ghost Rider sees that Jonas' brother, Tamara's betrothed (though she is now with Jonas) Micheal Fleet had to turn to cannabilism to survive. Jonas and Tamara takes the Wendigo back to try to find a cure.   

features Andre as Wendigo

Wolverine #129-130- Wendigo catches Wolverine's scent and attacks. The Wendigo spirit is the same one in every case. Wolverine seems to think that the Wendigo spirit is mad about it's encounters with Wolverine (apparently even Wendigo doesn't want to read McFarlane's writing). Wendigo tears Wolverine up because he is without both his adamantium and his claws (which were broken off). Wendigo grabs Wolverine in a bearhug. Out of desperation Wolverine extends his nub claws and jabs them into the Wendigo's eyes. Wendigo runs off. This Wendigo came about from eating his own fingers. The Wendigo comes for revenge against Wolverine. He finds Wolverine in a barn. The Wendigo recognizes an axe which cost him his two fingers. Wolverine jumps him and pours gasoline in the sores on Wendigo's face. Wolverine then lights the gasoline and strikes at the Wendigo with the axe. The wendigo runs off in pain.

Captain Marvel vol. 5 #3

Wolverine #170

Wolverine #171

Wolverine #172

Sabertooth #1- behind the scenes

Sabertooth #2- behind the scenes

Sabertooth #3

Sabertooth #4

Marvel Team-Up vol. 3 #6

Features Larry as Wendigo

Captain Marvel vol. 5 #1

Captain Marvel vol. 5 #2

Captain Marvel vol. 5 #3