She-Hulk #1

Title: “The Girl from Gamma Gamma Gamma”

Writer: Dan Slott

Penciller: Juan Bobillo

Inker: Marcelo Sosa

Colors: Chris Chuckry

Editor: Tom Brevoort

Years ago on a Friday night at the UCLA housing for law students, Jennifer Walters sits at her desk while the rest of the house parties. “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba plays loudly through the halls. Jen gets up and goes to the medicine cabinet. She takes the cotton out of her aspirin bottle and stuffs it in her ears. She goes back to studying.

Sometime later, Jen graduates in the top ten percent of her class. She graduates Suma Cum Laude and is awarded the Order of the Coif. She is handed her diploma and is told that they expect big things from her. Her classmates wonder who she is and if she was in their class. Morris hugs Jen and says that he is so proud of her. He says that her mother would be too. Jen tells him not to in front of everybody. Jen poses for a picture as the rest of her class go off celebrating. Morris snaps the picture.

The picture of Jen holding her diploma rests on the wall along with several other pictures and magazine covers inside Avengers mansion. An alarm is going off and a radio is playing. On the radio, Lucy Cho gossips about Janet Van Dyne’s spring fashion show. She goes on to say that She-Hulk was seen leaving the party with Europe’s top male model Mika. Lucy asks She-Hulk, on behalf of women everywhere, not to break him. Mika lies asleep over Jennifer Walter’s human and petite body. Jen wakes up and realizes that she has changed back into her human form as she slept. She tries to get up, but finds that she can’t. She thinks to herself that she has to do something before she gets the “I-went-home-with-She-Hulk-but-woke-up-to-this” look. Jen strains and transforms into She-Hulk. The force of the transformation throws Mika off of her and onto the floor. He says that her bed should come with airbags. She-Hulk apologizes and says that it was an involuntary muscle spasm. He says that its fine and to give him a warning next time and he will fasten his seatbelt.

She-Hulk is eating her breakfast while Mika drinks a cup of coffee. She-Hulk compliments Jarvis on the breakfast. Jarvis says that he prepared it in the way that she likes… in various large buckets. Jarvis asks if he could have a word with her. She-Hulk walks into the kitchen with Jarvis. Jarvis tells her that Iron Man has voiced some concerns about her frequent over night guests. He says that it is putting a strain on the mansion’s security checks. She-Hulk lifts up a cabinet so Jarvis can sweep under it. He suggests that she try to plan a week ahead. Jen laughs and says that she doesn’t even know what she is doing from night to night. Jen tells Jarvis to look at Mika and asks if he isn’t gorgeous. Jarvis says that he is, but that he could also be an agent of Hydra. She-Hulk says that if all Hydra agents had “cute little butts like his. I say let them take over the world.” Jen looks at her watch and realizes that she is late for work. She asks Jarvis if he could show the “Hydra agent” out.

As she drives to court, Blake Tower calls Jen and says that he wanted to touch base before court started. He says that he thought she was trying the Paxton case. She-Hulk says that is right. It is the improperly stored Antartic Vibranium case. Tower asks why she is calling a hematologist, and what a blood specialist could have to do with it. Jen screeches her car and tells Tower to trust her. She says that she is about to blow the case open. Tower asks if she is still in her car and not even there yet. Jen screeches to a stop and splashes a kid on the corner with muddy water. She tells Tower that she just found a space. Jen kisses her Avengers Priority pass and puts it on her windshield. She tells the kid that she is sorry and to send her the bill. The kid says, “…but”, and Jen tells her that the sign says not to loiter. He says that it also says that there is no parking.

Inside the courtroom, She-Hulk says that everyone agrees that the Vibranium was stored improperly. She says that the defendant has agreed to pay for all the damages done to nearby property and structures. She asks what about the iron in people’s blood as they heard from the hematologist today. She says that without the iron to build hemoglobin that the victims are susceptible to liver disease, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more. Paxton says that this is going to cost him a fortune. He tells his lawyers to do something. Mallory Book stands up and objects. She-Hulk looks over at her and thinks about how they call her the “the face who’s never lost a case”. She thinks to herself that she can take her, but that it is Holden Holliway, her boss, that worries her. She says that she would rather fight Ultron that go up against him. Jen gets an emergency call and says that she has to be careful what she wishes for. Jen tells the judge and says that she is going to have to ask for a recess to go save the world. Mallory Book says that she has to be kidding and that she is in the middle of her closing argument. The judge says that it is noted, but that for the greater good they will start there tomorrow. Jen thanks the judge and runs out of the place. Mallory Book’s co-counsel says that this isn’t going well. He says that their client is guilty and caught red handed. He asks why they took this to trial and that it isn’t the kind of special case that they usually handle. Holliway says that they went to trial because She-Hulk was assigned to the case and that she is what is “special”, and that as far as lawyers go there is no one else like her on the planet.

