A really tall kid isn't really a freak of nature. A kid with a really nice curveball? Also not a freak of nature. Zzzax is however a freak of nature. Zzzax was created by some radicals when they were trying to destroy a power plant they felt was a danger. Ironic that their explosion caused a reaction in th eatomic chamber. Once the energy that spewed forth came in contact, and ate, three humans Zzzax gained self-awareness. Zzzax realized that he needed to feed on humans to maintain thought.


Incredible Hulk #166- Some revolutionaries use a bomb to attack an electric plant. The explosion causes a chain reaction in the atomic chamber. The energy grows and absorbs and eats three workers. Zzzax is born. Zzzax wants more humans to feed on. Hawkeye sees Zzzax and is on his way to the rescue to improve his reputation. A cop wakes Bruce Banner to tell him to run from Zzzax. Zzzax knocks out Bruce. Hawkeye shows up. Bruce hulks out. Hawkeye tries to keep Hulk from fighting Zzzax. Hulk knocks down the building Hawkeye is on. Hulk fights back and forth with Zzzax. Hawkeye tries to drive hulk off again, and hits Zzzax with a foam arrow. Hulk attacks again. Zzzax throws Hawkeye into the water. Hawkeye shoots an arrow through Zzzax and back into the water. Zzzax dissolves but everyone thinks Hulk did it.

Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #183- Banner grabs a paper and finds a janitor's job at the Soul-Star Research Center in Chicago. Banner happens upon Stan Landers, Mark Revel, and Alexandria Knox. As partners in Soul-Star Research Center the trio is trying to invent a machine that will pull electronic impulses from space. They believe that all thought in existence is in space, and by using their machine they'll know all the thoughts throughtout history. Oh by the way Stan and Mark love Alexandria, but Alexandria only loves Stan. Banner gives the trio a tip, and they learn he is Bruce Banner. The three know Banner's scientific rep, but not his being the Hulk. They turn on the machine and it overloads as it pulls back an electrical thinking being, Zzzax. Zzzax goes to feed on Alexandria, but Stan saves her putting her helmet on. Unfortunately Stan doesn't save himself, and Zzzax eats him. Bruce hulks out. Hulk jumps and hits Zzzax. Zzzax knocks him down. Zzzax doesn't want to hurt Alexandria because he loves her. Zzzax absorbed Stan's thoughts when he killed him. Zzzax grabs Alexandria and heads up the 100 story John Hancock Center. Hulk goes to save her. Police try to stop him, but Hulk knocks them aside. Hulk tells Zzzax to give back girl. When Zzzax refuses the fight starts. The two fight until Mark arrives in a helicopter. He shoots a cord through Zzzax and gets a lightning bolt to strike it. Zzzax disappears. Hulk catches ark, and Alexandria and Mark are in love. Hulk walks off alone.

Power Man #47-

Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #285- Scott Lang is building a research center for Bruce Banner. As they attach the power source Land mentions where they bought the power generator: Soulstar. Banner tries to stop them from connecting it, but he is to late. Zzzax emerges from the generator. Bruce doesn't want any innocent lives lost so he transforms into the Hulk. Zzzax remembers Hulk. Banner Hulk leaps and hits Zzzax, but Zzzax shocks him and throws him aside. Bruce tries again, but with the same results. Zzzax goes to feed on humans. Bruce plows into Zzzax and even gets a few shots in, but again is knocked back. Bruce finally figures that he needs to play with his strengths. He grabs the wires from the Soulstar generator and leaps through Zzzax. Bruce then plugs the generator in. Bruce reverses the power flow from receiving energy to the stars to shooting energy into the stars. Zzzax is sent back into space.

West Coast Avengers vol. 2 #12- Graviton sees Tigra and wants to have her. He sets his plan in motion. A bolt from the Earth causes Quantum to emerge from the sun. Next Halflife walks out of a nuclear reactor. As she passes some power lines they break and fall down. Zzzax emerges from the electricity. The thee of them converge on a spot in Los Angeles. The police call in the West Coast Avengers. Zzzax remembers Hawkeye from Hulk #166. Hawkeye remembers Zzzax as well. He also remembers how to easily defeat him, but there is no water. Hawkeye has Wonder Man rip up a water main. Wondy hoses Zzzax down, and Hawkeye shoots his arrow through him. Zzzax disperses just like he did in his first appearance.

Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #325- At Gamma Base some SHIELD agents bring in Zzzax who was captured by the West Coast Avengers. Zzzax is transferred to the chamber they prepared for him. The next morning Zzzax causes a power outage.

Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #326- Thunderbolt Ross has agreed to become Zzzax so he can hunt the Hulk down. One of the SHIELD techs thinks that maybe Zzzax's readings are too strong. As the procedure continues Ross is shocked and shocked some more. One of the operatives opens the channel a bit. Suddenly Zzzax has Ross. The glass tube explodes and Zzzax thinks like General Ross calling people milksops and having a mind for revenge against the Hulk. Zzzax flies from the building after the Hulk. Later Zzzax finds the Hulk. Two of them in fact as he blasts Banner and gets ready to fight Rick Hulk.

Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #327- Ross/Zzzax yells at the Hulk. Being Zzzax causes Ross' mind to cloud. He thinks the Rick Jones Hulk is Bruce Banner, and he has come for revenge. Zzzax blasts Rick Hulk over and over. Bruce Banner runs out and says if it's revenge Ross wants to take it out on him. Ross gets confused at this. He decides he doesn't care and blasts both Hulk and Bruce. Ross/Zzax zaps Rick Hulk into a body of water. Bruce gets Ross/Zzzax to swoop down on him, but Bruce dodges and Rick Hulk splashes Ross/Zzzax with the water. Ross/Zzzax explodes but comes back together. Rick Hulk and Banner leap away. Ross/Zzzax catches up and blasts htem from behind. Ross/Zzzax causes a Mobil station to catch on fire. Bruce gets Rick to throw sand on the fire. Ross/Zzzax keeps blasting Rick, and when that doesn't kill him he dives into Rick Hulk and possesses his body. Ross tries to smash Hulk's body into things. Bruce tries to talk to Ross, but Ross bats him away. Being in the Hulk makes it harder for Ross to think and he gets out. Hulk changes back into Rick Jones. Zzzax's consciousness takes control of his body again. He decides to absorb more human minds to drown out Ross'. But as Zzzax goes to consume a mother and her two children the consciousness of Ross breaks through. Banner shows Ross his reflection, and Ross freaks out flying away.

Marvel Comics Presents #8- flashback- Iron Man is running an experiment, but it seems to pull Zzzax out of the air. Zzzax overloads Stark’s generator. Zzzax says that he feels enough power to free himself of Ross’ influence. He says that once again he is Zzzax. Zzzax “thanks” Iron Man for his help by zapping him. Iron Man tries to blast back, but his blast just passes through Zzzax. Iron Man creates a bunch of holograms so he can think of what to do. Iron Man tries to suck Zzzax into his armor as energy. Zzzax starts to take control of the armor, but Iron Man manages to expel him before he does. Zzzax walks off leaving Iron Man without power. He takes off for more power but for some reason he walks right by the generator Stark uses to recharge his armor. Iron Man throws a metal cable through Zzzax. Iron Man then uses liquid nitrogen on the cable. He then touches the ends of the cable together and shorts out Zzzax.

Cable #59- Jack Truman, Agent 18, is contracted by S.H.I.E.L.D. to kill Cable. Truman sets up in Hell's Kitchen. He wants to draw Cable out into the open so he takes the container given to him by S.H.I.E.D. It reads Zzzax. Truman recreates Zzzax. Cable sees on the news that Zzzax is rampaging. Cable runs over and changes into his costume. Zzzax spots Cable and tries to blast him. Cable gets Zzzax to chase him to a junkyard. Zzzax blasts him, but Cable dodges Zzzax as he tries to punch. Cable lands in a puddle of water. He reaches down and grabs a water main. Cable puts him out as if he were a fire.

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