MODOK tells the Avengers that they are too late. He says that they may have destroyed his orbital space station, but that his cryo-cannon is still fully functional. He says that once the Earth is frozen that all of its technology will be plundered by AIM. Captain America says that it won’t happen and tells anyone to take out the gun. Iron Man says that he can’t and that the shields are too strong as he blasts them with a repulsor ray. She-Hulk leaps onto the shield. Cap tells her to hurry and that the beam is harmless in space, but that it won’t be if it reaches Earth’s atmosphere. She-Hulk hits the same spot three times and breaks through. She pulls Blizzard out and says that it is one of Iron Man’s loser villains. She says that she thinks that he was the power source. She says that this connection between them must be giving Blizzard a power boost. She swings Blizzard into MODOK. MODOK calls for a full retreat. AIM agents, Blizzard, and MODOK start fleeing. Hercules tells them to go ahead and run, but She-Hulk asks him for a little help and Herc catches her. He asks if there is anything else he can do for her. She-Hulk asks how about a party celebrating their saving the world.

She-Hulk stands above everyone else singing “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba. Hercules asks Mika who he is. Mika says that he is a friend of She-Hulk, and that she told him to say, “I’m Hydra agent”. Hercules says, “What?” Steve Rogers and Tony Stark stand off to the side. Steve tells Tony that they need to talk. Tony asks if it is as Steve to Tony or as Captain America to Iron Man. Steve says that it is Avenger to Avenger. Steve says that it is about all these parties She-Hulk keeps throwing. Tony says that he knows and that sometimes they actually affect the mansion’s structural integrity. Steve says that he is more worried about their affect on Jarvis. He asks Jarvis if he can give him a hand. Jarvis says that everything is fine. Tony says that he thinks that it is time for one of them to talk to Jennifer and let her know that the party is over.

Outside the courtroom, a police officer sees Jen’s Avengers emergency card and says that it is the third time that week.

Inside, She-Hulk finishes her closing argument. The judge says that they will reconvene when the jury has reached its verdict. Jen thinks to herself that she nailed this one and decides to play nice. She walks over the Mallory Book. She says that she has the greatest admiration for Mr. Holliway and everyone at the firm. She says that Mallory tried a good case, and apologizes about the delay yesterday. Mallory says that is fine and that she was about to asks for a continuance so she could go get a cat out of a tree. She-Hulk starts to object, but the baliff interrupts and says that the jury has already reached a verdict.

A cork flies out of a champagne bottle as Blake Tower congratulates Jen on taking on the biggest firm in town and hitting Paxton where it hurts. Another co-worker toasts to her setting a new land-speed record for jury deliberation. Everyone “clinks” their glasses. She-Hulk gets on the phone with Mika and asks if he can come to a party at her job. She admits that it is the third one this week, but that it will be fun.

Later, Mika arrives. Other co-workers are passed out, but Jen is still up and leaps onto Mika in excitement.

The next morning, She-Hulk wakes up. She is glad to see that she didn’t change back into Jennifer again while she slept. Mika is reaching under the bed. He says to himself that she is waking up and that he must hurry. Jen asks if he was putting something under her bed. “A bug or a bomb or something!” Mika says, “Yes, they the bomb.” She-Hulk leaps onto Mika and says that he really is a Hydra agent. She sees that he is holding a shoe in his hand. Mika says, “Yes, my shoes. They the bomb. I talk ‘street”. She asks if he was just trying to get out of there before she woke up. Mika says that he is sorry, but that this isn’t working for him. Jen says that she will stop flinging him around if it bothers him. Mika says that is kind of fun, but that he needs someone with more depth. Mika walks away, but She-Hulk says, “But you’re a model!... an underwear model!”

She-Hulk showers and thinks about reaching a new low in having a model tell her she needs depth. She gets out of the shower to find Cap and Wasp in her room. She asks what is up. Cap says that they can come back when she is fully clothed. She-Hulk says not to worry about it. Cap says that they would like her to leave the mansion. She-Hulk asks if she is being kicked off the team. Cap says that she is a valuable member of the Avengers. Wasp says that there will always be a place for her on the Avengers… just not physically in the mansion. She-Hulk asks why. Cap says that it has been said that she has been abusing some of her Avengers privileges like cleaning the pantry and her free parking. Wasp says that she will have plenty of time to find a new place to live, and that there will be plenty to do. She says that they have to round up MODOK and Blizzard yet, and that they have been hearing about a new Masters of Evil forming. She-Hulk says that she will get right on that.

While at work, the police run the Avengers priority number on She-Hulk’s car, but the number no longer checks. They clamp her car with the boot.

She-Hulk walks through the office. Everyone else seems to be recovering from the party the day before. One of her co-workers tells Jen that the boss wants to see her.

Jen walks in to find Mallory Book talking to Blake. As Mallory leaves she tells She-Hulk that she would stay, but that she has to go save some orphans from a burning building. She-Hulk asks what she was doing there. Blake says that it was professional courtesy. He says that they just successfully got a mistrial on the Paxton case. She-Hulk shouts, “No Freakin’ Way!” Blake says to stop with the pounding because of his head. She-Hulk asks how they got a mistrial. Blake says that two days ago She-Hulk and the other Avengers saved the entire planet’s lives. He says that included the lives of the jury. He says that it was argued that She-Hulk held undue leverage on the jury for such an act, and that it might explain their speedy verdict. He says that it is a dangerous precedence, and that it opens a lot of old doors. Blake says that he can’t take the pressure anymore. He says that before she joined them that he was a fit and robust man with a head full of hair. He says to look at him now. Jen says that he is firing her. He says that he is sorry, but that her attitude was the deciding factor. He says that they do serious work there. She-Hulk says that she is serious. Blake says that last night she broke a copier making pictures of her butt. Jen says that it could have been anyone. Blake says that it was a color copier.

Jen sits at the bar with a box of all her stuff from work sitting next to her. Luiz asks if she wants another. She-Hulk says to keep them coming. Greg offers to buy She-Hulk a drink. Jen turns him down. Another man offers, but again She-Hulk declines. One guy asks if she wants ice in her drink. She-Hulk asks if they can’t take a hint. Suddenly Jen is blasted and her body is frozen in a large ice block. She-Hulk says that this is perfect. Blizzard says that she blew his chance at the big time. He says that he was going to be the guy that froze the world. He says that he was going to be big like Doom or the Mandarin. She-Hulk breaks out of the ice. Blizzard says that this must be the part where she beats him to a pulp and sends him back to the Vault with all the other small time losers. She-Hulk sits at the bar and says, “Nah. Want a drink?” Blizzard says sure and sits down.

Sometime later, Blizzard is drunk. He says that he just wants a little recognition. He says that he is sick of being a nobody. Jen says that she understands, but that being a big shot isn’t as cool as he thinks. She says that some days it can be hollow. Blizzard says that he likes her and that they should do this more often. Blizzard passes out and falls off his stool. Jen tells Luiz to call the police to come pick him up. Luiz says that other heroes come to his place and mess it up. She-Hulk says that she just runs up a big tab and that she is a regular hero for the new millennium. A figure comes out of the back. He stands in the shadows and says that she might act drunk, but that with her unique metabolism and immense body weight that she can’t really get drunk. He says that he defused that situation. Jen says to call her “little-miss-clever”. The figure asks, “How about ‘immature party-girl?” Jen says that she let the “immense body weight” crack slide, but not to push his luck. She says that she has had a long day and that she has had enough. She turns to see Holden Holliway. She says that his firm just got her fired. Holden says that she did that on her own. She-Hulk asks if he came to gloat. Holden says that he came to offer her a job. She says that is her dream job. She asks when she can start. Holden says that he isn’t interested in the She-Hulk. He says that She-Hulk is a wild free spirit adventurer. He says that he wants Jennifer Walters, attorney with a keen, focused mind. He says that is who he wants and that the offer is take it or leave it. She-Hulk thinks to herself that before she became the She-Hulk that this would have been the brass ring. She thinks for a moment. She decides that she can do this, and that she can stand to be ‘her’ again. She-Hulk powers down into Jennifer Walters. She hiccups because she is now very drunk. She slurs, “Yah want me, Mr. Hahlden Holeyway?” She barfs on his legs and on Blizzard. She says, “Yah got me…” Jen passes out. Holden says that she starts on Monday.

Site for Sore Eyes rating: 9 out of 10

An outstanding first issue! It's very well written and enjoyable on a few levels.

Dan Slott does an excellent job with the writing. It's easy to see that he has a real interest in the character. There are times when She-Hulk's "free-spirited" side may seem a little out of control, but it serves a purpose in the story and is really only seen that way because it is viewed through the eyes of others. The wit and humor in the story is fun and enjoyable. It immediately left me wanting the next issue and filled with hope that of all the new series beginning that She-Hulk will be the one with the best chance of succeeding.

Juan Bobillo's artwork is also entertaining to see. It's a little cartoony without being annoyingly so. The most interesting thing about his She-Hulk is that he makes her look a little beefy while maintaining her feminine qualities. The level of craftsmanship is evident as the drawings are very detailed. My only real beef is that when he draws the She-Hulk she is more "cute" than "hot". Here's hoping we get to see another side as this series goes on.

Review and pictures by The Leader